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genetic engineering

Peaceful Revelution: David Wolfe talks about revelutionary changes.

The current human condition can be healed. David Wolfe talks about
what you can do to change the world and yourself. A peacefull protest against
the destrucion of society and the enironment.
Interview with David Wolfe

The following is an interview conducted by Stacy Horrigan of www.indymedia.org

David Wolfe is the author of Eating For Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System, Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet, and he is the CEO of www.rawfood.com. David has eaten exclusively raw vegetarian foods for 8 years.

1. What is your opinion on the potential agro-ecological impacts of the raw-food movement (RFM)?

The impact of the raw-food movement (RFM) on agriculture and ecology is revolutionary in the truest sense of what a revolution is. A true revolution is one in which our primary way of interacting on the planet is shifted. The primary way we interact with the planet Earth is through food. It is absolutely cosmically true that we are what we eat. "You are what you eat" is the deepest, most profound truth in the universe. I never knew what this really meant until the concept of raw-food nutrition captured my imagination and lifestyle. The suggestion is that cooked food has made us numb and unable to feel how food is really affecting us and the planet. Eating raw plant food energetically cues us into the plant vegetable matrix of the planet Earth without any mitigating factors (without putting flame between the food and our mouth).

Animals eat mostly what's here on Earth: raw plant food. In the overall picture of all food on Earth, cooked food is essentially 0.0001% of all food for all the creatures on Earth.

It is clear to see how feeding a tribe of gorillas coffee and donuts would affect both the gorillas (in their health) and the rainforest (with trash eating processed food leaves trash as a byproduct). And this is how it affects us, yet we have become numb to it because we had perceived it as normal.

The result of eating raw plant food is that it completely shifts methods and ideas concerning agriculture in general, because it shifts food demands. Most agricultural efforts are geared towards livestock consumption, then people eat the livestock or livestock products. Eating raw plant food ends that demand. Raw plant food consumption typically means more fruit tree growing and fruit agriculture instead of grain growing. This encourages better soil management as fruit trees give more to the soil than they take away. This also means more trees and more oxygen.

Eating raw also empowers farmers in their own life as the whole superstructure of present-day civilization is about abusing the farmer. Farmers can learn how to grow a huge abundance of food for themselves and others by introducing rock dust, organic methods, and biodynamic growing methods.

The consciousness that is engendered by reconnecting with our relationship to the plant vegetable matrix of the Earth also encourages the growing of hemp for textile, food, paper, and other needs instead of abusive pesticide-sprayed cotton and grain farming.

2. Does the RFM differentiate between foods produced by conventional agriculture, organic, biodynamic or wild foods? Which is preferred for optimum health benefit, and why?

Once one becomes conscious of how food affects their body, it becomes more and more clear to that individual how mineral-deficient commercial/conventional produce really is and how excessively sweet commercial/conventional produce is. This tends to lead a person to seek out organic, biodynamic, or wild food.

Essentially, eating raw plant food encourages the return to more mineral-rich and nutritious herb/vegetable choices, thus encouraging the eating of "weeds" which are, in essence, our natural foods. Dandelion, for example is 10-20 times more nutritious than lettuce. Eating raw also encourages the consumption of superfoods. Superfoods are mineral-rich raw foods such as low-temperature dried grass powders, spirulina, blue-green algae, organic bee pollen, organic propolis, herbs, and coconut oil.

It all comes down to minerals. The more mineralized the soil, the more mineralized the plant. The closer to the wild state the seed stock, the better quality of nutrition will be present in the plant. The more organic, biodynamic, and wild...the better!

I always wondered as a child why animals were so much stronger (pound per pound) than human beings. I kept asking this question. I've asked it my whole childhood, never receiving a satisfactory answer. Eventually, by persistence on this issue I arrived at an insight and experience on this issue. Animals in nature are stronger than us because they eat raw and because they eat wild food. Wild food has electricity and incredible energy. One cannot overeat wild food because it is too nutrient rich to eat much of it. This brings us into an important insight about overeating. The major cause of overeating (obviously there are psycho-social-emotional factors) is the eating mineral deficient commercial food.

3. Do you feel that genetically engineered foods that contain foreign genes/pesticides, etc. are a benefit to raw foods, natural order or society?

Judging by the state of the world, I am less than convinced that humans are clever enough especially cooked-food eating humans to create new organisms without reeking havoc on the eco-system.

Eating raw bankrupts the idea of genetic engineering of plants. Genetic engineering adds enzyme inhibitive factors into plants and the whole idea of eating raw is to get more enzymes in our diet (raw food has enzymes, cooked food does not).

I would much rather trust nature's relentless refining and perfecting of organisms than silly, drug influenced (cooked food) human scientists.

4. This question is for my own curiosity: When the RFM grows even larger (because the truth will become self evident) do you anticipate any negative response/campaign from the mega food corporations, industries and agencies, because their livelihood is threatened?

The vinyl record industry was bankrupted by the compact disc industry within 5 years. The forces moving into the future were too powerful to be overcome or resisted. The forces of perpetual change are upon us and accelerating. We are being pulled into the future by a strange attractor, an eschaton.

Victor Hugo said, "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." Raw food is as ancient as the ageless and as new as the future. It can never be resisted, nor ever forgotten because it is always here. The raw-food movement is bigger now than it ever has been in recorded history. There are 20 raw-food restaurants in the world now. Seven years ago there were 2. More are about to open. Books on the subject are multiplying. The presence of raw-food diets in media is growing exponentially.

I feel that those who would be reactionary against raw eating are not clever enough to even know it is a threat until it is too late.

homepage: homepage: http://www.davidwolfe.com

Wank wank wank 01.Aug.2002 14:18

I put my ass on the line

What a bunch of middle class wanking.

I've got a bright idea, if liberals really (REALLY?) want to make a difference, they can start by 1st stop preaching about how making feel-good lifestyle changes are going to make everything all peachy-keen and then KICK DOWN SOME CASH to people who are actually doing things that will lead to real change.
Take, (just as a example, their are plenty of great organizations run poor people) Cascadia Forest Alliance. Its the ONLY organization in town that I know of that's current doing direct action 24 hours a day. It's also made up of people who know full well that they are risking their LIVES day in and day out (does the name Beth O'Brien mean anything to you?).
And guess what? Chronically underfunded, that's what.
Made up of unemployed people who live in the woods and on the streets. People who have the experience, dedication, know-how, and ovaries/balls to stir shit up in a significant way, yet their effectiveness is limited by the fact that we often have to say, risk arrest just to acquire the supplies we need 'cause we can't afford them. Crustie kids who are willing to get pepper sprayed not to mention DIE for what they believe in usually don't have hardly any money at all. Middle class wankers who write multiple books about great raw food is and how it will save us all (meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the bombs continue to fall out of airplanes...) DO have money.
Wanna change the world? Spare some fucking change.

consciousness of food 01.Aug.2002 15:46


the consciousness of food is real, though many shun this truth for fear of needing to make dietary changes. the impact that our dietary choices have on the planet and its people is immense. it is crucial that we strive to change the way that we eat in order to change the energy that is consuming the planet; the negative energy that the previous post has in abundance.

The simple Truth 01.Aug.2002 16:39

JW justusw8@yahoo.com

"The heresy of heresies is common sense." -George Orwell