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Apparently the increase in fires has spurred another salvage rider push... So much for any hope of stopping logging on Public Lands... Fast Track ... Homeland Security.... Patriot Act... Maybe this is one is worth calling legislators about.

Budgets should not be tacked onto other bills. They should be voted on separately.
ALERT: From Rachel Fazio, John Muir Project

Well its Appropriations Time again - and the
rumblings of a salvage rider
are in the air! Please call your member of
Congress and Senators and urge
them to block any attempt to allow timber sales -
even under the guise of
fire risk reduction ( because the removal of
trees over 6" in diameter does
not reduce fire risk but increases it!!!!)
without the benefit of
environmental or judicial review.

Unfortunately we have had conversations with
Senator Feinsteins (CA) office
and she seems to be thinking of co-sponsoring a
rider with Larry Craig or
some other timber beast to preclude judicial
review of all so called fuels
projects. (We have put some media pressure on her
and she seems to be
backing off - but we think the fight has just
begun.) Such a rider would
hamstring efforts to protect national forests for
two reasons - 1) Every
single project, at least in Region 5 (CA), is
entitled a Fuels reduction
project and 2) Without the threat of litigation,
the Forest Service will do
whatever it wants to do, i.e. log late
successional and old growth trees
miles from the nearest town.

So please call your representatives and urge them
to protect our forests and
not support any amendment that would undermine
environmental laws and/or
judicial review.

Thank you.

Rachel Fazio
John Muir Project
P.O. Box 697
Cedar Ridge, CA 95924