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War with Iraq

The war with Iraq is coming closer every day. You can almost every day hear someone say that it should not happen. So, I think the time is now for us to act, before it starts. We will need to act together as a group. If we really don't want it to happen. I don't claim to have the answers, but maybe if we get together and talk about it maybe we can stop this war from starting.
The Bush administration always says they don't have a plan for the attack, but then somebody leaks a plan to the media. So either they're trying to see what the American people think or they are lying. Look at how many countries we told that we are not planning to attack Iraq, only to have the press here in the United States of America say that we are. So time is getting closer to the sart of this war and unless we as the American people want to support our want a be dictator for a President then get out in the streets and let him know that he is wrong. I am open to any suggestions on how to get this started.
We who see it must do it 01.Aug.2002 08:53


Yes, every minute I wonder how people are allowing this to happen. Our fledgling group of resisters is small, and does not appear to be growing-- at least not yet. I entreat people to get involved, and they say they are too busy and thank me for my efforts, which are not enough, of course. The specter of war hasn't impacted people sufficiently yet. It will after a draft. So keep showing up and speaking out and perhaps the bit of attention you bring to this terrible situation wil produce interest.