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9.11 investigation

GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11

the kindest possible charachterizationof the behavior of Dubya and his administration with respect to the events of Sepr 11th 2001 is "gross negligence" even discounting the infamous top secret memo of August 6th 2001
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
GROSS NEGLIGENCE is kindest assesment available Dubys'a role 9/11
N a t i o n a l G r o s s N e g l i g e n c e D a y
started life as an after rally bull session joke;
then bacame a kind of quasi bogus calender entry;
and then, well heigh: this is a legitimate commemoration of
a gargantuan disaster the could have damn well been prevented.

Nat'lGrossNegligenceDay - inauguration of new holiday USA
7:00pm Tuesday 6 August
Contact: Glen Owen, calendar gnome, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, new PERMANENT phone 503 471 1535, voicemail checked daily

SouthEast Uplift 3534 SE Main between Hawthorne and Belmont
Transport: #14 or #75 tri-met bus

August 6th 2001 - top secret Official Memo delivered to Dubya from combined USA intelligence services. That Memo cited imminent danger from airliners used as bombs against big buildings in USA. Failure to act on that Memo constitutes GROSS NEGLIGENCE (criminal culpability) by any standard - see Full Rave below -
LINKS IMMEDIATELY BELOW provide detail for designation of August 6th as "National Gross Negligence Day"; but see also narrative below links explaining why, even without Dubya's particular incompetence - or worse, the Dubya administration is still liable for culpably criminal GROSSLY NEGLIGENT behavior (GROSS negligence = intent in American law) that delivered the horrific loss of AMERICAN lives on that fateful Tuesday last September.
>>>>>  http://www.observer.co.uk/worldview/story/0,11581,718416,00.html
>>>>>  http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4413745,00.html
LEAVING ASIDE explicit warnings sent direct to Dubya six weeks before NineEleven:
>>>>> America's president holds ultimate responsibility for national security, including appointment of senior managers for all related agencies (FBI,CIA,etc).
..... Every presidential administration (including Dubya's) since the 1970s, when the first spate of hijackings of commercial airliners occured, has been GROSSLY NEGLIGENT; by ALLOWING continued use of flimsy, easily invaded cockpit chambers on commercial flights landing or departing from US jurisdiction.
..... EL AL, the national airline of Israel, installed fortress cockpits on all its planes starting in 1973. It is a mystery why America - with even more enemies around world than Israel - did not follow suit or, better yet, lead the way. Flimsy, unlocked cockpits ---ALONE--- are enough to constitute criminally culpable GROSS NEGLIGENCE by the Dubya government according to relevant American law.
>>>>> In addition USA, unlike any other country on earth, entrusted the crucial task of sucurity aboard airliners to private sector minimum wage subcontractors whose training, competence and commitment were drastically below prevailing or acceptable international standards.
..... As a documented MBA-Harvard, Dubya is presumed to know that free markets BY DEFINITION reach equilibrium at a point where " ya' gets what ya' pays for. "
..... Dubya allowed this irresponsible and in practice unsupervised farce to continue - and even deteriorate owing to ever poorer wages for "security" staff relative to overall economy. This is a second and separate factor which ---ALONE--- constitutes criminally culpable GROSS NEGLIGENCE by the Dubya regieme.
>>>>> Then consider America's chronic bullheadedness backed by military coercion in its dealings with the rest of the world BEFORE the still hemorrhaging postNineEleven orgy of war lust. Talk about making most of the world a breeding farm for guerilla warriors irrevocably and murderously hostile to America's undeclared global empire . . .
>>>>> The root of all of the above, as well as Dubya's righteous seizure of an office to which he clearly was not entitled, is HUBRIS (pronounced HEW briss). That is -h-u-b-r-i-s- : a condition of overweening conceit rendering its victim/s, the overlord/s, oblivious to the contemptuous hatred they inspire and dismissive of the capacity of their oppressed for deterrant action. "Nobody would ever - or could ever - DARE to do such a thing to Americans on home soil." Hmmm . . .
>>>>> SIGNED: -- GlenOwen-- Wednesday July 31st 2002,  usa2002@operamail.com
PS: Info on criminal negligence in American Law
>>>>>  http://tndagc.com/juryinst/7_07.htm
>>>>>  http://www.courts.state.ny.us/cji/art12510.htm
PURSUASIVE EVIDENCE that Dubya acted with ACTUAL intent, as contrasted to CONSTRUCTIVE intent as specified for criminal negligence, may be found at
>>>>>  http://www.google.com/search?q=bush+knew+conspire+9+11&sourceid=opera&num=0

phone: phone: 503 287 34 73
address: address: 4810 ne sandy blvd 201; portland OR 97213

Idea- let's have another nationalist day! 04.Aug.2002 10:25


If your mildly uncomfortable about the state of the world, too scaired to fight back, and believe that everything you fear is a result of bush bieng elected.. THEN MAYBEE YOU SHOULD SPAM!!!

And maybe your biggest issue 04.Aug.2002 14:10


... you know, the one you should spend your time commenting on ... should be SPAM! cuz that's definitely the biggest threat to the revolution...