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drug war

Drugs and Terrorism

The question about the inevidable impact that a real "War on Terrorism"
would have on the "War on Drugs".
Drugs and Terrorism
Is this the product of American culture?

Note: We should all know that the CIA has control over the world drug-trade market. And that it is not unreasonable to request an investegation
to discern how much profit the CIA accuire's from manipulating the drug market.
But drug flow continues, so, somebody is making alot of money. Do you think the
government is above accuiring all that money? Not today, not with Bush.
The US government created the Taliban to fight the soviets. The Taliban
bans opium plantations, perfect guise to take control of opium production for
(ourselves). Then, we have the guerilla war in colombia as the CIA fights the
phony "war on drugs" that is now to be recognized as part of the (phony) "war on terrorism"!

We see through the Web of Deceptions.

American media sells the public on the idea that such things as smoking cigarettes, drinking, war entertainment, and chemical/cancer food choices is good all-American fun.

Question: Why did'nt the 9/11 event and "The War on Terror," stop or even slow the flow of drugs? After all, border security was allegedly beefed up considerably, right?

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiamedia.org

my friend and angel 02.Aug.2002 11:32


i'm trying to look out for my *wild* friend "Christine". she 'hangs out' on the lower Burnside strip (i guess i'm just hanging as well myself) and she is one of the "crackheads" that you see out that 'copping' (thank you fvcking CIA for allowing for my friends to become crack (ab)users). i just try to 'spot' her and look out for her--i even do this when she's doing the prostitution thing.

she is such a together person, so wise and beautiful. the face that she wears when in crack-mode is not the prettiest one, but there are so many wonderfully amazing facets to Christine's persona that to make it seem like her situation has the best of her would not be doing her any justice; all of her strength and compassion is still able to shine through and on a moments notice.

the violence that meets my friend--as well as my other friends who are abusing drugs--out on the street would seem so tragic and pointless. the dope dealers help them destroy themselves, and the pigs and the authoritarians are going to wipe us all out (so i scream at some of the crack dealers who look like me (black) but who are really sellout punks who care more about their own prestige than they do about the people/environment they eff=ect. i used to always wonder why dope dealers wherever they were, from Baltimore and DC to $eattle, never seemed to get treated as roughly as protesters or other types of law 'offenders'. yeah, there's the potential humiliation of a street cavity search, but for the most part, they don't get abused because *THEY* need these idiots in order to keep a certain segment of society distabilized.

so i'm walking w/ my friend this morning and we're going to go to sit in McDonald's (sorry, her choice to go there) when a lone female officer pulls her cruiser over and proceeds to stop, search, detain (not 'arrest'/charge) and release her. my question is, if a person is heading away from a 'drug zone', why would the pigs drag them back in (there's a PPB substation near the corner of 3rd and Couch) only to release them a very short while later (i'm not sure if they're released in the neighborhood)? now, the person is aggitated and may feel the need for something to 'take the edge off'...this cop shop is a block away from a shop which sells drug paraphernalia (crackpipes, brillo)--i've watched my friend purchase this stuff.

anyway, i support her (though she is truly a strong and enduring woman) no matter what but whoever is *primarily* responsible for crack and other drugs flooding the street i say fuck you, twice. i don't know if it's bill clinton, or some shipping company out of central arkansas; i don't know if it's the CIA, PDs or the white house administration--whoever it is will reap what they have possibly sown. i do not like to see anyone, friends or otherwise, selling their souls and giving their power to assholes (dope dealers and politicians who support them).