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forest defense

freddie pigs out of control at solo auction

freddies = pigs
freddie pigs out of control at solo auction
freddie pigs out of control at solo auction
the fucking freddie pigs were out of control at the solo timber sale auction this morning. all the forest kids were trying to block the suv of the ecorapist who had just bought the rights to murder the old growth at solo. he was driving too fast too stand in front of his killing machine but we were in front of it anyway, backing up as he drove forward. the fucking freddie pigs were in front of the truck too pushing and shoving anyone they could. they had beanbag guns and fistfuls of plastic handcuffs. i didn't hear a warning before they whipped out the pepper spray and started attacking the forest kids. people yelped and jumped back, but quite a few stayed together in front of the truck, continuing to verbally harrass it as the ecorapist tried to get out of there.
now i know what some people are going to say, that we shouldn't call the freddies pigs cuz theyre people too and all that but i ain't buying it. they're fucking pigs. they're fucking pigs for choosing that job. they're fucking pigs for helping the old growth get cut. they're fucking pigs for shoving people. they're fucking pigs for taking the side of the ecorapist lumber baron. they're fucking pigs for pepper spraying people. and they're fucking pigs if they don't quit their jobs after today.
one of the fucking freddie pigs said he didn't want to spray people but he has to if people don't comply with orders. fuck that. either he does want to spray people or he doesn't want to spray people. if he doesn't want to spray people then he needs to get another job. spraying people is part of your job when you're a fucking freddie pig. he knows that. we know that. he's not fooling anyone. he sprayed us = he's a fucking pig. end of story. if he doesn't want to be a fucking pig anymore he should quit.
"its my job" and "i was just taking orders" are what the germans said when the nazis told them to haul the jews off and gas them and make lampshades out of their skin. it's no fucking excuse. everybodys got free will, unless there's a gun to your head, and even then you've still got it- the stakes are just higher. free will means we are free to act on whats right or wrong. murdering old growth, protecting the ecorapists who cut it down and pepperspraying the kids trying to save it is just plain fucking wrong.

word to the fucking freddie pigs: if you need this job being a fucking pig because youre living a consumption-based, earthraping lifestyle depending on oil and plastics and your own this and your own that and all the fucking bells and whistles then you need to repriortize yourself. do the right fucking thing, strip back, get simple, and live well so you dont have to be a fucking freddie pig to support it all. being a fucking pig is a choice. nobody makes you be a fucking pig. if you're a fucking pig its because you put yourself there. do you have a family? are you going to tell them you peppersprayed people in the face today? are you going to tell them its your job to protect the bastards who are murdering the last bits of old growth that are left? that when a hundred people show up demanding that we stop destryoing the world that you took the side of the people doing the destroying? a famous writer oncde said the choice we all face in life is to be on the side of the victim or the executioner. today you chose to protect the executioner. that makes you a fucking pig even if you didn't attack the victims, which you did too. if you want to make peace with yourself, your world, and your god, you need to stop being a fucking freddie pig and do it now.

my eyes still itch from the pepperspray and i was 15 feet away and that was hours ago. i feel so bad for the kids who got it in the face. and i'm so proud of all the kids who kept standing up to the fucking pigs and the ecorapist suv driving lumber bastard afterwards. pepperspray won't stop the fight for justice. it shows how pathetic the fucking pigs are that they have to use it, that they dont have anything else but force to offer. we're not stopping this fight. the battle has just moved to the forest. we won't use pepperspray or other fucking pig weapons. we don't need 'em. we don't need violence. those are the weapons of the fucking weak and fucking pathetic and fucking pig oppressors. the ecorapist will wish he'd never bought the sale, we'll make it such an expensive hassle. we are strong and we wont give up.



Can you feel the warmth, Freddies!? 30.Jul.2002 16:12

Rev. L. Freely

Rev. Andrew Peabody, a respected person of the cloth and outspoken critique of the Mexican-American War (no, not the war on drugs you stupid fucking pig the war on Latinos in the 1840's), once delivered a sermon that said:

"When the individual soul stands before the divine tribunal, stained with the wanton butchery of those women and babes, think you that the plea, "I knew that it was wrong and vile, but my country bade me do it?" will be accepted in Heaven's chancery in mitigation of the crime?"

If you don't want to do it you must think there is something wrong with it.

God help you if you belive in an afterlife!


more fucking pigs 30.Jul.2002 16:39


i think thes are the ones who ate roast beef and they oughta wee wee wee all thte way home
more fucking pigs
more fucking pigs

F'n cops 30.Jul.2002 17:44

instrument of mass construction

Old bushie boy is always blathering about weapons of mass destruction, but it is his bully boys who are always using chemical warfare against anyone who expresses dissent with their fascist agenda, against the citizens of the country he so disgustingly says he is protecting.

Wake up folks - people are going to federal prison for crossing an imaginary line - people are being violently attacked for simply expressing themselves

The smell of fear and subservience is worse than the smell of pepper spray!

Jesus, Juvenality, and Justice? 30.Jul.2002 21:26


I wasn't going to say anything, but since this article has displayed such brilliant intelligence, I thought I might shed some light on the topic.

(1) The religious references at the protest [chanted and written in chalk] and in the comments above are dissappointing. The last thing I want to do, and many other activists I know, is support such a marvelously reasoned system of morals such as Christianity. Besides the flaws of the theory itself, do you actually think you are reaching anyone by saying they are going to hell. Religious mudslinging is a tactic as devoid in value as it is in content.

(2) I found many of the "performances", profanity, and name calling rather childish. I am a 20yr old male, I am not an elder, and I still found this behavior pointless and stupid. I will come back to this.

(3) Imagine the following scenario: You are an under paid federal employee. Your background is working class. Your bosses and higher-ups see you solely as a medium for their will, you are given little wiggle room for individual thought. Let me assume for the time being that all your moral claims are correct. Even given this, imagine further considerations. You are doing your job, trying to feed your family, etc. Nothing yet explains their behavior. BUT now add the fact that at your job some people are protesting. Before any violence breaks out, your physical appearance is insulted, you are discriminated against solely on the basis of your occupation, you are sworn at, intimidated, the subject of ridicule. Is it at this point that the "freddies" ought to incredibly glad to serve?

My point is this, Animosity between the police and the federal government higher ups, low pay, community hatred, protester hostility, etc. all make them especially poised to hate us. Maybe instead of yelling at them, calling them fat, making the ingenious "donut" joke, etc you might try to talk to them like regular people. They are regular people with excessive power that is exercised extremely, but the only way that changes is with community involvement.

That doesn't mean I support their actions today. I believe they might of tried saying "please move before we shove you on the floor", or " excuse me we will have to use force" before trashing everyone. I condemn their actions. Nevertheless your absurd claims, that they ought to endanger their lives, families, and jobs, to help people who yell and hate them is astounishingly ignorant.

For constructive criticism: We could
(1) Support the local union for higher wages
(2) Join copwatch!
(3) Speak with the police, get to know them, attend their union meetings. Let them know your goals, your needs, etc.

The reason I believe this will work is a historical trend. If you look into the history of social movements, especialy in poorer nations, you will notice the police and army sometimes came out on the side of the working class and left wing because they are the working class! We should get them on our side.

Finally, grow up everyone! There is already too much immaturity in the world. In case you didn't know swear words are not revolutionary, they are not cool, they just illustrate your lack of class (individual not economic)and restraint

Dear Police Officers- 30.Jul.2002 22:21

US Citizen

Dear Police Officer(s): Requarding the Solo timber sale Protest-I would just like to say that although it may appear to you and your commanders that many of the protesters are unlawful,dirty,and need to be kept from harming "innocent" businessmen that are the targets of their protests,I must point this out: The issue of saving the old-growth forests is bigger than just one truck being blockaded,it is a matter of life and death for the survival of planet earth.I think if one is to read up on this issue and the overall ramifications of cutting old-growth,you too would agree that these protesters should have been encouraged,and in fact assisted by law enforcement in stopping this truck and in the process letting Thomas Creek Lumber know that what they are doing is NOT right.Who are you here to "protect and serve"? I would think the great number of citizens who are not wealthy timber barrons,not the minority of businessmen who destroy our natural enviornment,who foul our drinking water sources,who strip the hillsides bare of the trees that clean the air that we breath,and keep most of the profit realized from doing this.
So,any police officers,freddies,spooks and such out there,I would ask you,before you obey the next order,could you give some thought to whether the next order you obey might mean your own children might not have clean air and water in the future.In the words of one legendary forest defender: If I had to choose between clean air and money,I will choose clean air every time-
I will also add that Thomas Creek Lumber has proven to be very willing to break the laws of this country and has been caught logging illegally in the past.We need to think in terms of higher reasoning.Police officers should be assisting these protesters,calling these greedy businessmen on their crimes,and hey,the cops would really be accomplishing something in the process.They would be standing up for the people,not a small minority who is slowly killing us.

Not All Freddies 31.Jul.2002 08:56


Many of these accounts refer to all of the law enforcement officers involved in "crowd control" at the solo auction as "Freddies." (Forest Service employees) However, the men in dark blue and the motorcycle cop in white shirt and jack boots were town of Sandy police. Other officers who look very similar to Freddies in tan shirts are actually Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies.
From where I stood, many officers remained civil enough during the SUV blockade, with two exceptions:

Daniel Fahrni, USFS officer with history of violence was pushing people with excessive force. He is shorter and chubby with gray hair and gray beard. He was "plainclothed" and wearing sunglasses. He consistently refused to identify himself.


W.(?)Behane, Clackamas Counry Sheriff Deputy. Short brown hair, mustache, glasses. He was the one that peppered sprayed people numerous times. (Note: He has also been out to Solo where he was quite "civil." Watch out for this one!)