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Mr. Jones' Knows *The Law*

my account of the 'arrest' and pepper spraying of a suspected crack dealer @5:20pm, Monday, August 5, 2002. the arrest was conducted by an officer "Jones" and a partner who were wheeling an unmarked 'gold' police vehicle. ALSO, Jones showed his ass later that night on Burnside Ave...
at about 5:20pm on Monday the 5th of August, 2002--i'm sitting on a bench a few feet nort of the 5th and Couch (NW) intersection--stitching my backpack--and i hear a barked command for someone to "sit on the bench!" i turn around a few moments later to see a uniformed police officer use a armlock maneuver to carry a female suspect to the ground on the sidewalk right at the edge of the parking lot. he was relatively "gentle" so far that i could tell and she seemed to be subdued--the issue however was that she had (yes, she did) an amount of crack cocaine in her mouth. the officer who took her down was telling her to spit it out and after doing this a couple of times officer JONES (could not discover a badge number) walks up to the female on the ground and sprays her in her eyes and on her face. the suspect was about 5'0" and 'small' in stature and was asking why she had been pepper-sprayed in the face. she then complained of difficulty seeing and some 'first-aid' (a spray bottle, presumably filled with water) was retrieved and the officer that initially subdued the person took care of this task.

immediately after the spraying, i suggested to the officers that that might have been a bit "too much" and officer JONES returned that she was sprayed "to keep her from swallowing the crack." after the situation calmed a bit i approached JONES to discuss with him why it was necessary to spray an 'undersized' arrestee and he insisted (haughtily so) that "the size of a suspect does not matter...when [a crime is being committed] we can use pepper spray." okay, silly me, i thought pepper spray was for PROTECTION OF THE OFFICERS SAFETY (primarily), not AS SENTENCING/PUNISHMENT...but what the hell do i know about the legality of p'spraying people, i mean hell, i've been arrested for standing on the sidewalk so i must not know jack about civil law.


so i'm sitting on Burnside ave later that evening because i have a friend who is selling her soul to those crack dealers (in my mind they are government workers) and users and i just want to look over her. who rides by on Burnside about 10pm getting on the loudspeaker to announce that "i'm gonna get all you crack smokers." i was pretty shocked that this cocksmoker OFFICER JONES hated people because they had PERSONAL ISSUES IN THEIR LIVES AND HAVE TURNED TO SUBSTANCE ABUSE AS A SOLUTION and was out to get them--why isn't he and his pig buddies out to get these people real treatment and i don't mean locking them up in Hooper Detox center (20 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, Portland, OR, 97232 503.238.2067) only to be released in a few short hours?

about an hour after making his remark, OFFICER JONES returns to the same spot where i'm still sitting and HITS THE LIGHTS AND PULLS THE SAME GOLD UNMARKED CAR OVER THE CURB AND COVERING MORE THAN HALF THE SIDEWALK. HE AND HIS PARTNER GET OUT LIKE STARSKY AND HUTCH AND JUST LOOK THE CRACKHEADS AND DEALERS (SELLOUTS) OFF AS THEY ALL PLAY THE GAME AND SCURRY AWAY (i just sat there, reading my book). it seems to me that JONES gets a sort of "rush" when he performs his duties in such a manner--i could feel it in his eyes and hear it in his smirk. he's not the "scariest" pig i know, it just seemz like he's trying to hard--why doesn't he JUST DO HIS JOB? without all the jumping out of the car like he's on a steven botcho TV (mind)program(mer).

so that's it, this colonic polypoid OFFICER JONES is WAAAAY into his job.


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DOWN WITH THE PIGS 08.Aug.2002 14:52


I'm glad to see your writing about these police abuses, but that is what they are ABUSES! As a responsable citizen it is your job to protect people from police abuse. Whether that means interferring directly with the actions or by demanding to get the pig's name and badge number and filing a report. It's time to stop letting the pig's control us. We own them. I say it's time to put them on the spit.