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Our Hope -- the Establishment

The most important thing right now is telling Joe Shmoe how it really is.
You want to know what I think?

I think not all cops are pigs, not all politicians are crooks, and not all FBI/NSA agents are mindless big-money lackeys. In fact, I think the majority of human beings are generally decent, moral people who just want to get through life, feed their families, and do the right thing.

Notice I didn't say I thought *all* human beings are basically good. Some virulent strains of homo sapiens don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and these are precisely the ones who are destroying this planet. The folks they control, however, are the (profoundly) silent majority. These are the people we need to reach.

I can't speak much for other countries, but in the United States all our strength lies in the rank-and-file Establishment. Without the cooperation of these people the evil power-mad elites are nothing. And the bad news for the elites is that these people are starting to stir from their slumber. It's up to us to shake them awake before it's too late!

The evil Bush/Mega-Corporation cabal is hauling out the shackles as I write. Systematically deconstructing the Bill of Rights through the "Patriot Act," holding political prisoners incommunicado, doing away with whistle-blower protection for civil servants under the Homeland Security Department, and paving the way for each and every American to become electronically tagged and monitored through injectible VeriChips. Time is of the essence. There will come a point when the middle-class establishment won't be able to fight back. But that time has not yet come.

FBI guys, wake up! Don't you see how these big-money arms-peddlers and dope-pushers have been using you all along and have steamrolled over your brethren whenever one of them got in the way?

Mainstream journalists, wake up! I know you guys read Indymedia, too. You have so much power. All that is good about our civilization is being sold down the river. Are you remaining silent because you're afraid you might lose your job?

Well, guess what, middle-class establishment, you've already lost a hell of a lot more than that while you weren't looking. Civil liberties, pensions, clean air and water, social security ... all under attack RIGHT NOW. But they can still be saved. While we can still speak out, we can still act, we can still vote ... Joe Shmoe needs to learn the truth of what's going down, because, at the moment, Joe Shmoe can still kick Sharp Dressed Man's ass.
How do we organize the police to strike? 03.Aug.2002 11:17

lichen lichen@riseup.net

I mean we're not just asking them to strike for better pay we're asking them to strike because they have to uphold bullshit laws, I'm sure they really don't want to. They just need to do their job so they can feed their families you know. But if they said that they wanted to only uphold laws that are just and if every police squad struck... they don't even have to strike but just start to uphold laws that they want to uphold and not uphold laws that are bogus, But how to organize them?

We need to organize them around bush coming to town, just imagine a anti-bush rally with the police on our side. hahaha pipe dream eh?

1540 SE Clinton

May be a pipe dream, but still a good idea! 03.Aug.2002 11:43

Jody Paulson

I've actually spoken to a police officer about my suspicions about 9/11, and believe it or not he actually seemed sympathetic to my position!

Police and Unions... 03.Aug.2002 15:12


If you want to get the police on your side, focus on unionization, and emphasize the power of the police unions in getting better pay and working conditions for cops.

Tom Mack, a higher-up in the Portland police union, strongly defended an officer who refused to fire on May Day 2000 protesters.

Likewise, the officer on the scene at the Taco Bell protest at MLK/Lombard acted as a responsible go-between, informing the manager that she couldn't just order people on the sidewalk be arrested.

Mass protests (such as May Day) aren't as effective as linking with grassroots union-oriented groups like Jobs With Justice, or with groups formed to promote non-union workers' rights, like the CIW (the group behind the Taco Bell actions).

Dear, S.F.B. 04.Aug.2002 10:43

what the heck?

Dear, Jodi Paulson
I think each and every last one of us are destroying the earth- with every act we take that supports the domination of life and liberty. This includes supporting government. ANY GOVERNMENT. By blaming our problems on some exestential minority (others) we deny our basic complicity and resposability to do somthing about them. In this oh so abstract light I'm sure that every misspent protest we take can be rationalized and as a positive event. Even when our manner of rationalizing our inifectuality is nothing less than the governance of others. So why don't you put down your blaming stick and start building some networks of material support for a recolutionary community. Just a thought.
Have a good day.