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Electro Magnetic Pulse?

Here is a picture of an Electro Magnetic Pulse centered over Portland, OR dated 10/1/2001. Relative to the pulse, notice the amount of background energy before and after the pulse. I have no idea as to the significance of this, except that this is my city and the apparent amount of energy is huge.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/doug_pooley_1999/FLASH20431.html

know where to find out more? 29.Jul.2002 12:51

indy reader

those are cool looking graphics, and look like they come from some sort of scientific or government website. but what exactly is this about? anyone got more info or clues about where to start looking?

What does this mean? 29.Jul.2002 12:59


The pulse appears to be centered on the west end of the county. I would need more info to interpret this data. It is odd that there is nothing found outside this ring.

Doplar radar station on Skyline rd. 29.Jul.2002 14:59


That's the doplar radar station in the west hills. The news reports use that for the weather reports. Don't know why it went off the chart like that.

Ring, and center 29.Jul.2002 22:41

Peter Ballinger

Just so it's clear, the ring is because the radar has a certain set range, and sweeps in a circle. the ring is just the outer edge of what it can reliably (or maybe not) pick up. as for where the pulse is centered, oddly, it seems to be centered exactly on the radar location (since the radar sweeps around in a circle, the center of the graphic "ring" is the radar, just like in every bad navy movie, with the green circular screen, and the turning green line. the output of this is just computerized) since it seems centered on the radar installation, my guess would be that it's an error in the equipment. somebody bumped the calibration dial or something, who knows. it just seems odd to me that not only would there be an enormous energy pulse, but beyond that, it would be centered on the radar installation. which, following the color gradients, this is.
the fact that it shows up on two maps doesn't really mean much, they both got the data from the same equipment, so if it messed up, both would get bad data.
i don't know if there is another radar station that covers any of the same area. i'm going to guess that there is. it would be interesting to see what some other radar installation recorded at the same time, if there was anything noticeable.

corroboration 30.Jul.2002 10:51

dizazt0r::blank1t pointoinfinity@yahoo.com

maybe someone remembers some "strange thing" that happened on this day, at this time. i reported a weird experience i had at another IMC ($eattle); this was shortly before (within a few days) of wed, november 28, 2001. this 'experience' i had once more after this 1st reported one. i can't explain and i won't worry about it but a lot of *good* (true) correlative data would help in unlocking the mystery, if there is one.