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Tale of 2 Pine Cones: the just will win

Did you ever wonder why people in politics as in real life win for power, inflated egos, before those whose cause is right or just? Here is a beautiful example of what comes of our causes in life, if we realize that however seemingly small our impact on the world is - it is much larger than we think.
Tale of 2 Pine Cones: the just will win
Tale of 2 Pine Cones: the just will win

At breakfast I spoke to an elder of the town.?" It seems like the people with the big, inflated egos always win, while I'm really struggling. Why is this?"
Richard raised his right hand from off his lap, and produced 2 pine cones.?He laid them on the table before me. One large, one small.
"See the small one?" he asked. "Not even an inch long. Do you think it comes from a large pine tree, or a small tree?"
"It looks like it should come from the small tree," I said.
"No, this tiny pine cone is produced by the largest of the pines, the Redwood. And some of these are 300 feet tall."
"That is 30 stories. And the big cone grew on a little, scrawny pine tree."
"The big pine cone," he said, "it's like all the big egos around here, acting like they own everything, and everyone. They may seem big, but when the first winds come, they snap.
"But the small pine cone. People may not see you as such a big man, but what they don't see is that you're a part of something so much larger than they, the great Redwood. And do you know what else?"
"The pine cone holds the seeds. For this small one to release the seeds, there has got to be heat - a fire.
"You've been struggling, and now that you've been through the fire, you release the seeds, your message. While your needs may seem large, be content with less. And the people will see that you are a part of something larger, the truth - and like the Redwood, you will endure."??
Richard smiled behind gray whiskers. He got up and left. I gazed at the 2 pine cones, and slipped the small one into my pocket.

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Some thoughts on ego 07.Aug.2002 20:19


Some thoughts on ego-A big ego can be a bad thing. But we all operate on ego to some degree. Some people who have big egos do really big things,and manage to harness that energy into something positive. Ego sometimes has a relation to confidence levels. When we have more confidence in our abilitys,oftentimes the ego grows accordingly. It is important to not let one's ego get the best of you though. And also not to let the ego be used against others to gain power over them for the sake of power gathering. The best activists I have met are those who are very confident in their abilitys and skills,but really keep their egos in check.So let's build our skills to a high level,but keep our egos in check.