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FCC wants to hear what we think of them

Colin Powell's son, Michael Powell, was appointed as chair of the FCC back when Bush was selected. We've seen KBOO get hit with a suit for indecency for the airing of a song with political content; and Powell has said crazy things like "I do not know what the public interest is". This is a man who ostensibly would be protecting the airwaves in the public interest. The FCC wants to know what citizens think of their policy agenda.
> Did everyone else but me know that the FCC is seeking public comments on
> its 5-year strategic plan for 2003-2008, and the deadline is next
> Friday, August 2? Sut, can you put this out on your 9,000 person MEF
> email? I have already sent a short email asking the FCC woman to extend
> the deadline by at least one week. Everyone, send this around to people
> you know. Here's details from a listserv I get and the webpage URL:
> If you'd like to have some input in how the Federal Communications
> Commission is doing its job, or should be doing its job, now's a good
> time. The FCC, a federal agency directly responsible to the Congress
> (and us!) is charged with regulating
the communications industry and
> media such as radio, TV, cable, wire, and satellite. Part of their
> mission is protecting consumer rights through enforcement, and also
> educating the public about their rights.
> Many feel the FCC has ignored certain public interest obligations in
> favor of allowing media industries to conglomerate and build profits.
> Chairman Michael Powell (son of Colin Powell) has been criticized for
> saying he is unaware that there is a public interest in media issues at
> all. Critics claim that enforcement of law and policy long mandated by
> Congress such as requiring indecent and adult oriented content to be
> aired after 10 pm (legally upheld as Constitutional) and requiring
> networks to air non-commercial children's programming are being ignored
> by the agency.
> Visit
>  http://www.fcc.gov/omd/strategicplan
> to look at the draft of the FCC' s Strategic Plan for t
he next five
> years and comment---the FCC is asking for your comments in three
> specific areas by August 2nd, 2002.
Kai Aiyetoro
LPFM Director
National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Fort Mason Center Building D, Suite 210
San Francisco, CA 94607

homepage: homepage: http://www.fcc.gov/omd/strategicplan

great job 26.Jul.2002 14:19


I feel the FCC is doing a great job at supporting big business,and grooming children to fall in line with a money driven capitalist system, through the nonadhering of policies that the greater majority of this country is unaware exists. The FCC comes up only in discussions of oppression and the breaking down of feedoms, not upholding rights and liberties. In this current stage of heightened oppression, and the guise of terrorism being used to further justify power shifts to the state, the FCC is essentially a vehicle of the government to implement these strategies. Write em off. Blow em up.