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Wild Rockies Earth First! Action Update-August 3, 2002

Dear Friends,
As we enter the dry and hot months of August the Bitterroot Campaign continues with the dedicated work of a few folks. On Monday, July 29, Lupine ( Joel), after one week with very little water and food, descended from his ponderosa pine located on a helicopter pad for the Big Bull timber sale. He was arrested immediately and charged with maintaining an unauthorized structure, violating the 14 day camping limit, interfering with a federal officer, and creating a hazard.
Joel was arraigned in federal court and has been released pending trial
although he is banned from the entire Bitterroot National Forest.
Fireweed continues her resistance and still occupying a tree and
preventing the helicopter pad from being constructed. Police officers have
continued their 24 hour siege of the tree sit. They will not allow Fireweed any
water or food. We are pursuing legal avenues with a lawyer here in
Missoula regarding the denial of Fireweeds basic human rights. We are still in
need of more folks to join us at the support camp. More people allows us to
support Fireweed and be able to do monitoring at the same time. The food
is free and the company is interesting so please join us.
In more bad news Bitterroot National Forest
announced that they were authorizing the cutting of at least 150 live
trees on the Big Bull timber sale. The agency claims that these trees
either have bugs or are so weakened that they will be attacked in the near
future and thus must be cut down. The number of trees could be increase up to
1000 and more than likely will. It is impossible for us to see the trees
before they cut without being charged and arrested. The entire Big Bull
Timber sale is closed to the public and has been since cutting began on
July 7. This continues to show that the so called restoration is nothing
more than a scam to carry out a large ecologically harmful industrial
logging project. Please call Spike Thompson at Bitterroot National Forest and
express your outrage at their treatment of Fireweed and the Bitterroot
Recovery Plan at 406-363-7100.
We continue to have problems with the Missoula
county sheriffs department who have taken to visiting our house
on a regular basis. They are looking for Molly who had briefly stopped by
the tree sit and was identified by federal law enforcement officers.
She is out on bond and has no specific conditions regarding where she can
be. None the less their is now an arrest warrant for her stemming from a
five minute visit to the tree
sit. The issue will be taken up with the District
Court on Tuesday.
Finally we are still getting booted from our
current abode. If you
live in this area and know of a place that would
accommodate us , has a
large yard, and lots of storage space please get
in touch.

Upcoming Events!

Public Wild Rockies Earth First Meetings-Every
Tuesday at Break Expresso on
North Higgins at 7:30 pm. Come get involved with
our work and help us out.
The best time to get plugged into the group and
find out how you can get

Public Hikes to the Bitterroot and places that
are being logged or about to be logged. Come see for yourself what is
happening on your public lands.
Meet at Bernice's at 9 am every Sunday morning.
Bring water, lunch, good walking shoes, and rain gear. Please call in
advance to confirm you want to come.

As usual we can use donations of money, coffee,
free vegetables, tea, fruit, and most importantly your time and
efforts. This ruse that the U.S.Goverment is using to log astronomical
amounts of acres and trees will continue if their is no resistances to the
Bitterroot Recovery Project.

Wild Rockies EF! P.O.Box
1742, Missoula, MT 59806, 406-549-8863 or
 wref@wildrockies.org. Checks
should be made out to Wild Rockies Earth First!
please put legal defense in
the memo if you want your donation to be used for
that purpose.

Wild Rockies Earth First!
PO Box 1742
Missoula, MT 59806
(406) 549-8863

phone: phone: (406) 549-8863
address: address: WREF! POB 1742, Missoula, MT 59806