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Who to blame for deceiving the world.

Money? We may have to fight the real terrorist
without it. Americans, diluted with bad media, commercials, and the image of a cheap lifestyle (the commercial culture) are corporate sheep. Wake up. Stop supporting the Beast!
Who to blame for deceiving the World:

Note: Recently, the Bush administration has increased the punishment for "high-spenders" who go bankrupt. Does it make sense to punish hard working Americans who pay taxes? What happened to corporate accountability? When they go bankrupt they get away with millions, and a MAXIMUM fine!

The sphere of politics, economics, morality, and health rules peoples mind and actions to a very large extent. Corruption is driven by loathsome addictions, vain superstitions, and greed. All these negative forces have infiltrated to the highest reaches
of the corporate monopoly structure. Hence all the hype about the corrupt corporations
in recent news. Bush is the figurehead, representing corporate interests and rule. It is
eluding to some, however, because the corporate monopolies that have concentrated so much wealth and power simply use the US government (and the Israeli and British governments) to protect and obtain their interests. So, Bush is simply clothed in the guise
of American/Christian patriotism.
Intoxicated by a few perceived technical successes, humanity today imagines itself at the zenith of civilization, while in reality it is in a most primitive unnatural, and gruesome state. The corporate media and false profits ignore humanities essential issues, and exageratres trivial or fabricated issues to distract the public.
The rich-elite from all over the world have full access to the US government now!
And they want us to put our Faith in them. They call themselves Christians or Jews yet they orchestrate wars, famines, and terrorism to manipulate or justify their sinful actions
aimed at obtaining ultimate authority.
Mr. Bush we will no longer accept war, starvation, and terrorism as political tools!