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9.11 investigation

National media sidestep UFOs

Is IMC different than the mainstream media on this one? YES, that's why you are reading this, but are you going to dismiss concrete, credible information about a subject that just might enlarge your perspective of EVERYTHING? You decide...
National media sidestep UFOs

Billy Cox

There was a big subculture buzz in Washington, D.C., a year ago this week when a group called the Disclosure Project launched a bid to end government secrecy surrounding unidentified flying objects. The goal: Open congressional hearings. The hook was to invite 20 witnesses, some bolstered with government documents, with testimony so compelling the media couldn't possibly freeze it out.

No doubt, some of the panelists who showed up at the National Press Club offered detailed glimpses into the national-security ramifications of the phenomenon. Retired Air Force Capt. Bob Salas, for instance, revealed how UFOs had knocked 10 Minuteman nukes off-line at their Strategic Air Command silos in Montana in 1967. Former Federal Aviation Administration chief of Accidents and Investigations John Callahan showcased photocopies of incident reports seized by the CIA concerning a half-hour jetliner/UFO encounter off Alaska in 1986.

The ensuing failure of the national media to respond came as no surprise to a couple of journalists who've spent years monitoring these dynamics. What most Americans fail to understand, contend Terry Hansen and Patrick Huyghe, is that when it comes to national security issues, the facade of big-media outfits as combative public watchdogs has always been fragile. Throw UFOs into the mix and that facade becomes a myth.

From the World War II-era recruitment of Scripps-Howard executive editor John Sorrels and publishing magnate John Knight by the U.S. Office of Censorship to The New York Times' quashing its own field reports about the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala, Hansen's The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up chronicles repeated patterns of sometimes avid collusion with conventional covert operations. That such duplicity should extend to UFOs shouldn't be terribly surprising, and yet, it is.

Take, for instance, a correspondence discovered at the Smithsonian Institution in 1997 between former members of the CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel. Formed in 1953 to marginalize UFOs after a vexing volume of reports began receiving media attention, the panel recommended smearing witnesses as a way to stanch the flow.

In 1966, shortly after a "CBS Reports" investigation on UFOs portrayed witnesses as delusional or unreliable, Robertson panelist Thorton Page wrote former group secretary Fred Durant that he "helped organize the CBS TV show around the Robertson Panel conclusions." The host of that show: Walter Cronkite, aka The Most Trusted Man In America.

From his home in Bainbridge Island, Wash., Hansen says formulaic thinking still permeates the old-guard media. "Th(e Disclosure Project) was a remarkable story, with men at a high level breaking their security oaths," Hansen says. "Local and regional media around the country treated it as a straightforward item, but the national networks, PBS, they virtually ignored it.

"This story could be covered right now. '60 Minutes' could blow the lid off it by interviewing retired airline pilots who aren't afraid to talk about incidents and near-misses. But the major media is waiting for the green light from the White House or the Pentagon."

However, Patrick Huyghe, author of The Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat, says news-gatherers may eventually have to confront the phenomenon, whether they want to or not. He cites the July 15 UFO reports near Carteret, N.J., as a potential scenario.

Shortly after midnight, FAA radar at nearby Newark International Airport began tracking more than a dozen airborne lights that appeared to fly in shifting formations. Motorists on the New Jersey Turnpike pulled over to watch the air show; more than 100 witnesses were identified. A Freedom of Information Act request by the National Institute for Discovery Science in Las Vegas discovered none of the objects on the radar scopes had transponders.

"Now, imagine if something like that had happened over a major metropolitan area two months later, after 9/11, when we were all on a heightened state of alert," says Huyghe from his home in New York. "At least during the Cold War, the Soviets never struck us on American soil. The terrorists have demonstrated their capacity to do just that. When we have another Carteret-type incident, can the media afford to throw it off and say, 'Oh, it's just UFOs'? I don't think so."

Even in that event, Hansen suspects the security apparatus would remain intractable:

"It may just come down to the fact that they don't know what's going on, that maybe this is happening and they can't do anything about it. But that's an unacceptable public position when you're trying to project an image of being in control. We found out on Sept. 11 they're not."


Billy Cox's column runs every Wednesday. He can be reached at 242-3774, or Florida Today, P.O. Box 419000, Melbourne, FL 32941-9000

homepage: homepage: http://www.disclosureproject.org

Attempt at discrediting geoengineering post? 07.Aug.2002 17:37

not stupid

Of course this shit goes up as soon as there is some damning evidence or articles related to geoengineering on the newswire.

Good work intel boys! Your masters at the office of homeland security have taught you well!

"Your mission is to taint any leaked or related information regarding our aerial spraying operations. You will do so by leading people to believe that it is all part of the UFO conspiracy buffs' urban legends. This is the most effective tool we have for keeping a lid on our black ops......now go to work boys"

Oh darn, you caught me 07.Aug.2002 20:10

Agent Orange

You haven't been reading the newswire lately, have you?

I have been posting stories about chemtrails long before the Hamilton IMC "broke" the story.

I have been shouting it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen: THE GOVERNMENT IS SPRAYING CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL AGENTS OVER POPULATED AREAS AND HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME, TOXINS SUCH AS ALUMINUM OXIDE, BARIUM, QUARTZ AND MAGNEZIUM. I have read "Vision 2025", seen the spectroscopy reports, the rainwater samples.

But guess what? There's more!! Over 400 military, corporate, intelligence and government witnesses have stepped forward to testify to their first-hand experiences with ET technology and all sorts of other reality-busting shit. I know, it's wacky, I think so too, but come ON it's not IMPOSSIBLE.

If you didn't notice, I didn't write either of the articles I posted. Perhaps you should have taken the time to um, check my sources at the website I listed. I like IMC, no one can censor me here, it's a progressive environment and people can respond with their thoughts, but most of all, eventually SOMEBODY checks to see if you are just spreading bullshit around to confuse people. I'm not, really.


So, who cares about UFO's 09.Aug.2002 00:29


I think your post is interesting, but I have a question.

"Who the hell cares about UFOs!"

I've never understood the facination. If they are so advanced, they wouldn't need to fly around in little ships and do eratic training exercises at night. Such an advanced society would either kick the crap out us, study us, or just ignore us. Since by your account, they are not kicking the crap out of us, or ignoring us. What do you think they are doing?

Why would you care? The government has reasons to cover up information. They always do. Maybe the aliens want the information covered up. Have you thought about their feelings? The manner in which they have surfaced suggest they don't want to be found. Otherwise, they would have simply made their existance public. Simple.

Do you think our government controls them? Maybe it's the aliens who are covering their tracks? Just a thought. Maybe you should help feed starving children or something. Uncovering UFO myths is about the most useless thing I can think of. Sorry to be so frank, but that's my opinion.

I CARE ABOUT UFOs 16.Aug.2002 11:36

twilight youth

(in regards to the above post)

Ok so you acknowledge that UFOs are a real phenomenon and not, as some suggest, a matter of mass hysteria (a hysterical argument in itself.)

you go on to ask "mabye it's the US government" ( a perfectly rational question) but you still ask "who the hell cares?"!

so let me get this straight: you acknowledge that there are unknown crafts traveling at superluminal speeds and acting on some sort of anti-gravitational energetic system ...and then you say "who cares?" ??


you are telling us that energy systems that can facilitate these speeds and forces are Of NO USE and better left to our corrupt government (read:corperations) rather than peacful applications?!?!?!?!

do you think about the crap that spews out of your keyboard before you type it? jesus!

if you dont actually take time to carefully investigate a subject (any subject) you really dont have much basis deriding it.

just an average joe 28.Aug.2004 11:45


yeah, well i seen 2 ufos, one was a silver object that look like a silver cork , and it stood still in the sky, then i seen three yellow lights in triangular formation dissappear after i got my vidoe camera , it was no longer there. i had 2 other experiences which are hard to explain. Ive also have 5 vidoes about ufos and the u.s military cooperative efforts, lord knows why, but i was interested in this guy named ebe, well according to the article on the web, he or she , was not from this planet and survived , while 3 died. Ebe mentioned that the basque people were actually a genetic experiment by them, so if theres anybody out there, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT MAN? PEACE.
YOU COULD EMAIL ME AT ... mr_peleg@yahoo.com.