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North American Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Press Office Raided by RCMP

The home of David Barbarash, press officer for the Animal LIberation Front has been raided by the RCMP
July 29, 2002

COURTENAY, BC -- The RCMP conducted a raid on the home David Barbarash, spokeperson for the Animal Liberation Front Press Office today. David
returned home from vacation to find his front door kicked in and many of his possessions seized. According to a search warrant left at the residence, RCMP officers were acting under the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act in support of a US government investigation into ALF activities that took place in the state of Maine some time during 1999. It was not clear from the warrant what actions are being investigated.

Among seized possessions were all computers and computer equipment in the home, videos, paper files, photographs, books, personal effects, and
other items not yet accounted for. David has not been charged in connection with the search warrant
or the investigation. A hearing will be held in the Supreme Court of BC on August 14th to determine whether there are legal grounds to send
the seized materials to the United States for evidenciary purposes in the Maine investigation. If his materials are sent to the US, it is likely to be
months if not years before they are returned to his possession.

David Barbarash has been a tireless spokesperson for the North American Animal Liberation Front since he took the role of press
officer in the summer of 1999. He has always maintained that he has no knowledge of participants involved in ALF activities, but receives anonymous communications which he relays to interested press and supporters. This raid appears to be little more than a harassment tactic by the RCMP
and FBI. The Animal Liberation Front is an underground movement of compassionate people who rescue animals from breeders, laboratories, fur farms, and other places of abuse and provide them with safe homes or release the animals into the wild when appropriate. All members of the ALF remain anonymous so as to continue their work without interference from law enforcement. The ALFis non-violent and has never injured or killed any person or animal in the course of their actions.

Because all his computer hardware and files have been seized, David is unable to check email at this time. He can be contacted at:
North American - A.L.F. Press Office, P.O.Box 3673, Courtenay, BC V9N 7P1 Canada
Phone: 250-703-6312

Please send letters of support and donations to the above address. Computer hardware donations are also very much needed at this
time so that the important work of the press office can continue. Please contact  naalfpo@tao.ca donations of this nature to arrange

homepage: homepage: http://www.animalliberation.net

the press office deserves our support 31.Jul.2002 12:00


please help David and the press office as much as you can. Recently, he produced an excellent report of direct action against animal abuse and ecological destruction. You can download it as a .PDF file at

or write for a copy. Send a donation, of course.