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A Cascadia Forest Alliance wishlist

Stuff you can donate to help us save the planet
Things are heating up around forest issues and CFA is low on people, certain types of gear and money. Please help!!!

What we need:

For you to get in involved. This is a bigger deal than everything below. We need people to do everything from sitting in trees, to driving back and forth between town and woods, to fixing bikes and cars, to door-to-door outreach. And a whole lot of other (very) odd jobs in between.

Cold hard cash and lots of it :) Give it directly to the crustie riff-raff kids, they need it the most and will know how to spend it effectively.

Radios: walkie-talkies, police scanners, CB's, shortwaves.

Small motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Climbing gear: harnesses, STATIC AND TRUCKERS ROPE, carabiners, pulleys

Camping gear: flashlights, pocketknives (multi-tools are our fave), compasses.

Gas masks, googles, dust masks / airfilters.

Helmets (motorcycle helmets are best)

"sports" body padding: elbow, knee, shoulder, chest and shin pads, the kind they sell for football or martial arts training are really good.

Cameras, video or otherwise.

Duct tape.

Free copies.

Intact forests, world peace, the end of capitalism and other nice stuff like that.

Our office is at SE 16th and Clinton, stop in and say "hi", or call us at 503-241-4879

CFA folks feel free to post any items I missed as a comment

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org