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The solo auction, a brief account and officer information

A brief retelling of todays events, followed by the names, badge numbers, and descriptions of federal agents and activity.
Three protesters arrived at the Mt. Hood Forest Office around 8am. Approximately 100 people attended the protest. Breakfast was served by volunteers, and consisted of tasty bagels, cereal, and pastries [thanks people]. Various chants and wake up calls went on throughout the protest, with climaxes with the entrance and exits of people into the building. A delegate from the crowd was sent in as a potential bidder, but arrived too late for the bidding. The premium old growth site, on national forest land, was sold for under 70$ to Thomas Creek Lumber. Various speakers from southern Oregon, Bellingham, Washington, and Eugene presented their cases to the crowd. One of the younger looking forest service employees was talkative and laughed at the crowd's antics. When the arrest came, he offered to go to the prison and inform us of what the charge might be. Unfortunately he vanished when I was taking down badge numbers, and I left before I could get it.

As someone exited out of backdoor, protesters rushed to greet the police and unknown stranger with shouts and signs. Eventually, the man made it to his car with police escort. At that point, approximately 9:30, the protesters surrounded the car attempting to blockade the person in. This lasted about 5 minutes or so when the police shoved some protesters to the ground, others fell on nearby comrades. As the man attempted to drive away, the protesters crossed the bushes and set up another human blockade. The protesters stood yelling for a minute or so. Then the shotguns with orange handles surfaced, presumably bean bag guns. The police and forest service agents unsheathed their pepper spray, shook them and took aim. 10 seconds later many protesters were saturated in the painful substance. Fellow protesters quickly rushed to the infected with water, and aided with the detox process. Other brave souls managed to face the pepper spray and took direct action against the possible timber buyer all the way to the street where he left.

The protesters slowly returned to the building's exit to await more fleeing personnel and visitors. For a reason not apparent to me, or any other protestors I spoke with, a protester was handcuffed. Quickly fellow protesters rushed to aid, demanding to know the charge. The officers remained silent. Though I cannot verify this, someone who saw the handcuffing claimed that the person was picking up the coffin [protest prop] when they were grabbed. I took down the badge numbers, when available, and officer names. They are as follows:
[1] From the forest service: W. Mickle, D. Blythe 1174, Larry Reed [who was the officer filming protesters, 7890. #7890 was very cordial and polite, and was the only person to tell me their badge number. I believe he was not involved in either the pepper spray or handcuffing. Along with the younger gentleman, I believe these two deserve community support for their calm and polite behavior.
[2] There was one police officer I got a hold of, Sgt. Akin of Sandy police.

The protesters were told to leave within 15 minutes of approximately 10:45, or move to the visitor only parking [away from the exit of possible bidders], the street, or face mass arrests [with plastic ties in hand].

Police and forest service activity:
-Upon first arrival they began surveying the protester's cars.
-There was filming of the protesters frequently throughout the whole event by Larry Reed.
-An unnamed civilian who refused to give any personal information also served as an authority. It appeared he spoke as a liaison between people in the building and officers outside. At the time of the handcuffing he refused to identify himself or his authority over anyone despite serving as a blockade. He is about 5'8"-6' and 160-180lbs (or more). He is balding and pale.

Should anyone require this information for possible arrests, or the license plate number of the drive blocked, contact me at my address below. I condemn the actions of abortion terrorists videotaping and harassing people at clinics, and do not wish to distribute this person's personal information for that reason.

Todd Goodenow
Did you just say "Community support" 31.Jul.2002 06:06


did you say these officers deserve 'community support"

you need to kill the cop in your head, you silly liberal

2 more names 31.Jul.2002 09:02


Two "out of control" law enforcement officers at the Solo protest:

Daniel Fahrni, USFS officer with history of violence was pushing people with excessive force. He is shorter and chubby with gray hair and gray beard. He was "plainclothed" in a tan shammy-shirt and wearing sunglasses. He consistently refused to identify himself.


W.(?)Behane, Clackamas Counry Sheriff Deputy. Short brown hair, mustache, glasses. He was the one that peppered sprayed people numerous times. (Note: He has also been out to Solo where he was quite "civil." Watch out for this one!)

responce 31.Jul.2002 09:39


did you say these officers deserve 'community support"

you need to kill the cop in your head, you silly liberal

Yes, I did. I think when public employees try to be cordial and helpful, they deserve a letter of appreciation. I am going to file complaints against the other officers, but I think we should give credit where credit is due. Since the younger one from the USFS offered to help us out, and showed clear signs of dismay at the arrest, we ought to promote those sort of officers and condemn the ones who are unsympathetic with the community.

clarification maybe? 31.Jul.2002 10:58


Can you clarify for me: the officer who was videotaping the protestors throughout the day (Larry Reed) was also friendly and he is one of the ones that deserve community support?
I can understand your desire to commend sympathetic officers, but I'm just unclear on why friendliness would be an automatic indicator of sympathy or affinity.......it just sounds like typical goodcop-badcop to me and i'm wondering what makes that not so. just curious. thanks.

some observations 31.Jul.2002 11:38


Sounds like the cops ended up being aggresive,but I'm wondering if they were initally insulted and provoked how people expected them to behave? If this was the case,and they were called names and insulted,would a better approach have been to just ignore them or offer them donuts or something? If people wish for them to act in a more humane manner,keeping your insults and opinions to yourself might be wise-then when they react to the actual protest,and pepper spray and stuff like that,then we can call them assholes of their own accord.

Responce to clarification 31.Jul.2002 14:16


Can you clarify for me: the officer who was videotaping the protestors throughout the day (Larry Reed) was also friendly and he is one of the ones that deserve community support?
I can understand your desire to commend sympathetic officers, but I'm just unclear on why friendliness would be an automatic indicator of sympathy or affinity.......it just sounds like typical goodcop-badcop to me and i'm wondering what makes that not so. just curious. thanks.

Unfortunately the officers I believe deserve commendation were not recorded. One of them was the young looking USFS officer standing in front of the door. He was the one who laughed at the chants, seemed jovial, spoke with protesters, etc. He was also the one who expressed the desire to inform the community of the charge against the arrested person. I didn't get his name.

The other officer who was quite polite to me was #7890.

Larry Reed, the officer filming, didn't take part in anything, but... Federal employees filming activists is always cause for alarm. The last thing we want is Cointelpro having face recognition software to single out activists. Of course it is probably too late for that.

On friendliness, your right. Being kind or polite doesn't indicate support for a cause. Nevertheless, being polite and considerate is just what we want from los federales. They need not be our friends, rather they should treat us with respect and dignity. That really is part of their job, the "service" part. But I don't have to tell you this I suppose :)

Cops are just hired guns 02.Aug.2002 12:03


I enjoyed taunting police officers with FACTS about the Forest Service, but now realize it was a waste of breath.

We need to save it for Region 6 Forester Harv Forsgren (conveniently located in downtown PDX) and Mt. Hood Supervisor Gary Larsen (his office is in the Sandy building we were shut out of.)

The police are mere thugs hired to protect Larsen et al. (Arguably some also enforce laws in the NF that we might actually agree with.)

That's why the action against Thomas Creek Lumber Prez Brent Walker was so powerful.

Forget the cops and their pepper spray b.s. Let's harrass Larsen, Forsgren and most of all--keep the heat on Brent Walker and his Thomas Creek Lumber and Log. Check out their record of harm against the planet and see how they render the nastiest pepper-wielding cop insignificant.

These three men and their cronies are in deep denial about the ecological state of the country and planet and need many more calls to "Wake Up!"

why block the car? 03.Aug.2002 16:12


Blocking the buyer's car AFTER the sale had been made seems really stupid to me. I mean, how long did people plan to keep him from driving home? All day? I heard one protester lay down in front of the car. What were the police supposed to do? Wait for him to move? And what was the point of exerting so much energy, provoking so much violence and causing so much trouble once the protest was over?

I'm not going to say that the police have any right to pepper spray or beat people up, but the people that put themselves right up in the buyer's face after the auction were really acting stupid. They weren't really doing anything, if you think about it, they weren't preventing the sale, they weren't saving any trees, they were just getting in someone's way and inviting police aggression. The way the police acted doesn't surprise me one bit, neither should it anyone else.

RE: Freddie Pigs out of control at solo auct 03.Aug.2002 22:13

Concerned in Sandy


This is in response to a written (loosely used term) letter by an uneducated degenerate named Hornet? This guy gives insects a bad name. Is there no other way to convey your opinion than to use profanity to the extreme? Again, Wow! I have never seen such a display of ignornace in the English language in my life! I believe we need to make sure our forests are protected and preserved. This IDIOT HORNET however, has no place in this subject and I don't belive for a minute he even cares about our forests. I think he is just a drugged out burden on society who uses a good cause to gain attention to his pathetic life. Listen up Hornet. You are not welcome by the true supporters of our natural forests. You need to go back under the rock you slimed out of and die! I hope the government has passed a law that will not allow you to reproduce. Moving on to the incident. What did you expect the Police to do? A peaceful protest is one thing. Using large numbers, chants, throwing objects, and attempting to block a moving vehicle? Come on people. Are we really doing any good here with these juvenile tactics? I was embarrased by the actions of the majority in this case. How about an educated response? What happened to talking like civilized people? All I saw was a bunch of frenzied idiots who had no idea what they were doing other than embarrasing humanity. Maybe next time the Police should just take out a few chioce subjects (like Hornet) and improve natural selection. Again I'm embarrased by the actions of most of the crowd, Shame on you all!

reply to 'Concerned in Sandy' 03.Nov.2002 12:38


i don't do drugs and i am accepted warmly by the forest kids as a fellow defender of the green lives out there we all hold so dear. get over your classist notions about the inappropriateness of "profanity". and see how you feel when you watch your friends get peppersprayed and get a big enough whiff of it yourself to make you sick for the rest of the day. it made me very angry, and i believe it would make you angry too. there's a place for rage in this world; certainly against the fucking fascists who are destroying everything beautiful. and unless you were there, shut the fuck up about whatever tactics that were used, because you don't understand. if you were there, then i am sorry to hear that you are so easily offended by passionate action at work, because it's going to take a lot more passionate action to meet our goals. in case you haven't noticed, the letters to the editor and the pleas to "our elected representatives" aren't working. would you rather that we all sit back politely until not one old growth tree is left standing? fuck that noise. short of violence, we should use every tactic we can to stop the murder of the trees, and that includes chanting and blocking cars, which are not a violent act. it's through the inaction of liberals like you that we've lost so much that has been lost. open your eyes and see reality.