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Jury Trial for bicycling the wrong way on a one way street August 9th

Yes the city of portland has charge me with Disorderly conduct, back in may. I was bicycling the wrong way down a one way street. They claim I was alarming motorists. It was really the motorists that alarmed me while i was cycling across the street. I failed to cycle straight across the street, i was kinda going sideways across the street... well anyways they're actually going to get a jury for my trial, by my request, i really thought they were going to drop it. I just wonder why they wasting there time.
The city of portland is wasting your tax dollars on a jury trial for disorderly conduct. Dis Con folks, Dis Con is a charge that they generally add to political arrests that they usually drop in plea bargins. There's no way that it's going to stick, so why are they bothering? I wish I knew.

I'm not suggesting that we do anything about it or anything but if you'd like to come to the trial, give me a call, (503)241-4879 and I will give you the time and place. It's just crazy that they would waste there time, energy and money on such mockery of the judical system.

Well first they sent me to community court, which is just a crock. This is were they send people with tickets for drinking in public and stuff like that. All they can do in this court is plead guilty and get community service and a writing assignment and your case will be dismissed. I had to go to this twice, once to just have my lawyer, who i meet that day, say "We'd like time for council" then again to plea not-guilty and send the case downtown. I had pre-trial downtown and then guess what the judge offered me, he said if i plea guilty he'll give me community service and a writing assignment. We'll i turned that down already and and i turned it down again. Now unless they decide to drop this, i plan to fight it all the way!

phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton

well... 06.Aug.2002 16:40

Lance Armstrong

If you want to be afforded the same treatment under the law as an automobile, to have millions of tax dollars diverted to bike programs, etc., etc., you should FOLLOW THE SAME RULES AND COMMON SENSE that drivers are required to follow.
Now, I realize that there are tons of drivers out there who care not a hoot for bicyclists, and that does suck, but have you ever been behind the wheel of a car, and barely avoided running down some biker, who blazes through a red light, the wrong way down a one way, turning left without looking ? It's downright scary, the way some people bike, acting as if the very real laws of physics simply do not apply to them. Look, a 4000 pound hunk of metal will HURT if it hits you at 30 mph. Fair is fair, you know ?

a little more background? 06.Aug.2002 18:20


I would like to hear a little more background on the case. Lichen,you claim this charge is one sometimes given in the course of protests,well was this protest related or not? If you were merely riding down the street the wrong way,I guess that's your own problem,as the law clearly states you cannot ride down the street the wrong way. This law might actually have some merit. But if you were at a protest and were just riding down the street the wrong way and ended up being charged with disorderly conduct because you were at the protest,this seems to be a faulty charge and I would agree you should fight it all the way.

Good 07.Aug.2002 00:12


Wasting tax dollars? You admit you did something to get the ticket, and then requested a trial by jury... You asked for it and they honored your request. Why are you complaining? Because your gamble to beat the ticket didn't work so well?

Gonna admit the fact that you were "kinda going sideways across the street" at your trial?

on cars 07.Aug.2002 01:08


Cars should be banned from the roads

Cars are death machines, bad for people, bad for environment

Cars smell awful and make the air ugly

Cars kill people

Cars take up so much space which should be for people

Cars take huge resources to make and maintain

Cars are American obsession

Carmania 07.Aug.2002 01:10


Damn - these people are defending cars. Cars are a curse on humanity. GET RID OF CARS and humanity will be much better off.

Car-free 07.Aug.2002 01:13

foot soldier

Envision a world without cars.

guns vs cars (further off topic...) 07.Aug.2002 01:49


cars are outrageously deadly. more people die by cars each year in the u.s. than by guns.

its not a perfect analogy, but auto-drivers might consider us bikers to be in the middle of gunfire. some swerving might be expected. its a war out there, tanks vs rocks, so there is nothing *but* "driving defensively" for bikers; its not a mere suggestion like it is for cars.

The standard commie argument ALWAYS applies. 07.Aug.2002 04:01


Come on..."get rid of cars, and all of humanity will be better off"..."more people die by cars than guns"...

Do you people have any idea how stupid, prejudiced, spoiled,
ivory tower and all that, that you look to anyone out here in the real world, just trying to get by ?

The very concept of "Splitting the Premise", taught in Debate 101, is foreign to ideologues such as yourselves...

I simply wrote about having to avoid obnoxious bikers downtown who totally ignore the law, endangering themselves
and everyone around them, and then claiming holy protection under the law...in this here ugly dirty REAL world.

I ride a bike, myself, often. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Oh, but cars are part of the capitalist consipracy to rule the world...to be sure. Ahhhhh.
The brainwash manifests itself in the reaction of the self-righteous, well meaning, ignorant Portlanders...

I know tons of things about cars, bikes, and guns....

tools, people...just tools...tools........objects.

But yet if tools are to blame for our awful enviroment....
well...ban the tools ! People are innately "good", therefore, um...

"Cars take up so much space which should be for people"

So, people should just reproduce uncontrollably, but cars should be verboten ?

Aww..it's late, and I'm bored...but come on. Your Marxist professors HAD to have trained you a little better in debate than THIS bullshit.

I hate to be ugly. 07.Aug.2002 04:11


I hate to be ugly about this, but, frankly, after reading a lot of articles on here about the persecuted bicyclists of portland, a city noted for it's advanced attitude toward cycling, I'm increasingly inclined to characterize a good portion of the bicyclists as, frankly, a bunch of confrontational whiners looking for a fight. Don't take this as a threat, but a tip, I wouldn't really suggest getting in a fight with a truck, or for that matter, a truck driverm, or a court after you've broken traffic laws. If you want to get rid of cars, the only way drivers (myself included) aren't going to get pissed at you is if you relax a bit, and agree to follow the rules of traffic, like those of us so inclined try to. As a suggestion for not ending up crucified, take a hint from ghandi. cool it. no need for hysterics. eventually we'll just run out of gas. you'll win eventually, guaranteed.

bikers with attitude 07.Aug.2002 21:17


2 tru - bikers you gotta share the roads with us killing machine automobile drivers.

yea, yea, yea, it sux, the whole damn thing. the ability to run cars off water and using oil instead, the paving of parks for roads, and the list goes on...

but this constant nagging and whining is not gonna have the effect that you want bikers.

instead why don't we work together to make some effective changes rather than ya'll throwing your bikes into the oncoming lanes of traffic and risking life and limb.

commie argument? 07.Aug.2002 21:56


Getting rid of cars has nothing to do with communism. It has to do with a very basic physical reality that cars destroy the environment. Political ideology, sexual preference, or religious persuasion has nothing to do with it.

If you care about the earth and the creatures that live on it, you will make a serious effort to stop driving cars. Period. That is a matter of physics.

Nuclear bombs are tools too. Explode a few hundred around the planet and humans will be extinct. It takes human will to make the commitment not to use such destructive creations as nuclear weapons and cars.

It is about fucking time people get serious about these matters. REDUCE YOUR CAR DRIVING BY 90% - SWITCH TO VEGETABLE OIL/BIO-DIESEL -

As for Joe's comment - "no need for hysterics. eventually we'll just run out of gas. you'll win eventually, guaranteed."

Joe, this comment shows you have little concern for human life, or other life on this planet. You want others to just sit back, and let you waste the planets resources on selfish destructive habits like driving. Constant driving is very clearly damaging life on earth.

Either you are serious about changing the decadent habits of this society or not. If you say you are, then it is your responsibility to seek every means to consume less. It is not hard to develop a car free lifestyle. And if under some circumstances you absolutely must have a car, go get a diesel and convert it to vegetable oil/bio-diesel. It is not expensive, so there is no intelligent excuse to keep buying gasoline at the pump. It is nothing more than selfish habit.

the response to addiction is not civility 07.Aug.2002 21:58

caged animal on two wheels

if it weren't so tragic, it would be amusing to watch how people get so defensive when the subject is their personal addiction. all sorts of rationalisations come up -- you're a "commie", you're being unrealistic, you should be more civil, etc. guess what, drivers, denial ain't just a river in egypt -- it's the flow you're drowning in, inside your own head. "oh of course cars are not the best way to travel, and of course bikes are better, but please please can't you just be polite about it? don't zip around like that -- it's scaring me and it's not safe for you." whatever, bloke. i have no patience at all for a cause of death that takes out over 40,000 people a year but which people refuse to recognize as a problem. what else kills that many people in a year that doesn't have a major charity and a hollywood star to fundraise for it? nothin'. the fact that it is acceptable that this many people are killed each year is unbelievably callous, and reveals car driving for what it is -- an addiction. like junk food, television, drugs, plastic suburbs and most sexual relationships, it is a destructive force that prevents an individual from growing to their greatest potential. like these addictions, its grasp is insidious, and one of its effects is the illusion that it's a problem for everyone else but that you are somehow immune. don't believe it.

so no, i'm not going to give drivers any slack. they will get no favors from me. i will not be an enabler. as a pedestrian and a cyclist, i will obstruct traffic as often as possible, and make it miserable for any driver who comes across my path. there's a hundred perfectly legal ways of doing this that i employ whenever i'm out, and some direct action oriented methods that i like to use sometimes too.

no, driver, i'm not going to be civil to you. i am going to make your driving life as miserable as possible. i am doing you a favor. by trying to wake you up to the destructive, self-limiting addiction that your driving is, i am trying to help you. by letting you enjoy your time behind the wheel i am doing you and our society and myself a great disservice. you need to hate driving and you need to stop to.

so next time i have the right of way and am crossing in front of you and you start inching forward and my response is to slow down or stop to point out your selfishness (and the fact that you're endangering my life), take a deep breath and thank me for it. i'm trying to wake you up.

OK, all is fair in love and war 08.Aug.2002 01:02


WEll, cagey and steel, fair is fair. I was gonna be nice and ask for a link to some useful Bio-Diesel fuel conversion information...this is a topic I'm VERY interested in, and I'm a pretty competent self taught truck AND bike mechanic, and a bit of a self-sufficiency and guerilla recycling nut, too. But no....you wanna fight. SO, the next time some idiot pulls a REALLY stupid, dangerous, deliberately illegal move on a bike in front of me on a day I happen to be driving a truck instead of my BIKE, I'll mow 'em down. LEGALLY. I was gonna try to be nice, but now you tell me that you are gonna go out of your way to fuck with me. Fine, I'll fuck back as hard as I can, and THAT IS HARD, kiddo. Make me miserable ? The mere lack of brains and education (self- or whatever)
and perspective in 95 percent of these posts makes me miserable, as this is the supposed "cream of the crop" of cutting edge resistance and debate, but most of it really IS yet more warmed over 7th generation Marxism. And what on earth does sexual politcs and religion have to do with any of this ? That was TOTALLY out of "left" field, indeed.
Now you're gonna go out of your way to piss off everyone stuck behind a wheel, in your endless arrogance, elitism,
and illogic.

And you wonder why most ordinary working folks think you are so clueless, so divorced from the realities they deal with day in and out...

Smart, real smart.

wow. you're serious. seriously f'd up. 08.Aug.2002 01:42

the caged bird that sings

do you realize what you just typed, Armstrong? "I'll mow 'em down." I said I would slow you down and you said you would try to kill me. You do see how those two actions are totally different, don't you? Well it doesn't matter if you do. The judge will !!

"And you wonder why most ordinary working folks think you are so clueless, so divorced from the realities they deal with day in and out..." Heh heh. If only you knew, Armstrong, if only you knew...

out of context, as usual 08.Aug.2002 02:16


You say you are gonna go out of your way to make drivers miserable and deliberately break traffic laws, reagrdless of
your own safety or the safety of anyone around you because, well, cars are intrinsically bad and they have to go, and anyone in one is complicit in the imminent destruction of Earth, yadda, yadda...and then turn around and say you are only trying to wake me up to these realities by endangering yourself and others, and pissing everyone off in the bargian...

Well, look, hyperbole and pissed-offedness aside, I would never deliberately go out of my way to run anyone over.
I was doing a poor job of making my point that way.
As I stated earlier, I ride a bike, too, OFTEN. What I'm trying to say, is that, quite simply, if you deliberately ride like a dumbshit around huge hunks of moving metal, breaking the law to prove your points, don't go crying to the judge when you get squashed, because the accident is YOUR FAULT. If you gotta blaze through that red light and turn the wrong way down a one-way, at least LOOK where you are going, and try to give the poor fucker in the truck a chance to see you and hit the brakes !!! It's only fair, and a judge and an ER will tell you the same thing.

Lets all simmer down a bit, 'kay ?

Be productive not punitive 08.Aug.2002 07:16

creative response

so "steel", you say it is inexpensive to convert automobiles to an alternate form of energy. why don't you put together a workshop and help educate people with cars how to do that.

most of us plea for prisons to use productive rather than punitive tactics when rehabilitating, but from what i see written on the walls of indymedia, this is the most punitive place of all.

compassion is in way short supply here, lets turn the tables and start practicing some real worthwhile energy sharing between us, before our own negative energy consumes us...

Punitive? no, honest 08.Aug.2002 09:07


To creative response - A workshop on bio-diesel/vegetable oil conversion is a fine idea. Likewise, my saying these things is neither punitive, nor negative. It is realistic look at the situation.

There is much talk of how corporations are bad, corporations do this, that and the other. Of course that is true. However, it is also true, that many of the people concerned about these issues, are also acting in the similar manner to the corporation, just on their own personally smaller scale.

Today, there is no reason why a progressive minded person needs to buy gas from the pump. None. To continue to do so indicates lack of will and commitment to change. It requires no legislation, no effort to change some corporation, no government stamp of approval. All it requires is the decision of that person to act and thus break the destructive habit.

Convenience is not an excuse. Convenience is the brainwashed attitude conditioned into people by the commercial machine to help make you subservient and a good consumer. It is a slavery, where one lives hooked to a destructive lifestyle while generating profit for another.

Either you want to free yourself from it or not. The U.S. psyche has been conditioned to slavery, always looking outside for guidance and approval. You do not need a workshop to take the decision to curtail driving. The consumer mentality has atrophied self empowerment.

Self examination is not effective if one has to tip-toe around the pride and ego. The pride and ego have become wrapped up around a destructive lifestyle, and now they are going to get stung a bit if we are serious about change. That has to be accepted, or it becomes the big hinderance.

There are many changes we can all bring about without needing any protest, governmental policy change etc. Just the will to take the action in our own lives. This is an essential component in activist work - to boldly stride forward and live a vision of a sustainable future today.

Sorry been offline for a cpl days. 08.Aug.2002 14:25

lichen lichen@riseup.net

Okay, Armstrong I guess I'm only going to respond to your first comment. Yes I was breaking the law, I deserved a ticket for going to wrong way on a one-way street. I was not being disorderly. I've been charged with a misdemeanor for a offense that should be nothing more than a 77 dollar fine. One more time lets get these numbers straight. 77 dollar fine vs 6 months in jail and/or $1000 fine(max sentence for disorderly conduct.) kinda uneven wouldn't you say.

I was not protesting.

I do protest cars.

so steel... 08.Aug.2002 15:17

creative response

...when's the workshop?

Unjust ticket 08.Aug.2002 19:06


Lichen,I'm glad you clarified that this charge was not received in the course of any protest activity and it seems that you got a bum rap on this one. Even if it would have been during a protest it would have been unfounded. I myself got charged with disorderly conduct last year unfairly. I was looking at a 3000 dollar fine and six months. It was reduced to a violation from a misnomeaner crime,and I took the deal(grudgingly,because I did'nt want to get the six months,I have a long record of defiant behaviour twords the police)and got a 150.00 fine. I was obviously not disorderly in this incident,but that is a blanket charge they can throw at you for crimes like sneezing too loudly. Now if you were yelling madly at motorists and flipping them off wildly,a court might possibly be able to construe that as disorderly. Otherwise,merely riding the wrong way against traffic seems really unrelated to disorderly conduct. Anyway about it,it's not the high crime of the century.Good luck.

You go make a workshop 10.Aug.2002 22:59


Creative Response - You go create a workshop. It's your idea. Take some action. I do alot to back up what I am talking about, and you are just playing games rather than get serious about change.

This is not about your games of one-up-man-ship. It is about getting off the ass and doing the things necessary to live sustainably. I have taught many classes on a few different subjects, and I do not need to teach one now in order to know what I am talking about.

Driving the car is a destructive habit, and it is necessary for people who are concerned about the destructive path the society is on, to break their chains of habitual behavior.

The addict, as represented by your behavior here, finds any excuse to deter self examination. I see your game, and will continue to speak out on behalf of life.