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Initial phone report from Solo timber sale auction protest

This is the initial report from the Solo timber sale auction protest, rec'd from a witness on the scene via cell-phone.
Over 100 people showed up to the Solo timber sale auction this morning at the Mt. Hood Forest Office. Solo was bought by Thomas Creek Lumber. Around 9:30 am, when the buyer left the forest office to depart in his SUV, the vehicle was blocked by activists who were chanting "When you buy Solo, you buy us!"

Forest SerVice officers (freddies) got between the vehicle and the activists and started pushing them to clear room for the vehicle. The forest defenders did not push back as the freddies kept pushing people away until the SUV could start moving through the parking lot. Activists again blocked the vehicle. During that time, the forest serVice cops started using pepper spray and one person reported at least one arrest at that time.

As this report was being called in at 11:15am, sheriffs targeted one young woman and arrested her. They refused to state why the arrest was taking place, or what the charge was.