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Nuclear Annihilation - feature from Utah IMC

Nuclear Annihilation - feature from Utah IMC

Nuclear Annihilation

Since the 1940's the ancestral lands of the worlds Indigenous Peoples have been used for testing nuclear weapons, experimenting with biological and chemical warfare agents, incinerating and burying hazardous wastes, and mining uranium. The Nevada (Nuclear) Test Site (NTS) is part of a continued illegal corporate and military occupation of the Western Shoshone Nation, Newe Sogobia. Since 1997, the Department of Energy has exploded plutonium at NTS 17 times. Each explosion, called a subcritical test, leaves a lethal radioactive substance in the ground where it filters into the largest aquifer in Southern Nevada.

Yucca Mountain and Skull Valley are currently targeted as the only national nuclear waste dumps. Plans are in place to begin the shipment of over 77,000 tons of deadly spent nuclear fuel rods and weapons waste to Newe Sogobia. If the recently approved Yucca Mountain dump isn't stopped thru pending legal action or direct action, nuclear waste will travel thru 43 states (find out how close to your home shipments will go here ), increasing the risks of radiation exposure to millions of Americans. Read article>>

This October marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. moratorium on full-scale nuclear weapons tests. In honor of the anniversary and in resistance, the Shundahai Network is organizing the Action for Nuclear Abolition events in Nevada. The campaign will kick off with the Spirit Walk for Mother Earth and conclude with ongoing nonviolent occupations, blockades and other actions.

For more information on the opposition to nuclear waste, power, and weapons go to:
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