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'Stop Eco-Violence' website and group EXPOSED!

The 'Stop Eco violence' website is in fact one person trying to demonize direct action against Earth and animal abusers by capitalizing on the 'War on Terror' hysteria.
Stop Eco Violence is a new property rights/coporate funded "grassroots movement" mad eup of one person that is
organziaing against ecological direct action and anyone that supports it. Established just a few months ago, "Stop ECo Violence has a few aims:

From their site:
===Stop Eco-Violence! (SEV) is a 501(c) 4 grassroots advocacy organization committed to raising the
awareness of eco-terrorism and the harm it causes others, and to building the unified support necessary
for the advancement of legislative and law enforcement efforts to eradicate violence perpetrated in
support of environmentally motivated agendas. Backed by a broad coalition of supporters, SEV was
founded on the core principle that violence is no solution to addressing environmental and social issues.

****SEV provides the media, legislators and government officials, law enforcement and the public at large
with valuable information about radical activist activity and the harm it inflicts. SEV's efforts concentrate
on: 1)Research and monitoring of activities of radical organizations and persons that support environmental
extremism and violence 2)Exposure of individuals and groups actively engaging in or lending support to violent environmental
extremists 3)Working with law enforcement, government officials, non-violent environmental groups and other
organizations to curtail acts of eco-terrorism

Well, since this group is so into "Exposure of individuals and groups actively engaging in or lending support to viollent
enviromentalism and violence", than maybe they should be exposed.

Call, fax and email Ms. Stoner and let her know what you think about her demoiniation of direct action. If she was to recive hundreds of emails
,denial of service email attacks,black faxes or constant phone calls, she may have a hard time doing her job.

Web:  http://www.stopecoviolence.com
Address: Stop Eco Violence, P.O. Box 2118, Wilsonville, OR 97070, USA
Contact: Kelly Stoner
Phone: 503-603-0736
Emails:  kstoner@stopecoviolence.com,  info@stopecoviolence.com

Home address and phone number:
(503) 582-1368

Background information about the head of Stop Eco Violence,Kelly Stoner (thanks to tompaine.com for this article)

Nichols' supporting cast included one Kelly Stoner -- a meticulously made-up, comely young woman. Billed as the executive director of
Stop Eco Violence (a group that barely seems to exists)Stoner's speaker bio is cryptically brand-free: she'sidentified as a "communications specialist" in Oregon,who "has several years experience in the forest products and agriculture industries, where she has had to deal first
hand with the threat of eco-terrorism." It turns out that Stoner is a former media relations official with Louisiana Pacific, a firm that supplied Home Depot
with old-growth redwood, until it met "perfectly legal and non-violent pressure from a coalition of environmental
groups," according to Emily Headen, Director of the environmental group CLEAR. (In an interview, Stoner says
she was unaware of this.) Louisiana Pacific has long encouraged the so-called "Wise Use" movement --
anti-environmental groups funded by extractive industries, polluters and off-road vehicle manufacturers. Oddly enough, the Web site address on Stoner's card (stopecoviolence.com) didn't exist at the time of the conference, but it was registered to -- you guessed it -- Nichols Dezenhall. Is her organization a front for the firm? Is she a freeze-dried activist, a telegenic face for the anti-environmental movement?

In the middle of an interview, when confronted repeatedly about connections with Nichols Dezenhall, Stoner
suddenly laughed nervously and said her cell phone was malfunctioning, although over the course of the next few
minutes she managed to take TomPaine.com's phone number and answer any question that didn't relate to the
PR firm. The next morning, she called back from Oregon before 7:00 a.m., "since I had problems with the cell phone
yesterday -- and I swear I did." Back in her saddle, she said "Nichols Dezenhall is not driving Stop Eco Violence,"
and that her group was organized by a "broad coalition" of concerned citizens whose names she couldn't release,
lest they become "lightning rods." She contacted Nichols "several times for PR counseling and that's the extent of
our relationship." But when asked if the firm was helping with her group's Web site, Stoner snapped again: "Why do you ask that?"
Curiously, Stoner says her "official" relationship with Stop Eco Violence began in February 2002. Nichols Dezenhall
registered the Web site in November 2001.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopecoviolence.com

My letter to Stoner 02.Aug.2002 10:50

Son King sonkingrah@hotmail.com

Dear Ms.Stoner,
I am not a violent person. Nor do I participate in violent resistance to the highly corrupt system that engulfs this country. However I do understand the positions of the ones you call "eco-terrorists". It's interesting that you call these DEFENDERS of the earth by this name while the very people you hope to help are the real "eco-terrorists". Where is the mention of our own governmental agencies in your diatribes about those who hope to do harm and violence to living creatures? You're only defending the very concepts that these activists are protesting...property.
For instance the National Forest service knowingly sells the rights to log old-growth trees to timber companies which clear cut the homes of endangered species. They also offer Incidental Take Permits (ITP's)to allow such companies to "take" the remaining habitat of these threatened species with no accountability, that to me is eco-terrorism. The ones you call "eco-terrorists" are many times only defending helpless species that have vanished from this planet at such an alarming rate, that options used to protect them are growing narrow. What the public REALLY needs to know is that the actions are usually taken after several other methods have been tried and failed. The dominant system continues to fail the people's voice that tries to say "We disagree".
I don't claim to know whether non-violence or violence is the absolute right answer. Anyone who claims such knowledge is self-centered and narrow minded. Our goal as a society should be to stop condemning the active participants in social change and start trying to ask the question "why". Why are these activists risking arrest for their cause? When we examine these questions, I am sure that the answers will be surprising to some. I think you will find that these direct actions are not products of blind rage, but pointed, well planned attacks on the source of much of the misery we face in this world. If you actually read the EarthFirst! Journal you would also see that actions against the system must not endanger any life, unlike the terrorist actions of our own government, (i.e. carpet bombing small towns, clear cutting landslide prone hillsides, transporting nuclear waste through 44 states etc.) What would have happened in the civil rights movement without both violent, and non-violent civil disobedience?
The point is, you should watch who you call violent. Because these people you condemn are acting, many times, in defense of themselves, other humans, and all creatures of the Earth. People should not be considered adversaries for taking action against an unjust, irrational, and destructive dominant philosophy. Their goals are being met. People are finally listening. It is not the activists fault thatnoone has paid attention up until this point. No compromise, EARTHFIRST!

Peacefully yours,
Son King

Excellent letter. 02.Aug.2002 11:05


Thank you Son King. It's time people called foul on wars of words where those funding most of the terrorism of the world can wage a War on Terrorism and little better than nazi's can determine an Axis of Evil.

All of our flags really should be flying in the distress position. It's clear the terrorists are in the White House... to borrow an old republican slogan... "Now More than Ever."

Stop the PR schemes 02.Aug.2002 11:57


It's this kind of PR filth that aggrivated me to the point of violence every day...but fortunatly there is something we can do about it...if it upsets you as much as it does me, PLEASE show some kind of resistance to it....

1) The wonderful person who originally posted gave you her name, email, phone #, and address
think of the possibilities

2) MAILBOX FLOODING 101 (For informational purposes only)

One could, hypothetically speaking, flood a targets
e-mail box by subscribing them to numerous mailing lists.

The best procedure would be to set up an account that
has a forwarding option (bifoot.com etc.) and
subscribe that account to as many mailing lists as wished, from
(Lists with 10,000 subscribers or more)

The next thing to do is reply to the confirmation
e-mails sent from the listserv - Note: Make sure to do that
relatively all at the same time, as your account will soon begin to
get flooded.

Then, set your settings so that your e-mail is
forwarded to your target e-mail account. Using bigfoot.com's service
of distribution, you can forward up to 5 accounts!!!

3) organize a virtual sit-it, date and time, or something completely different, we need to stop these fuckers from spreading their poison any further

more pr sites 04.Aug.2002 08:17


HAve fun checking our www.sctivistcash.com

part of a larger conspiracy called consumerchoice.com

besides badmouthing any 'anti-corporate' groups (including MADD) they have one of the best batabased (unintended) for activist groups seeking funding.

do yer worst

oops 04.Aug.2002 08:26


Dirty-trick punks 04.Aug.2002 17:16


Her personal phone number?? Her home address?? You have just stooped to the level of Randall Terry and company, giving out the private info of abortion doctors for the sole purpose of harassment. This is the same thing. If I ever meet this lady, I will shake her hand for trying to expose the eco-terrorists - yes, they are eco-terrorists.

Postman 04.Aug.2002 21:37


When brains go on sale at Wal-mart again, buy one.