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Protect Freedom--Propaganda T-shirts

These t-shirts are wake-up call propaganda pieces to be worn in all company...
Protect Freedom--Propaganda T-shirts
Protect Freedom--Propaganda T-shirts
I made this t-shirt last fall shortly after 9-11 and the impending war in Afganistan and the sharp decline of respect for civil liberties. The design is a projection of the current tide, the current dominant meme since 9-11, a paradox, an exercise in double-think: "Protect Freedom... by taking it away." I am thinking about doing another run of the shirts, so if anybody wants one please email me and tell me HOW MANY and WHAT SIZES. I am not making any profit from these shirts, it's strictly for counter-propaganda purposes. My email is contempla@riseup.net.
New Website for Protect Freedom T-Shirts, other T-Shirts, you can buy them there 03.Sep.2003 22:26

Contempl8 T-Shirts

you can buy these and other shirts online at CONTEMPL8.NET (that's  http://CONTEMPL8.NET ).