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drug war

Sex, Drugs and Terrorism

The question about the inevidable impact that a real "War on Terrorism"
would have on the "War on Drugs".
Sex, Drugs and Terrorism
Is this the product of American culture?

Note: We should all know that the CIA has control over the world drug-trade market. And that it is not unreasonable to request an investegation
to discern how much profit the CIA accuire's from manipulating the drug market.
But drug flow continues, so, somebody is making alot of money. Do you think the
government is above accuiring all that money? Not today, not with Bush.
The US government created the Taliban to fight the soviets. The Taliban
bans opium plantations, perfect guise to take control of opium production for
(ourselves). Then, we have the guerilla war in colombia as the CIA fights the
phony "war on drugs" that is now to be recognized as part of the (phony) "war on terrorism"!

We see through the Web of Deceptions.

American media sells the public on the idea that such things as smoking cigarettes, drinking, war entertainment, and chemical/cancer food choices is good all-American fun.

Question: Why did'nt the 9/11 event and "The War on Terror," stop or even slow the flow of drugs? After all, border security was allegedly beefed up considerably, right?

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Life is a piece of pie. 01.Aug.2002 17:26


There is not much you or anyone can do about this.
Corruption is the rule of law as it has always been and always will be.

I mean what can you honestly do besides talking about this?

If you try to take this to court what do you think will happen. The judge will laugh at you.

Justice was an idea, Democracy a day dream.

what can we do? 01.Aug.2002 22:01

organic whole wheat apple pie

i agree that there is little that can be done to halt the terrorism of corruption. i spent many moons active in the cause and in truth saw little fruits for my labors. corruption is as old as time itself.

i have concluded that the best way that we can help is to put our effort and energy into deeds that really do make a difference. food banks, hospice, volunteering, visting with people who are homeless, shut in, or cast out. deeds with heart that help in a real way on a simple yet profound level.

this way instead of fighting the mighty beast we are dancing with the spirit of life. what a difference it makes in one's own heart and in the hearts of humanity.

Exellent comment- 01.Aug.2002 22:40


Excellent comment: Dance with the spirit of Life.
You can't wage war on war. But fight the Beast with
the sword of Truth, the sword of you word.