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compiled from
SOU student Media Collective e-mail
by Andy Rice for

Southern Oregon IMC Pod


Earth Tribe Community Garden
Southern Oregon Wire
Southern Oregon Wire


Southern Oregon IMC Pod


Summer Plum Harvest! Berries Next!

As you may have noticed, it has been quite hot. You may have also noticed the alley plums ripening at a maddening pace. Most of the plums will simply go to waste if not harvested and preserved for future use. Are there the resources within our groups to have a plum harvesting and canning/freezing party?

We can use the plums for our own consumption - jams, pies, pastries, savory sauces with sage and onions for tofu and/or mushrooms, smoothies - for products to sell at the farmer's market, or to contribute to the community meals in town, such as:

Food Not Bombs (serving 5:30pm on Fridays in Lithia Park) or

Peace House's Uncle Foods Diner (serving 5:30pm on Tuesdays at the Trinity Episcopal Church on Second Street).

As soon as the plums are all harvested, we might want to start planning for the blackberries - I had my first ripe one yesterday .... Peace, Tom



Strawberries, onions, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, are just a few items being grown in the Earth Tribe Community Garden located in Ashland on Mountain Street , funded by Southern Oregon University student fees. The garden is in its second year and equipped with a greenhouse, compost, and lots of gardening supplies.

Earth Tribe, just like all gardens, has its uniqueness. In this case it is a place where community members can come together and express their teachings and passion for organic gardening. It is a beautiful experience watching your own tomato grow, as well as its challenges.

In a lifestyle where grocery stores are visited for our source of food the consumer never truly knows the produce's quest to our kitchen. How much energy did the produce need? What has been destroyed for it to grow? How much was paid to the person who harvested it? What kinds of chemicals was it raised upon? These are all unknown.

But we are lucky to be living in a community where a garden is wanting and screaming for attention. We ourselves can nourish the soil our food grows in. What a relief! So what does this garden exactly need? It needs tenants. There is lots of space for new produce beds. Gardeners are needed to water their produce as well as their neighbors'.

Gardens hate to be ignored, and why should we? We the community are the prime beneficiaries. So, lets fill our hands with soil and get together for a healthy living. Community gardens can bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'growing locally.' Earth Tribe welcomes anyone from the veteran gardener to the beginner trying out their green thumb.

For more information call the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous 552-8512.


Save Food Not Bombs

If Food Not Bombs is going to continue we need:

1) two people to organize a weekly vegan meal

2) a driver for the Friday 9:00 am food pick up

3) drivers to transport food to the park on Fridays at 5:15

Food Not Bombs has been serving free vegan meals once a week for the last two years.

FNB is currently happening every Friday at 5:30, under the gazebo, by the band shell in Lithia Park. This is a new day and time, because two free meals were being organized on Saturdays.

Although there are many Food Not Bombs groups, each group functions autonomously, and is only united by the idea of FNB. Food Not Bombs has three main ideas:

FNB acknowledges that people do not go hungry because there is a shortage of food, but rather people go hungry because of the way our society distributes its wealth.

FNB feeds people by redistributing "waste" food. Most of the waste food FNB uses is food that is going to be thrown out by supermarkets, but is still good for a few days. This means than anyone can organize FNB, because no money is needed to make a meal.

FNB is always vegan, this means that most people can eat our meals. There are currently five different free meals happing in Ashland. The more social services that are available in Ashland, the easier it will be for the homeless and the working poor to live here. If you think free meals are an important part of our community, please get involved. FNB contact: Crystal 482-8305  rivetergrrrl@yahoo.com


oso < oso@o2collective.org>

on wednesday august 7, the city council hosted a study session on the mt ashland expansion project. a call to action has been put out by ashland creek first!
to show resistance to this project at the tuesday august 6 city council meeting. please, spread the word about this event, and bring banners, voices, and positive energy tuesday evening august 6 to resist mt ashland expansion!

Take action for Ashland and spread the word! Forward this Ashland Community Action announcement to a friend. If you have received this email as a forward, subscribe by visiting  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/ashland-community-action
or emailing  malena@riseup.net.


Replacement volume update

oso < oso@o2collective.org>

Lesley Adams < lesley@kswild.org> wrote:

Rogue River National Forest >Sacrifice Zone for the Replacement Volume Scam >

>Roseburg Forest Products, the Forest Service, Congressional >representatives and environmental advocates met in Eugene on Monday, >July 29, 2002 to discuss the scam known as 'replacement volume.' RFP >is willing to accept replacement plantation volume instead of the >Winberry and Slap timber sales in the Willamette NF.

Unfortunately, >RFP and owner Allyn Ford are not willing to accept plantation volume >for ALL replacement volume sales (although replacement plantation >volume has been identified for all sales). Instead, RFP and Mr. Ford >will be sacrificing the integrity of mature and old growth forests by >pushing forward with the Peak and Silver-Sturgis timber sales, all on >the Rogue River National Forest. >

>According to the Northwest Forest Plan, "...all remaining >late-successional stands should be protected...in watersheds in which >federal forest lands are currently comprised of 15% or less late >successional forest." Estimates for the Upper Rogue River watershed >stand at approximately 11% old growth.

Still, the Forest Service and >RFP insist on cutting the remaining mature and old growth trees in >this area. Mr. Ford's timber companies (RFP and Scott Timber) own the >contracts to several replacement volume sales including Peak and >Silver-Sturgis. When asked what should be said to the residents of >the Rogue basin while their watershed is used as a sacrifice zone, >Mr. Ford's timber representative replied that they should 'take one >for the team.' >

>Background on Replacement Volume >

The replacement volume scam began with the infamous Salvage Rider of >1995, when environmental regulations were suspended for 18 months >while the timber industry enjoyed plundering our national forests. >The year previous, several timber sales were canceled on the Siuslaw >National Forest after the marbled murrelet was listed as an >endangered species.

Under a provision of the Salvage Rider, the >Forest Service was directed to replace these sales with volume of >'like kind and value.' To no surprise, the timber companies have been >offered old growth trees in the Cascades and Siskiyous to replace the >second growth tree farms in the Siuslaw. >


Call Senator Ron Wyden and demand that he advocate for plantation >replacement volume for the Peak and Silver-Sturgis timber sales. >541-858-5122 >

>Come visit the Peak and Silver-Sturgis timber sales! Contact KS Wild >for maps, directions and group hikes to these and other threatened >areas in the Klamath-Siskiyou. 541-488-5789 or www.kswild.org

***** Weekly Action: Please help redirect Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges' misuse of fire hazard reduction monies.

The Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges (KBNWR) is proposing logging mature trees on a National Wildlife Refuge.

Contact Senator Wyden and your Congressional Representative. Tell them that the previous refuge manager has written the refuge headquarters saying federal fuel reduction monies are being misapplied.

Ask that they see that these funds are instead applied to projects that truly help reduce fire hazards that threaten rural communities, rather than logging limited forest habitats on a National Wildlife Refuge.

Senator Ron Wyden 516 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-5244 Fax: (202) 228-2717

Rep. Greg Walden (R-2nd district) 1404 Longworth House Office Building Washington DC 20515 Fax: (202) 225-5774

This phone call campaign is being sponsored by the Headwaters, if you would like more information, please call 482-4459. For more information about the Southern Oregon Progressive Network or to submit information, please email  darcy@headwaters.org ___


DEMOCRATS.COM____The Aggressive Progressives ________

Democrats.com is the largest independent community of Democrats. We publish the only Democratic daily news service - and it's free! _


_Hillary Unloads on the Felonious Five

AP reports, "The Bush v. Gore presidential election case is an example of a hypocritical Supreme Court majority that broadens the rights of states only when it serves conservative ends, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday.

[She] criticized the court's recent trend of 5-4 cases that have favored state power over federal control. The case that ended Florida ballot recounts in the disputed 2000 presidential election was also a 5-4 vote, but it stripped a state of power to administer its own laws, the former first lady said. 'Perhaps even more disturbing than the court's impulse to defend state and local prerogatives is the selectivity of that impulse,'

Clinton told an audience of law students, lawyers and judges... States win the power struggle when they want to claim immunity from civil rights lawsuits or get tough on criminals, but not when they want to limit cigarette ads, help fund legal help for poor people, or 'follow their own election laws,' Clinton said." You Go, Hillary!

__Democrats.com Introduces 'Bushgate'

Which Scandal Will Bring About Bush's Impeachment? George W. Bush promised to "restore honor and integrity to the White House." Instead, Bush has run the most scandal-ridden administration since Richard Nixon produced Watergate.

Worst of all, Bush has absolutely no guilt or shame! Democrats.com created "Bushgate" to track the progress of ALL of Bush's scandals, as they make their way from Internet exposes... to columns, books and films... to mainstream news stories... to Congressional investigations... and finally, to IMPEACHMENT.

Naturally, we use Bush's color-coded scheme to rate the warning level of each scandal. Which of these many scandals will finally bring Bush to justice? Stay tuned!  http://democrats.com/bushgate

__Bush's Florida Election Stealers Got TOP Jobs in the Most Corrupt Administration in History

During the Florida recount, "John Bolton, [now] undersecretary of state for arms control, [burst] into a Tallahassee library on behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign to stop a recount of Miami-Dade County ballots.

Matt Schlapp, a former congressional aide, is currently White House special assistant to the president and deputy director of political affairs. In November 2000, he was part of the supposedly spontaneous window-pounding protest at Miami-Dade County Hall that brought to an end the first recount of Miami-Dade ballots.

Sue Cobb, a Coral Gables developer, today is the U.S. ambassador to Jamaica. Twenty months ago, the generous Republican donor volunteered... as part of the legal team that contested recounts in Miami-Dade.

[These three] are among more than 50 political appointees found by The [Miami] Herald to have served as troops in the frantic Florida recount battle that followed the Nov. 7, 2000 election. Impeach Bush Now!  http://www.miami.com/mld/miami/3656186.htm

__Americans Are Finally Realizing that Bush is a Corporate Whore

"Americans worry that President [sic] Bush and his administration are too heavily influenced by big business, fear that Mr. Bush is hiding something about his own corporate past and judge the economy to be in its worst shape since 1994, the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll shows.

The survey suggests that the unfolding revelations about corporate misconduct and inflated earnings hold considerable peril for the White House and Mr. Bush's party in this Congressional election year. Not surprisingly, Democrats sounded particularly troubled about the administration's handling of the corporate issue, but even Republicans shared many of the concerns.

By more than two to one, the poll's respondents said the administration was more interested in protecting the interests of large companies than those of ordinary Americans... Two-thirds of all respondents, and slightly more than half of Republicans, said business interests had too much influence on the Republican Party."  http://nytimes.com/2002/07/18/politics/18POLL.html

___DEMOCRATS.COM____The Aggressive Progressives_____
Democrats.com is the largest independent community of Democrats. We publish the only Democratic daily news service - and it's free!



Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center


National Forests Threatened by Legislation

Wildlife Killing agency targets Oregon's Black bears

Beaver Creek in danger from Forest Service


National Forests Threatened by Legislation

This week has been a busy time for lawmakers as the fate of our public land is being discussed and decided upon. Both House and Senate lawmakers have indicated they want to expedite logging projects by easing environmental regulations and suspending citizen challenges of timber sales.

Last week, South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle attached a rider on the $30 million defense supplemental appropriations bill that essentially exempts 8,000 acres of forestland on the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota from environmental review. The rider suspends environmental laws including the National Environmental Policy Act and National Forest Management Act. It also prevents citizen appeals or judicial review from timber sale projects to facilitate "thinning" projects intended for forest fire fuels reduction.

House Forestry Subcommittee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Montana U.S. Representative Dennis Rehberg have acted to extend the provisions of Daschle's rider to forests throughout the country for logging projects to receive an expedited route around environmental regulations. Congressional sources say Senators Larry Craig (R-ID) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) are considering a rider to the Interior Appropriations bill in the Senate that would expand the Daschle provision to all National Forests.

The industry and Bush administration is using the fire season to play on the fears of the public to streamline their own objectives of "getting the cut out". The science shows that industrial logging projects actually increase the intensity of fire, and that ecologically driven restoration projects are most needed in the urban interface of our communities, not in native roadless forests.

These actions remind us of the infamous Salvage Rider of 1995, a rider attached to a spending bill that rolled back environmental laws and blocked citizen challenges to timber sales for 18 months. The rider was used to log old growth forests and endangered species habitat that had previously been protected. Please call your senators and ask them not to support this assault on our national forests:

Senator Ron Wyden (202) 224-3753

Senator Gordon Smith (202) 224-5244

Senators Dianne Fienstein & Barbara Boxer (California) switchboard: (202) 224-3121


Wildlife Killing agency targets Oregon's Black bears

Wildlife "Services" plans to kill large numbers of bears to subsidize timber interests. Serious threats to wildlife continue to persist and escalate in Oregon. The federal Wildlife "Services", formerly known as Animal Damage Control is analyzing the impacts of killing large numbers of Oregon's Black bears to reduce damage to tree farms throughout Oregon. Black bears, robbed of native salmon runs occasionally eat the inner bark of young trees raising the ire of timber owners.

Wildlife Services spends millions of tax dollars annually killing wildlife such as coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and foxes to "reduce" damage to economic interests. Many non-lethal and preventative measures exist to curb conflicts with wildlife, yet the federal agency primarily utilizes the gunshot as a management tool.

In 1992 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) placed all eight bear species worldwide under its jurisdiction. Six are now listed as threatened with extinction, and two are considered susceptible to endangerment. Many experts consider the North American Black bear to be approaching threatened status due to habitat loss, rampant trophy hunting and poaching and lethal damage control.

Wildlife Services subsidized industry at an extreme loss to taxpayers. Wildlife Services spends over 4 millions of tax dollars annually to prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to to timber and livestock operators. It would far more prudent to pay operators for losses and leave wildlife alive.

What you can do to protect Black bears from slaughter:

Tell Wildlife Services to use non-lethal and preventative methods only. Numerous non-lethal and preventative exist to reduce damage to tree crops from Black bears. Black bears are far too ecologically valuable and their niche too precarious to allow their continued killing.

Send comments on the Environmental Assessment for a proposal to reduce black bear damage to timber on private and County lands in Western Oregon to USDA Wildlife Services, 6135 NE 80th Ave., Ste. A-8, Portland, OR 97218


Beaver Creek in danger from Forest Service

The Beaver Creek and the Uptown timber sales in the impaired drainage of Beaver Creek propose to take 13 million board feet from over 1,600 acres.

Located near the south side of Mt. Ashland, part of the 69,000 acre Beaver Creek watershed is owned by United Fruit Growers who have been liquidating their lands in the last few years. However the Forest Service has not evaluated the cumulative effects of both sales together or the private logging.

Instead they are high-grading some of the last old-growth, building new roads and calling it restoration.

Please contact Ray Haupt, Scott River District Ranger 11263 N. Highway 3 Fort Jones CA 96032-9702 or call 530 468-1298 and ask for the no action alternative for both sales see www.kswild.org in the Timber Sale database for more information

Liz Crosson Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
PO Box 102 Ashland, OR 97520


City of Ashland Website at  http://www.ashland.or.us :Calendar Events:

Demolition Review Committee Event Date(s): 8/6/2002
Location: Council Chambers

Ashland Fiber Network Programming Committee Meeting
Event Date(s): 8/29/2002
Location: Electric Department Conf. Room


Social Security: The Privatizers' Obsession

Commentary by Gerry Cavenaugh, Ashland, Oregon


The stock market has lost seven trillion dollars of value since March 24, 2000, and more than a thousand publicly traded companies have simply evaporated along with all that wealth. (N. Y. Times, July 21) Many thousands of Americans have seen their stock market equity disappear, forcing them into delayed retirement, into a return to full-time employment, or, worse, into undeserved penury and shame. ("Stocks' Slide Is Playing Havoc With Older Americans' Dreams," N. Y. Times, July 14, 2002).

No honest stock broker will promise that the free fall of the market will end soon, or predict that a return to the go-go years of the 1990's is just around the corner. When bubbles pop, they don't come back. In spite of all, the Bush administration is still peddling its line that diverting funds from the Social Security system into the magic of the stock market will bring ordinary Americans much greater benefits than the dreary old Social Security system, which system, it must be emphasized, has lifted millions of older retired Americans out of poverty, has provided substantial benefits for widows and orphans and the disabled, and is today in better financial condition than at any time in its long history.

Why, then, do the Bushites keep insisting on wrecking the system? Let us consult Proverbs, XXVI, 11, for guidance: "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly." But this obsessive compulsion is only one part of the causal picture. Another clue lies in the Bushite/Republican antipathy in principle to Social Security and Medicare, and to all publicly supported social benefits. For most of the 20th century, the GOP has opposed such collective provisions of public goods. The present Bush administration is infested with libertarians who believe in no taxes, no social programs, and no government at all, except for military, police, and bankruptcy courts.

But the Bushites have another important reason for wanting to raid the Social Security payroll tax. Despite all the hype about how many Americans "own" shares in the stock market, the vast majority of Americans do not "own" shares and are not traders or investors in the "market." The brute fact remains as it always has been: between 1983 and 1998, the top one percent got 42 percent of stock market accruals during those years, the next 19 percent got 42 percent of all those gains, and the bottom 80 percent garnered just 12 percent. This is not a nation of shareholders.

The question follows: what incomes group does the Bush Administration care about? A glance at the impending Bush tax cuts should suffice: over the next ten years the richest Americans---the best off ONE percent---are slated to receive tax cuts totalling almost half a trillion dollars, an average per capita cut of $342,000.

Now, looking at it all demographically, these same folk who also own most of the shares in the stock market are part of the "Baby Boom" generation and they are already thinking of retirement. This means a "transition" out of the stock market, which believe it or not can go down, into the safe harbor of the bond market.

But if thousands upon thousands of wealthy baby boomers start to sell stocks at more or less the same time the market will certainly sag. And there you have the real reason for raiding Social Security: it is the only dependable source of funds to buy out the rich.

Two conclusions:

(1) Keep Social Security safe as an insurance (not an investment) system; and

(2) rescind the Bush tax cut for the richest one percent: they don't need it and it is a budget buster

Gerald Cavanaugh P. O. Box 247, (560 Oak St.) Ashland, OR 97520
541-482-6543; fax: 541-488-8216  gjcav@jeffnet.org



compiled from
SOU student Media Collective e-mail
By Andy Rice for

Southern Oregon IMC Pod


Southern Oregon Resources


Klamath Siskiyou Natural Resources links:

Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center

Ashland Community Action


Southern Oregon Wilderness Issues


Take Action for Condrey's Forest

Savage Rapids Dam

Roadless Issues

Rough & Ready Creek

R&R Creek Image

Siskiyou Wild Rivers

Forest Fires and Logging

Fire is Natural Image

Rogue River / Whiskey Creek Watershed

Protest the Replacement Volume Program!
Tell the Forest Service: Stop Old Growth Logging on Public Lands!

Peak image


Indymedia in Ashland




Previous Southern Oregon Wire

Ashland J4 pix, commentary by Android9...feel free to JOIN THE DISCUSSION...  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=13914&group=webcast


Peak Tree Sit Near Crater Lake 02.Aug.2002 10:31

Southern Oregon IMC Pod

Photo from a Tree at Peak, near Crater Lake

Peak Treesit Article


Background on the Peak Tree Sit:

Peak Out

Peak Mobilization

Peak Tree Sit Near Crater Lake
Peak Tree Sit Near Crater Lake

Fresh Report from Peak Tree Sit 02.Aug.2002 15:09

Southern Oregon IMC Pod mazamadefenders@yahoo.com

SOUTHERN OREGON Mazama Forest Defenders

The PEAK Timber Sale is located in the Prospect Ranger District, along the Browns Creek drainage of the Upper Rogue River.

As it stands, people of Southern Oregon have begun an on the ground resistance to the logging of this pristine forest, establishing Tree-sits and tying off more trees to each other through a network of rope-walkways over 100 ft high into the forest canopy.

A Tree-sit is a Non-violent form of Direct Action attempting to stop the felling of a chosen tree, or in this case, a whole grove of trees. The Tree-sit is a secured platform attached to a tree with ropes, everything in the tree is tied in with ropes to insure nothing falls on people below.

Cooking is accomplished using a 'Rocket Stove' made out of a combination of different sizes of tin cans, which is a completely contained and fire-safe way of cooking food up on a platform in a tree. Garbage is minimized by reusing containers, and recycling when possible.

All the ropes are tied using a variety of life-safe knots making the experience fun, extreme, and safe. When you walk into the grove you hear the sound of forest defenders swinging through the trees on a rope swing high above the forest floor, you yell out "is it safe" and you hear from a masked figure repelling on a climb line "of course, we use safeties", as she gracefully comes to a stop at the bottom of a rope.

Everyone that climbs into the tree is taught how to use the ropes safely and efficiently, so as to maximize safety and especially the fun and excitement of being in an old-growth tree. Yet living an Old-growth tree isn't all fun and games, it's a very serious matter. Setting the tree-sit is hard work and requires great attention, living in the tree requires patience and a willingness to sacrifice time and the comforts of town life, sustaining a tree-sit requires a committed group of friends to provide supplies, ground support, Media contacts, public outreach and moral encouragement.

Tree-sitting can be very dangerous when it comes time for the fallers to harvest. This is when the ground support must notify the workers that there are people in the trees protesting the cutting of the Timber Sale, from there the action takes it's own course. In the past unmonitored tree-sits have been violated in many different ways, from being partially cut into, to being shot at with firearms.

If National Forest policy would end the cutting of pristine forests than we could all go home and live our lives.