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Past Feature: U.S. -- Rogue Nation?

Past feature, Feb 24 2002: U.S. -- Rogue Nation?
Over the past few years, the US has backed away from all manner of international agreements on human rights issues, arms control and environmental standards.

In just the last week, the US announced that it considers the Geneva Conventions obsolete and that the Bush administration is no longer standing by a 24-year-old U.S. pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

In Iraq, the US continues to bomb the country regularly, with the latest attack this past Friday. Iraq reported a couple of civilians killed and more injured, though the frequency and criticism abroad of the attacks continues to be under-reported by US commercial media. In 2001, the US attacked Iraq over 80 times. In the past few days, papers in Japan and the UK both ran stories about US troops arriving in Iraq. In a classic case of doublespeak, Rumsfeld both refuted these stories and confirmed them. Other sources claim that US forces are building up around Iraq, and that a full scale assault will begin around end of March.

Another article, citing military documents, outlines how the US knowingly and willfully set out to "fully degrade" Iraq's water supply through targeted bombings and the sanctions imposed after the Gulf War. The documents outlined the consequences which have proved true over the past 12 years as over 1,000,000 people have died, 500,000 of them children under 5.

To purposefully contaminate the water supply of Iraq, killing so many people, is a biological attack. It is an attack that heavily targets children and the elderly and is a weapon of mass destruction. So while the US claims that Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction, it is the US which is using them.

...And using them - 315 tons of depleted Uranium dust is left over from the US bombing of Iraq. Doctors are reporting the sort of horrific deformities (extremely graphic link) seen in Japan after the US nuclear attack there. Depleted Uranium is 60% as radioactive as regular Uranium, and the US is spreading it all over the planet with untold effect. Depleted Uranium shells were also used in Kosovo with illnesses reported and likely in Afghanistan and countries yet to be attacked. Many US soldiers, veterans of the Gulf War, are suffering from strange ailments. Imagine the conditions for people living in the lands devastated by the US spreading radioactive material across the countryside, targeting nuclear and chemical facilities which spews toxic material into the environment, and destroying the infrastructure which would give those people a chance to do cleanup.

In September, Rumsfeld prepared a briefing for the pResident that included a proposal to poison the food supply in Afghanistan.

What exactly is the definition of a 'rogue nation'?