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Preparations for Protest of Bush visit to Portland

Local media sources have announced that "President" Bush will be visiting Portland, Oregon during the week of August 19th. Activists have begun planning a protest for the visit.
Local media sources have announced that "President" Bush will be visiting Portland, Oregon during the week of August 19th. Activists have begun planning a protest for the visit. A coalition of activists is expected to be involved in the protest. People from as far away as Bellingham, WA have announced their intention to attend the protests.

A temporary web-site to help organize the protest has been set up at  http://www.geocities.com/cascadiac/

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/cascadiac/

protest port militarization! 08.Aug.2002 13:48

waren wobbly

Heres a start for events to rally around. On

Monday, August 12th

Noon- 1pm

at the ILWU (port workers) Local 8 hall at 2435 NW Front Ave. in Portland

There will be a rally to opose the Bush administration's recent War on Terrorism especially as it pertains to his plans to use MILITARY ACTION to remove UNION workers in PORTLAND. Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle will join Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and local labor leaders for a press conference and rally in support of the International Longshore Workers Union (ILWU) and their negotiations with the Pacific Maritime Association (Shipping bosses). Remember....the last time the federal government tried to federalize and militarize the ports back in 1932 was the last GENERAL STRIKE in US history. Two men died and hundreds were injured when workers tried to return to work and were attacked by the US Guard.

Lets let Bush know that his WAR is wrong and we will not tolerate it being used to destroy workers right to bargin together for dignity and equity in pay.

Mr. Bush, No more hard-working union members need to die!

Ron Wyden has indicated he will come and should be given appropriate reprimand for selling out and supporting FAST-TRACK. Perhaps a few people should take action to ensure there is enough time for our union brothers and sisters to question Wyden as to where his support lies.

GWBush.com 08.Aug.2002 17:46


Everyone may know about this already, but www.GWBush.com has great ideas for signs and other protest collateral.

How appropriate is that? 13.Aug.2002 10:47


It never ceases to amaze me how the freedom of speech allows people to use offensive language and gestures towards another human being. Each on of us should be responsible for our effect on society.

We are all defined by our relationships, careers and ideas we support. I for one am amazed at the lack of support American people have today.

Starting in the schools and homes we have established that there is no authority. However this is terribly wrong. We all have someone in authority over us. It is necessary for children to obey parents, teachers, and the laws of our country. Adults may not have parents in authority over them, but they will always have teachers, employers and laws to obey.

Why is that we think our ideas are better, so much that we go against the proper authority to obtain them? There is a chain of command in our homes, schools, and government. Let's not forget our place.

Mutiny hurts everyone in the end. Focus your negative intentions for OUR President towards the knowledge and WORK in getting out information for the next election. Let's stop this insane over-throw of authority and raise our children to be better citizens than we see displayed by this poorly planned activist protest.