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Hiroshima - Nagasaki commemoration events this week in Oregon

Hiroshima - Nagasaki commemoration events this week in Eugene, Portland, Corvallis & Salem


Hiroshima Commemoration,"Countering the New Nuclear Threat"
Alton Baker Park, Shelter #1 Tuesday, August 6th
Potluck at 6pm, Program starts at 7pm, Program includes music and speakers.


  • Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone spiritual leader and anti-nuclear activist
  • Anil Oommen, born in India, raised in US, will speak on the India/ Pakistan nuclear arms race
  • Rev.Melanie Oommen, on moral implications of nuclear weapons
  • Susan Cundiff of WAND on the President's Nuclear Posture Review
  • Jocelyn Warren from Progressive Responses
  • Michael Carrigan of Oregon PeaceWorks on Taking Action.
  • Music by Friends of the Eugene Peace Choir

Dusk: Launching of lanterns' on the duck pond. Candles courtesy of Lavender Moon

Peace information and Action Fair
11am to 3pm, SE Park Block of 8th and Oak
Across from the Tuesday, Farmers' Market

Community and religious groups and individuals working for peace are invited to set up information tables, display banners, posters and other items that convey the world's call for peace. Also on hand will be a poster size photo display of the history of the atomic bomb's development and consequences of its use and tables with letter and postcard writing materials and origami paper to fold peace cranes.

Info: Eugene PeaceWorks, 541-343-8548, eugpeace@efn.org

Organized by Women's Action For New Directions (WAND), Oregon PeaceWorks, Eugene PeaceWorks and Lane County Pacific Green Party.


Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Tuesday, August 6th at 6pm
A memorial for all of the victims of the nuclear age & a call for Peace Action
Japanese American Historical Plaza, Waterfront Park
Naito Parkway at NW Couch Street


  • Gary Kunoyoshi, descendant of Hiroshima victims.
  • Keith Marton soeaking about the link between macro and micro violence
  • WILPF spokeswoman, Nuclear Posture Review
  • Music by Spider Moccasin outreach coordinator of KBOO and member of the Wasco tribe from Warm Springs
  • Shinto Prayer
  • Ceremony honoring youth with a peace award from Multnomah county

Info: 503-274-2720 or email ORPSR2@earthlink.net

Organized by Physicians for Social Responsibility and Womens's International League for Peace & Freedom


One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth
Wednesday, August 7th from 7-9pm

Corbin Harney, Anti-nuclear activist, elder, and spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone Nation,

Michael Carrigan, Oregon PeaceWorks, Countering the New Nuclear Threat

Corvallis Library, Main Meeting Room
Info: 503-585-2767 or 541-791-8791

Organized by Alternatives to War, Linn-Benton PeaceWorks, and Oregon PeaceWorks.


Remembering Hiroshima, Celebrating Life
Monday, August 5th, 6:30-8pm
Waterfront Park Amphitheatre

Gather with people of faith & people of conscience to hear testimony & vision of those who have participated in nonviolemt resistance to protect our lives & our world.


  • Corbin Harney, Anti-nuclear activist, elder, and spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone Nation
  • Chani Geigle-Teller, Oregon PeaceWorks and SOA Watch

Info:(503) 585-2767, chani@oregonpeaceworks.org