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Ashcroft Vs. Oregon

6 more reasons he's got to go. Mostly these are Oregonian specific.
From: "Oregon Death with Dignity" < alerts@action.dwd.org>

July 26, 2002

BackOffJohn.com: Ashcroft Update

Featured in this Update:

1. Oregon v. Ashcroft
2. Poor Pain Management = Needless Suffering
3. Benefits of DWD featured in JAMA report
4. We Need Your Help!!
5. The Battle Against Ashcroft: We're not alone


Oregon v. Ashcroft

$1 million and counting. That's what Ashcroft's lawsuit seeking to
nullify Oregon's responsible and compassionate Death with Dignity law
has cost taxpayers, and there's no end in sight.

We're continuing our fight - preparing for the appeal to be heard in
early 2003, continuing to educate people across the country about
Death with Dignity, and gearing up for elections that will
impact Americans' end-of-life care choices - choices that ought to be
our own.

Find out what Death with Dignity's really about and why we're
fighting Ashcroft and the feds:  http://www.dwd.org/law/dwdprimer.asp


2. Poor Pain Management = Needless Suffering

According to a recent study commissioned by the National Institutes
of Health (NIH), 26 - 41% of cancer patients fail to receive adequate
pain control.

Many physicians lack the knowledge and experience necessary to combat
intractable pain and current medical school curriculums are widely
held to be insufficient in this arena.

"The educational process needs to be rethought,'' said one
researcher. "Students, trainees and post graduates all need
additional training in management, assessment and treatment of pain.''

"This is a tragedy. Pain management is an issue of critical
importance and the actions of Attorney General Ashcroft will only
serve to undermine pain care further. We will continue our work to
improve end-of-life care across the country and fight Ashcroft in the
courts," said Scott Blaine Swenson, Executive Director of Oregon
Death with Dignity.

Read the AP Story:  http://www.dwd.org/fss/news/ap.07.18.02.asp


3. Benefits of DWD featured in JAMA report

A report in the July 3rd Journal of the American Medical Association
(JAMA, Volume 287, Number 25) vividly demonstrated the positive
impact that the Oregon Death with Dignity law has had on end-of-life

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University's Center for Ethics
in Healthcare documented the case of a local ALS patient who
requested assistance from his physician under the Death with Dignity
(DWD) law. The physician, opposed to his patient's choice,
discontinued care and referred the man to hospice. Once in hospice,
the man and his new physician, embarked upon an exploration of
healthcare options and the man ultimately made a new decision. He
and his physician collaborated on a treatment plan and the man was
able to end his days in a manner of his choosing.

"We are glad that this man was able to get the care that he wanted.
The Death with Dignity law was designed as merely one choice along a
continuum of end-of-life care options. Like anything else, other
people will reach different conclusions and make different healthcare
decisions for themselves," said Scott Blaine Swenson, Executive
Director of the Oregon Death with Dignity Center.

Read the full story:  http://www.dwd.org/fss/news/rg.07.03.02.asp


4. We Need Your Help!!

Fending off the Attorney General takes time, energy and money. We're
not even to Round 2 of what promises to be a long fight.

Oregon Death with Dignity is a force in the educational, political
and legal arenas. We've fought hard to preserve the Death with
Dignity law for nearly 5 years. We need your help now to continue
this important work.

Give today:  https://secure.ctsg.com/dwd

If you'd prefer to give off-line, please call (503) 228.6079.


5. The Battle Against Ashcroft: We're not alone

While we fight both in court, and in the court of opinion, we are
also working with a wide range of other groups who are up in arms
about the Ashcroft agenda. We're not the only ones who have been
jumping up and down about Ashcroft's behavior. In fact, we've signed
on to a coalition of groups who are saying, "Enough is enough." The
same guy who cut $58 million from counter-terrorism activities pre-
Sept. 11th (we know where a million of it would have gone) and who's
been messing with our civil liberties ever since has to be held
accountable -- it's time for Ashcroft to go.

Check out Extreme Ashcroft and tell President Bush that it's time to
find a new Attorney General.  http://www.extremeashcroft.com