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Crop Circles and Hype

With 'Signs' coming out today there is likely to be a lot of crap about how ALL circles are hoaxed (like this week's predictably vapid story from the Portland Mercury). Don't be fooled! Look at the data, the math, the electromagnetic signatures, the blown nodes, the 90 degree angle (sometimes a foot above ground) folds, the anomolous crop yields, and of course, the high correlation of UFO sightings. We don't have to know what they are, just what they aren't.

China Says Crop Circles
Appeared There 3,000-Years-Ago
By Rosanne Lin
The Shanghai Star

One of the first documented reports of a crop circle formation - the unexplained geometric designs that occur in fields of wheat and corn - appeared in 1678 Stirlingshire, Scotland. But this phenomenon was largely ignored until the 1970s and 80s when formations began to appear with increasing frequency around the globe. Today most countries - with the exception of China - are said to have experienced crop circle phenomena.

Yet is China really devoid of these unusual creations? Certainly, if someone or something is trying to communicate with mankind through patterns carved into crops, China's sizable population could not be ignored.

Western experts have obviously failed to carefully consider the data from this country. One only has to refer to the work of Zhang Hui, a research fellow at the Xinjiang Museum in Urumqi, to find evidence that suggests China - with its long history - experienced crop circle phenomena long before any other civilization on the planet.

Zhang claims to have harvested more than 20 stone patterns appearing to match crop circle formations from other countries, but pre-dating them by up to 3,000 years.
After discovering several of these stone circle patterns, which range from simple circles to more elaborate shapes, in the grasslands of Qinghe County beside the Sino-Mongolian border, Zhang was intrigued. He quickly headed to Beijing to consult Chinese translations of reference works by British crop circle experts.

He was amazed by the similarities.

Zhang believes the primitive people of the region, after witnessing the formation of actual crop circles, concluded that the designs were a form of communication from the gods and responded in kind to the divine messages by placing rocks in the shape of the circles.

For Zhang, these stone arrangements prove China has experienced crop circle phenomena - possibly more recently than imagined.

According to Zhang, one rare eyewitness described seeing a crop circle appear in a Northeast China field in only a short time while he was in the company of Red Guards. However, as the event occurred during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), when such superstition was illegal, the account went undocumented.
If crop circles are an attempt at communication from an unknown source, then what is this source and who is supposed to receive the message?

Humans, being ego-centric creatures, naturally assume the messages hidden in the crop circles are meant for mankind. But what about the other species inhabiting our planet. As in Douglas Adam's novel, "So long and thanks for all the fish" - where dolphins were actually alien observers studying the human race as a psychologist studies rats in a maze - humans may not be the most advanced species on the earth.

Possibly, the messages are meant for the legions of cockroach species which inhabit the darker corners of our daily life. After all, following mankind's inevitable self-destruction in a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches will be the only creatures left alive.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com

the willamette weekly covered this 02.Aug.2002 14:18


there is an article in the most recent willamette weekly regarding crop circles i believe.

It wasn't the dolphins, it was the mice 03.Aug.2002 15:11


And the mice were absolutely furious that the Vogons destroyed the Earth just days before its seven-million year program was due to produce results.

After all, they were the ones who had paid for the damn thing.

Diatonic Ratios & New Geometric Theroms 05.Aug.2002 13:22

Agent Orange

Diatonic Ratios are the ratios that mathematically describe the steps from one note to another on the musical scale. In a large percentage of the circle formations (not however, in the pictograms) these specific ratios have been found.

Crop circles have also expressed five undiscovered geometric theroms that do not contradict known mathematical laws.

I suppose crop circles are formed by bored geometric adepts with a taste for music.

Except that does not account for the biophysical changes that cannot be hoaxed.

Mercury 07.Aug.2002 13:07

twilight youth

thanks for the update. Its amazing that even free thinkers that frequent sites such as this reject such issues on face as unimportant or unrelated to geopolitical and environmental ills just as right wing fanatics wave away criticism of human rights infringments and military states. what a disservice!

when people stop waving away complex and layered issues such as the crop circle and UFO phenomenon WITHOUT ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING THE EVIDENCE we will take that crucial baby step towards a new understanding of the world and out place in it.