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PPRC Friday Rally - Photos

Photos and a bit o text from the Friday Rally

About 60 people attended the Friday PPRC rally.

One woman speaking who went to Iran and Afghanistan. She spent time with regular people, families, and saw how the war has been affecting people there.

Some good signs

This one fellow was very rude. Yelling, name calling, and purposefully disrupting the rally, with no interest in any real conversation. Wearing headphones, and pretending not to hear what anyone said, he was getting on peoples nerves as he accused people of not being able to handle someone with a differing opinion. Someone wrote this note and held it up in front of him. It reads "It's because you are a loud mouthed asshole, not because you have a different opinion." This brought a laugh to nearby people and released the annoyance some people were feeling.

He became increasingly belligerent as the rally progressed, and physically threatened someone, and did in fact push the woman holding the sign in the picture just below.

The rally wound through the surounding streets. Obviously such street protests are not enough in and of themselves, but they can be fun and creative, they show a visible presence, and are an important action to keep doing. Keep it up PPRC!