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Gear UP for a Puppy Killer Birthday!

On December 1, 2002 HLS will celebrate its 50th birthday. So we're throwing them a protest!! 3 days of action for the 130,000 dogs, 20,000 cats, 85,000 primates, 6,644,7000 rodents, 255,300 rabbits, 515,000 fish, 390,000 birds, and 960,000 other animals who have died in agony behind HLS's doors since 1952.
Gear UP for a Puppy Killer Birthday!
Gear UP for a Puppy Killer Birthday!
From the organization who brought you to Little Rock on October 29...


**November 30 - December 2, 2002**
**Huntingdon Life Sciences **
**East Millstone, NJ**

On October 29, 2001, over 400 protesters descended upon the doorsteps and offices of Stephens Inc.in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the time HLS's largest investor, primary financier, and most vocal supporter. Two months later Stephens divested, called in its loan, and shut its trap.

December 1 promises a bigger, bolder birthday for HLS and a party they won't soon forget. So mark your calendars and be in NJ for the largest event to date in the campaign to close HLS!!

More details to come.


homepage: homepage: http://www.shacUS.net

Shac rocks! 05.Aug.2002 16:33


Wahoo! Go get em!

i'm in. are you? 05.Aug.2002 23:32

chaela xivcam@yahoo.com

the shac campaign is a beautiful example of what power activists have when we plan together, work together and come together to let these "people" know how we feel about their cavalierly tossing off 500 lives and souls every day. 182,500 animals each year.

if this thing goes off as incendiary as the first Little Rock visit, and as poetically beautiful as the last one, shac and everyone involved will have created a stellar mark in the history of the animal rights/equality movement.
quoting Kevin Jonas, from his talk on October 29th in Little Rock, "...you are SHAC. We are everywhere!"

i am so *not* going to miss this, and perhaps you shouldn't either.