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I came accross this site while cruising around some political sites. I would be interested in any comments

Demand the US extradite Ibrahim Abayat, Ismail Hamdan and Mahmoud Hamdan - Palestinian terrorists who murdered US citizens Tell Attorney General John Ashcroft to extradite the murderers of US citizens, who are in European 'study programs'. Top of Form 1 Bring Palestinian Murderers to US Justice Five US Citizens Among Victims of Wednesday's Bombing in Jerusalem Top of Form 1 The urgency of bringing Palestinian murderers to US justice was underscored by the July 31 terrorist attack on students at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in which five US citizens were among the seven murdered. Unfortunately, no indictments have been issued against Palestinians who have murdered US citizens in terrorist attacks. The State Department has repeatedly obstructed realistic efforts to offer rewards leading to the capture of wanted Palestinian terrorists, and to legal steps which would bring the terrorists and their organizers to US justice. The Koby Mandell Act establishes a special office in the Justice Department to prosecute Palestinian terrorists who have murdered or injured US citizens. Ask your Representative and Senators to co-sponsor this bill. Bottom of Form 1 Three of the 13 Palestinian terrorists sent to Europe participated in the murders of US citizens. Ibrahim Abayat and Ismail Hamdan took part in the January 2002 murder of 72 year-old Avi Boaz, of Brooklyn, New York. Abayat was also involved in the May 2001 drive-by shooting death of Mrs. Sarah Blaustein of Lawrence, New York. A third terrorist, Mahmoud Hamdan, was involved in the brutal torture-murder of 13 year-old Koby Mandell, of Silver Spring, Maryland, in May 2001. Write now to Attorney General John Ashcroft and demand their indictment and extradition to face US justice.

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Abraham 07.Aug.2002 14:57


Eventually, Isreal will get someone back into office, who walks the walk, unlike Sharon, who is apparently afraid of
US opinions about the poor, poor Palistinians, whom, by the way, no other Arab nation on EARTH will take, a fact rarely
mentioned in the Liberal-owned media..
You see, they have a saying over there, "Never Again." 35 or so years ago, when the Muslims again tried to "Drive Isreal into the sea", well, Isreal took on everyone around them and KICKED THEIR ASSES.

Believe me, they will again if they get pushed much more.

As far as Muslim child torture and murder of innocent civilians here in the States, well, all it's gonna take is a few more 9/11 style slaughters by MUSLIMS, and you will see mass deportaions and internment camps. Not a bad thing, or a good thing, just something that will happen if they keep murdering people.

Just keep on, keep on parroting Mr. Chomsky, rich kid commies....

Eventually we may finally know the truth 08.Aug.2002 08:18


Mr. Eventually; There is absolutely no proof of who is
responsible for 9-11. You can move your hatred somewhere else.