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Stop the Franken-Trees!

The Pacific Northwest is a major center of research and development for genetically engineered trees. Join us as we discuss what these 'new and improved' trees may mean for Cascadia and the planet.
Stop the Franken-Trees!

Scientists are inserting alien genes into trees in the same way that they are genetically engineering agricultural crops to make them resistant to chemical weed-killers or insects. Trees, which have long life cycles and grow in intricate ecosystems, are in the earliest stages of domestification. Planting genetically engineered trees poses potentially devistating enviromental risks.
- From Pulp Fiction by Greenpeace

Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering presents a talk about the dangers and impacts of genetically engineered trees. These GE trees are being designed by the oil, auto, timber, and biotech corporations to turn trees into a domesticated agricultural product. Tree modifications currently on the drawing board include...

Pharmaceutical Bananas
Herbicide resistant trees
Caffeine free coffee bushes
Sterile seeds
Pesticide producing seeds
Rubber trees with human blood proteins

The effects on the wilderness and native forest ecosystems will be devistating. Learn about global and national resistance to this technology and learn what we can do to stop this madness at home!!!

Stop Genetically Engineered Trees
Wednesday, August 14th
311 N Ivy in Portland - Liberty Hall - Near the NE MLK and Freemont intersection
7:00 - 9:00PM, doors open at 6:30
$3.00 suggested donation - no one turned away

More information at 503-239-6841

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
phone: phone: 503-239-6841

Here's a map to find the location 04.Aug.2002 20:06

Map Guy

311 N Ivy - Liberty Hall
Here's a map to find the location
Here's a map to find the location