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Fox TV & Teamsters Joins Up With Feds On Operation TIPS

NYC Indymedia feature story
Volunteers for the nation's soon-to-be unveiled citizen snitch program, Operation TIPS, can now call in with intelligence gleaned from spying on their neighbors, friends and co-workers. But when you call don't expect to get the FBI or Justice Department. According to Salon.com and the ACLU, the calls are going to Fox TV's show "America's Most Wanted." "It's a completely inappropriate and frightening intermingling of government power and the private sector, said the ACLU's Rachel King. "What's next - the government hires Candid Camera to do its video surveillance?" [Read More]

Fox joins the Teamsters Union (which had featured the above graphic on its homepage until Aug. 7) as one of the few backers of TIPS, outside of the Bush Administration. Congressional leaders and civil libertarians have decried the idea. Read report from the August Indypendent.

Fucking Disgusting. 07.Aug.2002 21:48


The rank and file teamsters should raise a ruckus over this.