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pdx indy website update: newswire now shows # of comments

update from pdx indy geeks
"comments" can be posted to all indymedia newswire articles using the "add your comments" link at the bottom of each article. people add comments to share additional information relating to the subject, compliment the author, or voice their visceral disagreement with the content. sometimes lively discussions emerge from these comments and people post fast and furiously and come back over and over to see what's new.

now you can see how many comments a newswire post has gotten without clicking on the article and looking. the number of comments now appears in red, inside brackets, after the title and date on the newswire on the front page, like this:

9.11 is a joke
A7 7:56pm [12 comments]

this change, while simple in appearance, took hours of tech digging to figure out and implement. if you work with another IMC and want to know how we did it, please write to  technical@pdximc.org and we'll share the details with you. these details will also be posted to the global tech list ( imc-tech@indymedia.org) and the tech.indymedia.org website.

if you have other ideas about how the pdx indy interface can be improved, please post them here, or write to  imc-portland@indymedia.org.
Well Done! 07.Aug.2002 21:12


good stuff Portland indymedia

you guys Rock!!!

o.k., sure 07.Aug.2002 21:22

kevin spacey

i guess it's all good and well, but i rarely remember how many comments a post has anyway (if I "come back over and over to see what's new").

woohoo!! 07.Aug.2002 21:45


great job! thanx!

technical details 07.Aug.2002 22:48


for IMCers who want the technical how-to on this so they can apply it on their own site, visit:

Portland IMC is ahead of the pack 07.Aug.2002 23:06


Now you guys need to develop a rankings system so people can vote to keep more relevant and newsworthy posts near the top of the newswire and send the racist rants rapidly into oblivion.

This ranking system may or may not work well, so it should be tested at one of the regional IMCs first, IMO.

philly IMC has a rating system 07.Aug.2002 23:42

another rank-n-filer

hey rank-n-file -- Philly IMC <  http://www.phillyimc.org > has a ranking system, and it's been in place for almost two years, so check it out there and see what you think.

Rankings 08.Aug.2002 00:53

hierarchy online

What I am really yearning for is an option to be emailed when someone replies to your post.

pretty please

Pandora's box of worms 08.Aug.2002 02:28

skankin' 'ranker

UM, the really neat thing about these forums is the (relative) lack of censorship. The best way to combat racism, or whatever other viewpoint that the majority of the posters find ojectionable, unpopular, or whatever, is to hold it up for open criticism and public ridicule.

I mean, I have my reservations about this. Could turn into a "Preaching to the Choir" type situation really easily if EVERYONE, even the unpopular folks who post a few rants and then go away doesn't get that "equal voice." I find it very important to read the words of people I totally disagree with, myself, but that's just me...

Methinks it's a good idear to just hop on over to the Philly site and have a peek at how this works in action, hmmm....

hey geeks 08.Aug.2002 08:27


Well done! On any other section (like e.g. the global IMC) I'd worry that such a feature would encourage trolls, but here it seems very very much ok to me, given that there's rather too little commenting rather than too much. Good initiative.

Also for the same reason, I'd 'vote' to keep it as is (perfect) rather than add moderation features, or scoring ala slashdot, we're far off from needing to repel trolls and moderate commenting IMHO.

[well I say "we" as if I was a portalandistas... i'm from europe but portland is my fave IMC -- keep it up!]

Commenting on comments 08.Aug.2002 10:11


Now you have nine comments on this posting about comments
(oops Ten)

Ranking Ststem - YES! 08.Aug.2002 14:34


A ranking system is sorely needed on Indymedia. On busy days, good discussions can get buried an hour or so after you have responded.

Ranking is elitist 08.Aug.2002 15:35


Should the IMC encourage ranking?

Ranking has a classist ring to it. It would inevitably lead to articles written by highly educated (affluent) individuals receiving high scores while articles by individuals with poor writing skills would receive lower scores.

Then we wonder why working class people aren't switching over to progressive media in droves.

ranking is rank 08.Aug.2002 16:12


There really is no need to rank the articles. People get feedback via comments. I agree with the authors above that the current system is safer and better.

I like it 08.Aug.2002 19:15


I like it because it enables a person to see if their posts have gotten any replies. Very helpful and it also makes it so you can see the busy threads where the disussion is lively.

Kudos Portland! 08.Aug.2002 19:37


Adding the number of comments was a brilliant idea. I like it for the same reasons 'Booger' likes it.

It's the ranking idea that some are proposing here that stinks to high heaven.

Ranking elitist?? 08.Aug.2002 20:39


Maybe our definitions of ranking differ. What I'm referring to is a response to a post (any lame response will do) would place that post back in the top of the "line up". If a response to another post is submitted, then that post moves up. The only purpose is to keep active responses visible and not buried on page 2 or 3. Someone can activate an unresponded post by responding and it can move from page 2 to the top of the list.

Rankings are not necessary 08.Aug.2002 21:36


Rankings are not necessary. I feel it would make the whole process overly complicated. It works fine the way it is now. Those who are really interested will check it out anyway.