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International Labor Film Festival In Korea

Send your video to the Sixth Seoul International Labor Film and Video Festival, which will take place this coming November 12-17
Call for entries
The Sixth Seoul International Labor Film And Video Festival
November, 12-17, 2002

Hosted by Labor News Production  http://www.lnp89.org/english/ and sponsored by Korean Film Commission (KOFIC)  http://www.kofic.or.kr/english/index.asp and Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)  http://www.kctu.org/ , the Sixth Seoul International Labor Film Festival will be held during November this year.

This non-competitive festival is devoted to the screening of video and film on the the lives and struggles of the working people all around the world with the various sections such as the democratic trade union movement, international struggle against globalization, struggle against privatization, labor media, women workers, international labor solidarity, etc.

The information on the last year's film festival is available at  http://www.lnp89.org/5th_SILFVF/English/index.html

For further information, please contact Myoung-joon Kim
at  LNP89@chol.net or fax : +82-2-888-5121 / phone : +82-11-270-7150
Demonstration VHS tapes must be sent to Myoung-joon Kim
MediACT, 5th floor. Ilmin museum of art, 139, Sejong-no, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-715, Korea

address: address: The PROUD State of Jefferson (s. oregon & n. california)