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Talk Radio : Voices of Hatred

Overbearing hosts of "conservative" talk radio act like cowardly bullies when challenged. The way to get their poison off the airwaves is to show sponsors what these hate mongers are doing to to the image of their products and the businesses that make them.
Talk Radio : Voices of Hatred
Talk Radio : Voices of Hatred

Voices of Hatred

THE CONSERVATIVES on radio have found once again the zenith of all human evil. "LIBERALS" they scream during their tirades which are often incoherent and always rambling. The radio Conservatives blame "Liberals" and "the Left" for everything from terrorism to the fall of the Roman Empire.
The Conservatives talkers on radio are professional hate peddlers, wrapping their bigotry and racism in the American flag. When these right wing extremists are not busy throwing mud at homeless people, environmentalists and war protesters, they are launching attacks against Muslims and Islam - attacks so venomous that a king cobra would be envious. These attacks by the hate radio community ("conservatives") are based on nothing more than hatred, US government propaganda, and ethnic stereotyping.
The format for the Conservative yapper is the same from coast to coast promoting antimuslim, antiPalestinian rhetoric.
Who are these people who make a living supporting rogue cops and racial profiling? Short list, nationally syndicated: Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Reagan, Bill O'Reilly.
On the local stations, corporate stooges are well represented, beginning with Lars "Joe McCarthy" Larson who everytime he opens his mouth on the air he exposes just how much he does not know and how little he understands how the world works. But Mr. Larson is
by no means alone. He is joined by fellow hate mongers: Gregg Clapper 3-6 pm, 620AM; Victor Boc 5-8 pm, 860AM; and the newest addition to the hate radio community: Stacy Taylor 6-9 am, 620AM.

Reactionary and Disgusting
One thing most can agree on is these conservative windbags all have one thing in common. Their positions on almost every issue foreign and domestic are politically reactionary and morally disgusting - especially the way the conservative supports the murder of children in Afghanistan (war on terrorism) and Iraq (Gulf War and sanctions. Moreover the radio conservative supports with vigor Us foreign policy that consists mostly of murder, starvation, torture, and oppression carried out by proxy forces and vicious puppet regimes that are financed and supported by US tax dollars with the objective of allowing US multinational corporations like ENRON, Halliburton. and UNOCAL, to loot and pillage the poor countries.
When these Conservatives claptraps are challenged on their positions - which is almost never - the conservative either denies the concept that US bombs are killing children or tries to justify it with a cynical brand of moralism: for example "They started it."
The radio Conservatives come from a skewed perspective. They are quick to condemn countries in the Arab world which are ruled by brutal dictators and undemocratic principles. However they always fail to mention the fact that the US government supports these dictators in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan when assessing the behavior of the US, such as killing civilians in air strikes, their moral compasses seem to jam.

Orwellian Homeland Security
It is no surprise radio Conservatives support with vigor the Bush Administration's Orwellian Homeland Security agency which seems to be a marriage of McCartyism and fascism. The radio Conservatives beam with pride as the domestic spies are unleashed by US government to invade our libraries, universities, churches, synagogues, mosques and even our homes if Big Brother John Ashcroft deems it "necessary".
I refuse to join this campaign of blind nationalism led by stooges of the right wing radio who support George Bush and his corrupt criminal regime.

Boycott Sponsors
I urge you to join in protest by boycotting corporate sponsors, writing letters to the FCC to demand balance, reporting individual hosts for hate crimes that may include inciting violence against ethnic minorities like Muslims and Latinos; or just pick up the phone and tell them you disagree. But one thing is clear: these antisocial, war mongering racists must be challenged on the hate they preach.
-- Joe Wilson, member of
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition,
Portland Oregon

Info on Hate Radio coalition available at:

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandpeacefulresponse.org
phone: phone: 503 471 1535
address: address: c/o Portland Peaceful Response Coalition; PO Box 431; Portland OR 97207

Hate Radio 08.Aug.2002 09:09


These guys really do come from the standpoint of hate. They appeal to people who hate because they keep the hate stoked up. The targets are anyone different.

I have only recently listened to these guys because I heard about this hate radio and wanted to see what it was all about. You can tell one in about ten seconds because they all have an angry, scarcastic tone of voice and come from the place where you either are with them or against them, in which case you're an idiot.

It's Hitler all over again. Hateful people of the world unite!

thanks alot 08.Aug.2002 16:03

lars and michael

we just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you folks are doing bringing attention to our shows. we've never had such high ratings. because, you know, we operate on shock and other attention-getting stunts. man, we couldn't pay for advertising like this! thanks again, and keep it up.

lars larsonator and michelle savage

free speech is free speech 08.Aug.2002 16:33

forbin clforbin@mailandnews.com

the debate around kpfk and pacifica and what is "free" speech has been very vocal within the left recently. some people say that anti-semites and gay bashers have no place on pacifica's airwaves. i'm not so sure. what's next, people who are zionists? how about keeping boxer and fienstien off the air because we see them as "moderates"?

anyway, i know am radio is not exactly pacifica, but the airwaves should be open to all. is it fair that more airwaves aren't open to progressive voices and voices of tolerance and peace? no way. but we need to hear this hate speak for what it is and identify it. taking it off the air doesn't change the fact that these people still exist. i need to know what the extreme right wing is saying because (god forbid) if they ever do come up with a cohesive argument of any kind i need to know to prepare rebuttal.

what you should be concerned with, instead of taking voices off the air, is putting more progressive voices on the air. giving people another (peacable, reasoned, thought provoking and enlightened) viewpoint.
instead of boycotting the program, why not boycott the whole entire station, pushing for a fair and balanced program schedule? and not just a republican/democrat format, either. god knows "should we commit 70,000 troups to iraq" vs. "should we commit 200,000 troups" is NOT a debate (mr. biden!)

huntington bch, ca

Free Speech 08.Aug.2002 21:26


I guess "free speech" only applies to things you support.

It's a RADIO, people... If you don't like what you are listening too... CHANGE THE STATION.

It's not complicated.

not asking for censorship 08.Aug.2002 22:23


I believe the author of the initial post was encouraging people to challenge the ideologies of these hate-mongers, not get them forcibly thrown off the air. There's such a thing as public political discourse, and I think it would be great if some eloquent progressives took on these bigots, on their own turf. That isn't called censorship- it's called standing up for what you believe in, fighting for it and trying to persuade others of the truth of what you believe. In what bizarro world is that censorship or intolerance? No one said we have to shut them up- just that we should attempt to expose them for the hate-filled losers they are.

Money Mispent 23.Aug.2002 20:49


How come if we spend Trillions on defense yearly, our
families especially children are not safe in our homes,
on our streets, or even in our beds?
What kind of defense is this?
Are we any safer for this expense?
When will we demand shifting priorities to make our society safe?
When will we start spending our capital on human needs?