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The Original Green Anarchist mag was not Primitivist

The editorial position piece, written by Alan Albon, 'Where We Stand' in GA issue 2 (1984) shows that the the first Green Anarchist magazine was not Primitivist...
The original Green Anarchist magazine, published in 1984, was not Primitivist.

Three points need to be made here:
(1) The original Green Anarchist had a William Morris / Peter Kropotkin type vision about appropriate technology being used to free people for creative activities.
(2) The original Green Anarchist had a vision of sustainable agriculture being used to meet peoples' real needs - it did not share the Zerzanian view that agriculture ought to be completely rejected.
(3) The original Green Anarchist could include technology, housing, towns and such things as transport and communications within its vision.

Don't be conned by 'Conner'. Paul Rogers' propaganda, in his talk about 'Original And Best' and in Rogers' previous propaganda against Saxon Wood, claims that GA always was Primitivist. This is not true. It is a matter of historical record that the original GA was not Primitivist. This can be seen from the Alan Albon (the first editor of GA) editorial position piece 'Where We Stand', from issue 2:

'Economic units have to be small enough to enable all to decide with others the relatively simple questions of securing the necessities of life. In a situation where technical knowledge can free the whole population. Instead of overwork, insecurity and poverty for many and wealth and power for the few.

With the market place mentality taken out of agriculture, transport, art, sport and the many activities that people partake in, self-expression can be universal in work and play. We can create workshops where people cease to be mere units of production, towns that are a pleasure to everyone to live in, agriculture that does not create mountains of ecologically expensive food, where it becomes an art once again and not run by accountants and businessmen with their erroneous values.

People will be able to work the land in their diverse ways, and the land itself will become a common resource, not the field for speculators and other state supported parasites that infest society. We can create a transport and communication system that does not clog cities with fumes and waste energy, housing and infrastructures that people want, not what architects, planners and politicians think they ought to have.'

Alan Albon, 'Where We Stand' Green Anarchist issue 2


I leave you to draw your own conclusions from this. In order for Green Anarchist magazine to move on it is necessary to first cast off this millstone of Primitivism, and secondly to re-examine that early vision held in such passages as the one quoted here....
Stephen Booth

homepage: homepage: http://www.greenanarchist.org.uk/Where.htm

so what? 07.Aug.2002 13:56

more important things to worry about

The U.S. is about to attack Iraq. The last bits of old growth trees are being cut down. Hundreds of animals are tortured and killed for "scientific research" every day. The American public has been severely addicted to junk food, is being raped by car culture, is isolated in suburbia, and being kept unaware of all of it by media propatainment. Wages are going down, health care costs are going up. Corporate hegemony is turning the U.S. into a "third world" country while it oppresses the rest of the planet with more crushing power every day. Millions slave away in sweatshops and millions more die of preventable diseases. These issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Plus which, our rights to say or do anything about any of this stuff are being severely curtailed by an administration that's looking more and more like Germany in the 30's. And I should give a fuck about some internecine squabble amongst a bunch of self-marginalizing intellectuals? WhatEVER.

look no futher 07.Aug.2002 15:10

Zerzan's sweaty armpit

Well, the reason it is relevant is the growing collusion between far-right thinktanks, and far-left "Primitivist" movements. You see, stupid people are always, always, always manipulated by the elites into whatever sort of behaviors are needed to accomplish the goals of those elites, in Communist, Socialist, and Capitalist hedgemonies.

There is a great artice reprinted in, um, Hit List#4, I believe, which dicusses this at length. The highlight is where these dockworkers in Seattle '99 are attempting to stop these black-clad "Anarchists from Eugene" from trashing buisinesses, and the cops pointedly refuse to do ANYHTHING with these kids, whom grown men are forcibly restraining, demanding their removal, as they want nothing to do with them or their Primitivist "Movement", until the situation gets way out of hand, and then, as they say, the rest is history.

Dear armpit, 07.Aug.2002 17:54


Collusion between green anarchists and right wing think-tanks? I suppose that next you'll be having us believe anarchists are conspiring with aliens. Jesus Chrust! What are you smoking? For one thing I think you unfairly characterize local green anarchists as being a bunch of Zerzan groupies, (Which is not the case.) Besides which, wouldn't it be counter to the fundamental ideas of what an anarchist is to work with, or in collusion, with forces that support government? Isn't this the basis of local anarchist?s strife with liberals?
In my view it is. I consider my self a green anarchist. I'm sick of fucking patriots jumping around telling me they're for self determination, telling me their for anarchy only to see them organize around some clearly NATIONALIST, liberal, authoritarian platform! I get frustrated when I see that people that count themselves as a force for positive change are defending, and working with, a social system that is at the heart of everybody?s problems. Are you gonna tell me otherwise? Are you gonna make this out to be some teenage angst? I haven?t heard an argument from your camp that didn't sound like a ploy to marganalize or govern my actions. This earns you no respect in my book. I'm gonna keep standing up for anarchy. I'm gonna keep standing up for the idea that individual freedom is the key to collective freedom. This idea ain't bougewa, it ain't ultra individualistic, it comes from my personal experience as a person that lacked the kind of life skills that give a person the capacity to govern their own life intelligently. It comes from the sympathy I now feel for others that lack this capacity. It comes from my militant desire to organize and increase this capacity in others.
Yer damn right I sympathize with minorities and people that no government wishes to represent! This doesn't make me friends with right wing authoritarians. It just means I identify and sympathise with bieng in the minority. NOT because I feel that anarchists couldn't organize on a national scale but rather because doing so would undermine any strength we have as local communities. Hierarchy seeks hierarchy. It destroyed the black panthers and it would destroy us. By making ourselves powerful in this way we would be choosing to be corrupt. There are other types of power. I feel this in my heart. And as for yer nationalist union buddies- Union workers make bombers, they make bombs, they make suv's, they donate to national parties, and sometimes they act like cops. Hell sometimes they are cops. That doesn't mean I hate unions. I do believe it means that these people that beat us down are nationalist pigs at best, and little better than fascists conspirators at their worst. I went to court here in Portland shortly after attending a protest against the Fascist author David Irving, and overheard the cop that was checking my bags talking about the grand Jewish conspiracy to control the police force. He's a union cop. The local nazi's say they?re in with the unions. I feel that there needs to be some closure to this shit. I know good union people. It's too bad a few cop loving jerks had to fuck shit up in, and for, the local anarchist community. Sounds a little too coincidental for my taste. Think about it.


Primitivist dogma? 07.Aug.2002 20:07


Yes the US GA magazine is much different than the previous version. It is simply a different collective editing and writing it. The primitivist outlook seems to provide a balance to some of the more moderate leanings out there. I have heard some of the present GA collective admit that a primitivist lifestyle might not be achievable for the masses,but some of the ideals they espouse can probobly be utilized and incorporated into our lives,and that they are talking about the problems with industry and our enviornment in such an immediate way impresses me. They might not have all the solutions to the worlds problems solved today,but at least these people see there are problems that need solving. I'll agree with them that we need to wake up now. Industry needs to go or be scaled back to more sustainable levels. I certainly don't agree with all the approaches and tactics GA promotes,nor should you be required to. The old GA did publish essays and accounts of events that were similar to some of the content of the present publication. Nothing stays the same forever,even anarchist movements and magazines. I will give the present GA collective high marks for the level at which they get their message out.

heck... 07.Aug.2002 20:24


Read the article I'm talking about. You are being used as a tool, a dupe, by the economic elites of this world, who own your ass and mine, and know for a fact that they can divert your efforts and control your mind and beliefs
with what are known as a "False Dichotomies." Now, I won't give you a long winded treatise on the history of power in this mean old world, or the rise of the European banking establishments in response to the decline of the monarchies and the rise of imperialism....but you really should look into these well documented similarities and shared (short-term) goals between the two seemingly "enemy" camps. Damn, I wish I had the link to the article...it was originally published in Europe...do a search on Google for Hit List's archives...read the thing...tell me what you think...