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BD Alert!

Bush Daddy Alert!: Beware the calamity that arises from Bush Daddy! Note: Eugene IMC is down, and this is second attempt to post here.
Attention: The first edition of this article was posted on Thursday on seven IMC sites. The I started posting the final edition on Friday on fourteen sites, and I was blocked from posting on Ithaca and Central Florida IMCs. My computer time has been reduced to five hours a week with the Saturday closing of the library. If I am not putting early posts on your site, it is probably due to past problems posting or getting it reloaded to front page.

My Daddy said that the appearance of this new "Model Law for Bioterrorism" should put this whole country on alert. Among other things, this "law" gives authorities the power to vaccinate citizens and seize and destroy property. Since the chemical-mongering practices of "Bush Daddy's Third Reich" (174299) are "closeted" (171618), one cannot help but feel that this "law" would be another means by which Bush Daddy Tribe would attack and/or kill people. Since Anthrax (82672, 153901, 166317) has been used as a weapon since Biblical times and is broadcasted throughout this country and around the earth every flu season, there is probably no place where Anthrax spores are not already present. If the forsenic pathologists have allowed to occur a "Silent Murder Epidemic" (24603, 35206) that is characterized by the use of lethal substances, wouldn't they use such a "law" to promote more of the same? Since it is likely that contact Anthrax was openly used and labeled as AIDS at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, isn't it likely that another type of Anthrax or a similar substance is still being surreptitiously used to mimic the AIDS "virus" that has yet to be proven to exist? Like the hydrochloric acid (phosgene) that was probably used under the pretense of killing germs to kill the children who allegedly died of diphtheria in the "Wisconsin Death Trip" (80050), the AIDS medicines of today are probably now killing people. If the mouthy morons want to fight bioterrorism, let them account for every "bad batch" of Anthrax or similar substances that seem to be disappearing from laboratories across the country.

On the other hand you have the matter of authorities enforcing this "law". Since "Messiah Exarchou" (62371) and Hitler's Storm Troopers convinced the court in Nuremberg that they were too stupid to understand what a crime was, they apparently came here and formed the US Secret Service, which is the "backbone" of Zion's Secret Police (132033 & 104469), which is everywhere. If Secret Service is supposed to identify themselves by name and badge number, none of them seems to know it. If illiterate dunces can end up on the Cornell Police Force by word-of-mouth recommendations for having been rejected by Secret Service's "legitimate arm" after one day of playing security at the White House, don't think that the same can't happen all over. All it takes is one mouthy moron in a high position saying, "This guy is a good cop!", and you end up with this "good cop" filling all new openings with more "good cops". Voila! "A Nation of Poopheads!" (166317). Next thing you know, the punk rogue cop comes with the punk rogue landlord (192800) to take you up to the hospital and asphyxiate you (24988).

And up above you have the Eagle, the Air Force One stealth helicoptor of the first Bush Administration (104469 & 111857). Who in hell owns that aircraft? Why is there no publicity on what it was and where it went? That was a billion dollar batch of four of them for that administration. They were obsolete when they were made but still the fools of BDT insist that they don't exist in strongholds where the Eagle is allowed to fumigate the population with toxic substances at will. All of the mouthy morons of BDT aspire to be "God's chosen people", that is Israelites (93509); thus these Eagles should be immediately brought down in Dryden from where BDT will make manifest that to which they aspired. And if ___kosky dude or the Bear Lord say that they need an Eagle to help make manifest Israel (185011), I'm sure that "Judge Judy" or some other important person will assure that they get an Eagle, spare parts included. Meanwhile the drone of the Eagle here has been reduced, for they have increased their hovering height to 12,000 feet or so.

Yeah! Be alert to the abovementioned things. Be watchful (1 Peter 5:8)! Be alert for other breaking previously-mentioned prophecies also (Col. 1:26). If you can afford to, pay no heed while BDT makes the Stock Market go up and down like a yo-yo. Watch instead for the return of Bush Daddy's square-jaw lover boy, Saddam Hussein as the "Ram", pursuing what's left of the "Goat" that was Bush Daddy (Dan. 8:3; 36001). Maybe Saddam was Bin Laden after all, thus he can go stand at the "whitewashed wall" in fulfillment of Jeremiah 9:11, Bush Daddy's kid's "Delusions of War" (64528 & 66464), or to prove that he is not a Zionist. BDT's unholy practice of burning sulfur (Ps. 11:6; Is. 24:1; 29190) upwind from people to produce sulfur dioxide has apparently picked up to the point where many are short of breath. Sulfur dioxide is very soluble in water, forming sulfurous acid, an irritating and asphyxiating substance that is a health hazard. The tell-tale sign of prolonged inhalation of sulfurous acid is a morning cough that makes you cough until you feel like puking, for the epiglottis and the esophagus are apparently also irritated by the acid. Sulfur dioxide and sulfurous acid collect in cool damp lowlands at night and are carried aloft during the day as the cool air is warmed. Whether it burns the lungs as acid or as the dioxide that became acid as it combined with the moisture in the lungs, isn't it better to have this acid eat up a T-shirt soaked in baking soda and water on the back of a box fan (60292) rather than your lungs? Whether or not the matter of first degree assault with chemicals is a capital crime, I don't know; but it's probably worth getting them to admit to "playing" with chemicals. Bush Daddy reveals that BDT is using a "new" chemical-throwing technique that they probably picked up from a Charlie Chaplin film ((187927). They release a lethal dose of chemicals and pretend to be affected by it when it is only affecting their dying victim. Bush Daddy also revealed that the heifer-humping scene in "The Last Picture Show" set BDT on the road to bestiality. They apparently never met a heifer that rejected them. Bush Daddy claims that nobody pays attention to what their heifers were doing last night and that they actually go during the daytime to get to know the cows better. I'm sure that many farmers would say that heifer-humping is a capital crime. Yeah! Let the farmers be alert to limos escorting BDT to heifer-humping sessions. And last, but not least, be alert to the "Snare" (189161) that BDT has set for their own lives (Prov. 1:18) so that you don't get caught in it too.

PS: And on the sides of these Eagles they could put "Israel, America, USSR", that is if United Sixes Spell Respect.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messsenger

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