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DC Anti-Capitalist Convergence Speaker this Wednesday @ Red & Black

This Wednesday, 8pm, at the Red and Black Cafe (2138 SE Division) a member of the Anti Capitalist Convergence in Washington DC. will be speaking on this Fall's PEOPLES STRIKE against capitalism and the IMF/World Bank.
There will be updates on planning,what to expect, general background info, local DC issues, information on the convergence and what will be going on, and how to prepare if you are going to DC.

Music afterwards will be by Djin Teeth.

$2/3 donations will be asked for to go towards the DC Jail Fund to get people out asap come the action.

This was organized by Portland Anti-Capitalist Action, we are also helping coordinate vans to drive out east. Contact us if you are interested. (The same speaker will be in Eugene, Olympia and Seattle as well within the next week, if you need info on those dates e-mail us as well)

For more info on the Peoples Strike check www.abolishthebank.org

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