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Citizens Pass Resolution Against Patriot Act!

Portland hippielawyer's analysis of the Patriot Act inspired Massachusetts citizens to pass a resolution that "federal and state law enforcement report to the local Human Rights Commission all local investigations undertaken under aegis of the [USA Patriot] Act and Orders; and that the community's congressional representatives actively monitor the implementation of the Act and Orders, and work to repeal those sections found unconstitutional."
Here is an example of citizens fighting back against the oppressive machine:
This is an email I received recently. Maybe we can do something like this in Portland, Oregon.


Dear Mr. Graf,

Please read the attached articles and know that your analysis of the patriot act inspired our work, though we broadened our local petition to include the other repressive measures that have come down since. I hope that you can spread the idea to other groups that you know. Please visit our website at www.gjf.org/nbordc.
Best, Marty Nathan


homepage: homepage: http://www.hippielawyer.com

Let's do it in portland!!! 28.Jul.2002 22:59


Lets make this happen then! To the people of indymedia. Is there a discussion forum on the site? If not there should be

Second 29.Jul.2002 16:01

old gory

There's something called IRC ... plus, posting comments on this item serve as something like a discussion board already.

Anyone want to suggest the first step? Should we take the Massachusetts Resolution and start gathering signatures in support of passing the same in pdx?