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Drugs = CIA terror

Cool picture.
Drugs = CIA terror
Drugs = CIA terror

Look back in history 07.Aug.2002 20:00

Understand Manipulation Techniques

That picture is just a corporate ADVERTIZEMENT

This is closer to the truth

Let us grow 07.Aug.2002 20:07

Safety in numbers

Let people grow and stop imposing State Morals on me.

The DRUG WAR is creating a higher value on these things. Where as if marijuana were legal, as in Amsterdam, that "criminal element" is not created by the law and thus their is no crime.

Ironic when the drug industry is legally harming, killing and experimenting on people.

Dumbasses 07.Aug.2002 20:56

Carol Hinson

To the two previous posters: actually look at the picture -- neither one of you seems to have done that. Don't be so reflexively irate -- it's very lazy of you. Stop it.

Clever 07.Aug.2002 21:27


This "ad" was a little misunderstood by a couple of the other posters, but it's really clever. A great way of using their own propaganda against them.