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Citizens blow the whistle on animal cruelty at OHSU

Saturday, August 3 protest at OHSU.

On Saturday, August 3, about three dozen citizens gathered outside the Oregon Regional Primate Resarch Center (ORPRC) at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) west campus in Beaverton to protest the brutal treatment of animals at the facilities there. The ORPRC claims that the animals are "treated with concern for their psychological well-being [and] are kept in good health, except for illness or death induced for experimental reasons, [when] every attempt is made to make them comfortable." However, a number of whistleblowers have stepped foward and exposed these claims as lies. The most recent of these is Tom Larimer, a former primate technician at ORPRC, who described the conditions there as being the "most insensitive" he has ever seen: "In one case involving primate restraint during blood collection, I was told by one of the technicians 'training' me to: 'just pull the shit out of that leg'... 'you ain't gonna hurt that monkey'."

In another procedure that is used at ORPRC almost every day, technicians strap down male monkeys and shock their penises to obtain sperm for reproduction experiments. This technique was discovered through human torture with electricity. ORPRC is only one of several 'research' institutions where such cruelty is practiced daily on thousands of animals.

Animal-testing -- like the cutting of old growth trees, the mistreatment of workers, the cutting of social services, and war -- is another form of oppression wrought by the corporate powers-that-be in the pursuit of profit. Chemical companies test toxic substances on animals to prove their safety with humans, even though such comparisons are junk science. Tax money intended for basic human needs is hijacked for this testing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is charged with overseeing the conditions in labs (and which also runs the U.S. Forest SerVice), doesn't do its job. The result is tragic.

Armed with whistles, signs, and passion, the people outside the OHSU entrance on Saturday made their outrage with ORPRC and animal testing loud and clear. The protest was organized by In Defense of Animals.

Takin' pictures for the master database.

Your tax dollars at work !!

Hillsboro's finest.

Funny side-note to this story: One of the people I met at the protest was Matt Rossell of In Defense of Animals, who came forward two years ago and revealed the horrors happening inside ORPRC. I first read about Matt over a year ago, at which time his name rang a bell in my head for some reason that I couldn't pin down. When a mutual friend introduced us he said, "You look familiar." So do you, I said. But that happens all the time at these things, I thought to myself. "Where are you from?" he asked. Originally? I asked. "Yeah," he said. Omaha, I answered. "We went to grade school together," he said. No way! I exclaimed, but it was true. St. Pius X Catholic grade school on 68th & Blondo. I totally remembered him, even though we hadn't seen each other in almost twenty years. Big hug!

Matt and I were both 'nerds' in grade school and it was great to meet again and see that we had taken similar paths. Perhaps being rejected by The System at such an early age makes one less susceptible to be seduced by its superficiality and greed later in life. Perhaps Catholicism, for all its faults, can help instill in people a "thirst for justice" (my mother's phrase). I have a great deal of admiration for Matt and his accomplishments, and on Saturday I felt like I must be doing something right that I found myself in the same circle as him, supporting a fight for what's right. Thanks for all your great work, Matt !!

And there were the cops, keepin' an eye on both of us. Perhaps Homeland Security should start rooting through Catholic grade schools and tracking down the nerds if they want to find some of the country's future rabble-rousers!

I would personally add that, in my mind, animal cruelty is yet another example of what happens when you build a culture centered on science and rationalism, and eschew spirit and meaning. If an animal is just flesh and a tree just wood, what is there to hurt? Such dismissiveness of the life that is in living things on the rationale that are not human -- and therefore don't have feelings or consciousness -- makes it that much easier to apply the same viciousness to humans themselves. Witness the incredible crimes committed against people in the last century, and consider the ones being planned by the U.S. government now. The powers-that-be do indeed keep us down with a religious opiate, but that opiate is no longer organized religion; now it is science, and the faith that people have in it is no less ignorant than the superstitions that people held before. The only difference is that the purely quantitative tenets of science, for denying the existence of spirit and dismissing the importance of meaning, holds even less truth than its myth-centered predecessor.

Thanks for your courage 04.Aug.2002 22:10

catholic school grrl

Seeing all of you standing the system down, committing to the long, hard fight for justice steels my resolve to do the same. The atrocities that go on within the walls of those, and similar, labs, flanked by the flagrant and systematic "experiments" performed on labor unions in Argentina, infants in Iraq, et. al. are all fruit of the same evil tree.

I believe if Christ walked on this earth today, he would be railing against those killers and torturers attending their religious services. Then some of those service go-ers would call the TIPS line, and he'd be rounded up and exported to countries with looser rules about torture. Tortured. Killed. again.

... The message of Christ's life, to me, is "evaluate every situation individually, and act with compassion." It's a difficult road but the only honorable one to try to travel. Of course, others besides Christ have traveled it. And, churches and mosques and synagogues have been built, laying down the law and killing the spirit. It is important now to revive those brave, true spirits in ourselves ... whoever they are. These times will remind us why people pray.

But 99 out of 100 Popes Say Autopsies Are BAD 04.Aug.2002 23:24

N. Servium

a funny thing about all this is that animal research was founded on religion, in that it was touted as the acceptable way to study anatomy in lieu of the Catholic church's ban (on pain of death) on autopsies. how much of our so-called science is based on irrational belief-systems, packaged and sold to the masses, then perpetuated by those who profit from them or simply refuse to consider facts that don't agree with what they've memorized?

btw: i'm not trying to knock the catholic religion specifically or spirituality in general ... just pointing out the dangers of making not-thinking a way of life...

who is that dude? 05.Aug.2002 14:57


is that a hillsboro cop standing in the bushes with a camera?do they generally behave in such a way at these protests?never been to one so this is all very strange looking.

Strange Dude in Bushes 05.Aug.2002 21:03


Yep: they're always there with their cameras, and often with their booking vans. Gary Granger (OHSU/ORPRC security) has on more than one occasion tailed activists to their cars and halfway home. It's standard operating procedure for them to impress upon us that as many of our tax dollars as needed will be used to intimidate and possibly imprison us ... and that all of that money and power is behind, and in front of, OHSU.

And, they're still not as unabashedly creepy as actual OHSU main campus security.

Also, there's a struggle between a few activists and OHSU over an "activist book" of pictures and names. They want to bar certain people from access to OHSU campuses based on "information they've gathered," then are very vague and understate the information when it's requested.

It's the same deal with activists whose home has been raided about once a year by the FBI and ATF. The FBI's response to a FOIA request was that there was no file. No file at all...

Something to keep in mind when considering who you're dealing with: this is no longer a country of laws, if it ever was.

Science or dogma? 05.Aug.2002 21:23

Elaine Close skisp@tao.ca

While it is important as stated not to eschew spirit and meaning, I think it is important not to confuse what goes on at OHSU's primate center with science. Basing human medicine on animal studies is not scientific, it is DOGMA. Science is about provability, questioning and replacing outdated theories with better ones. Using animals as models for humans is a scientific method that has never been proven to work and this mistaken paradigm has been disasterous for our health. If what the primate center engaged in was science then it would be open to questioning, they would be willing to debate, instead of refusing any public dialog and hiding behind locked doors and armed guards. Animal research can not stand up to scientific scrutiny and we only believe it works because we have heard so many times that it does.

ORPRC 07.Aug.2002 18:55


First of all, that is not a Hillsboro PD Officer in the bushes. It is a security officer from ORPRC.
Second of all, why don't you give all of them a break. They are only doing their jobs, regardless of what they believe in or who/what they are protecting. The main people at OHSU are also fine Oregon citizens doing their jobs and who are just trying to support themselves. Just because they enforce the laws that you do not agree with (written in the Oregon Revised Statutes) about trespassing, does not mean they are doing anything wrong by keeping those trespassed off of their property. Obviously if "you" were trespassed, "you" were caught doing something wrong or did not comply with orders given. One more thing, that "activist book" that is comprised of pictures and stuff, they have no reason to inform you of what is contained inside of it. You take picture of and write stuff about them, they can do the same to/about you. The freedom of speech and the freedom of press... ring a bell? You have a choice to be "in the spotlight". If you do not like it, then GET OUT of it.

OHSU 07.Aug.2002 21:56

Just Another Sign Holder

IV-Who the hell are you?What department do you work in at OHSU?If you know anything about OHSU/ORPRC you would not be defending them.Taking pictures at a demonstration is one thing but the extremes that these asses go to is utter harassment.They trail women to their cars,record their license plate numbers and in some cases follow them.Can you vouch for these cop want-a-bes?If this was your sister or girlfriend who was being followed in this manner would you still be protecting OHSU's actions.What would you think if "security" followed you out of a store,aggressively took your photo,recorded your plate number,proceeded to follow you and then kept personal data on you even though you had done nothing wrong.Remember it is not against the law to demonstrate,we too are only doing our job.Who are you claiming has tresspassed?You seem to know very little about what is really going on.Why don't you try to educate yourself.This book they maintain should be open and available to the public upon request.Do you really want to see these animals held in captivity for years,tortured and killed?Is this really how you want your tax dollars spent?By your name,IV,could it be that you are a lab tech?Which would make you part of the problem now wouldn't it.Come out and show yourself.

No Title 08.Aug.2002 07:48


IV: Is that really you Nash?

WandP 08.Aug.2002 23:02


I am kind of interested in this argument and see it as a fun one to be a part of.

First to address some common misunderstandings about laws. No, it is not against the law to demonstrate, just one issue, its called "peaceful, lawful assemble". Yes, that means that you have to abide by laws. Now, there are certain laws about private property. Yes, that means people have the right to decide if you should be there, or blocking their entrances. Yes, things of that nature are in fact illegal.

As for people taking your pictures, well, if you want to be the ones to show up, protest and be near or on the premises, be prepared to have a fun little picture of you taken. Also, if that "book" OHSU is holding is public property, then wouldnt it go to say that we could all write the govt. and ask for peoples social security numbers? Do you need to write Police agencies and ask what your criminal history is? No, you know it. So do you really need to write a security department that's watching your "harmless" protests and ask what they saw happen?

If you have been excluded/trespassed from somewhere you are to be notified as to the "why of the exclusion/trespass", but whatever personal notes that department or individual wants to keep on you, is in fact theirs. Me, I am an Oregon Citizen that is interested in the things that people are doing around me. I do however find the lack of intellegence and simple understanding of simple things by our wonderful activists to be rather appalling.

As for the freeing of those animals. Hmm...do you guys receive innoculations? If so, were they tested on animals? Just curious. Maybe next time you should volunteer to test an "experimental" innoculation so that you can aid in the betterment of mankind. It could be dangerous for you though so beware. Just remember its something that could prolong others lives. Just food for thought.

Hey Genius 08.Aug.2002 23:34


I've got news for you. We *are* being experimented on, and so are you. In case you haven't heard, about 50% of FDA-approved drugs are recalled each year because of severe side effects, including death ... after they've tested safe on animals; there are 106,000 deaths and 2.2 million injuries a year from drug side effects.

Even a toxicologist in the brainless animal testing industry admitted that animal research in 'only reliable 5-25% of the time.' You may be too brain-addled to calculate the odds, but a coin toss would be a better predictor of the degree to which a drug or treatment will help a human.

genius.... 10.Aug.2002 20:11


Yes, I am well aware we are all being experimented on, for big brother is watching. Yes, I read the news the interesting conspiracy theories. Its all pretty funny actually. Yes, lots of the FDA approved drugs dont work as well as they should. Yes, I've seen the commercials listing the side affects of certain drugs, often so many that it makes one wonder if its worth taking the drug or not. You have failed to point out anything new to me. The unfortunate thing about your response is that you failed to answer my question. Do you receive your innoculations? Do you seek medical treatment during an emergent time? I am curious. Have not most if not all of these cures and aids been tested on animals? Would not the numbers of people dying be greater without these evil meds? Is being one of a few to suffer from side affects due to a med a better thought then dying or suffering from an illness without the med? Over 106,000 deaths and 2.2 million injuries due to drug reactions or side affects. Out of over 250 million people in the U.S. is that a high number? Probably not you can probably find the same amount of numbers or precentages of people that would die or have a bad side affect/reaction to a bee sting. Point being, you haven't sold me on your argument. Please keep going, i'm interested in your point. You just aren't answering my questions.

Conspiracy theory? 13.Aug.2002 18:34

Elaine Close skisp@tao.ca

Because I would recieve medical care in the case of emergency that means animal research is good? Please try to use some logic. Because animal tests are done does that mean that they are responsible for our health advances? Innoculations have killed people because the animal tests said they where safe but they weren't safe in humans. That is the point being made; bad data is dangerous. Thousands of doctors believe that human health would be better off without animal testing. Look at www.curedisease.com. or better yet, read some books with cited sources that document how animal research has hurt us and how we have made medical breakthroughs. ("Sacred Cows and Golden Geese" by Dr.s Greek and other recommendations are on ohsukillsprimates.com)