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pdx indymedia editorial mtg

saturday, 3 aug., 4:00ish p.m. at the red & black cafe, se division @ 22nd st.
meet indy folks, find out what's up, bring your own ideas, discuss projects, have fun !!

these get-togethers happen *every* saturday at this time and place. come on down and join the media rEvolution !!
Naw 02.Aug.2002 13:45

Che "Changed his Tune" Guevera

Who on earth but a bunch of spoiled white kids rebelling against their own quite well-to-do upbringing would want to sit around and spew Marxism and one hundred year old Emma Goldmann quotes from their bitchy little mouthes, whiffing each other's vegan farts and pretending that they are participating in a revolution ? Conformists. Sheep looking for a herd to feel comfortable in, scared to question even their own belief systems or the party line.

Morons. I enjoy lambasting the lot of you.