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free your ears!!!!

Another music business is possible!!!
And the musicians alive and happy!!!
In a little more than one year Chaussette Verte is revolutionizing the music business.
When the correct way, for the bands "discovered" by the corporations, seems to be to clonate any success, to
defend the high prizes of the CDs and to sentence to death the ones who make copies of them, we play the music
we love, our CD is freely downloadable from the net and can be freely copied in as many copies as anybody want to do.
This our CD is having (few, but) good reviews and is unexpectedly successful in terms of public's appreciation.
But being "a case" without having godfathers is not easy: in spite of we are something new, (unusual, at least) if not in music, in music business, the media (except some, most of extreme left, and from U.S.), continue to ignore us, probably because we are not introduced by any music managers, not produced by any recording company, not a clone of anything known.
As we are good revolutionaries, we excogitate every day some new way for make the world know what we are doing (like this way, for example).
Now, if you want to help us, just download our CD (IT'S FREE, I REPEAT!), share it with anyone you like to and, above all,
Hasta la victoria, hopefully!
Guido (guitar player of Chaussette Verte)

you can find us on every searh engine or browsing the URL
 http://chaussetteverte.tripod.com (our official website)
 http://stage.vitaminic.com/main/chaussette_verte/ (our web page on Vitaminic)
 http://www.ibiblio.org/obp (the page that OBP/iBiblio dedicated to the band)
 http://www.jazznow.com/1101ns/NSChaus.html (a lovely review)

homepage: homepage: http://chaussetteverte.tripod.com