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9.11 investigation

16 Lies

The war on terrorism purporting to safeguard freedom and security threatens the freedom and security of citizens, journalists and politicians in the US and Germany. The media stylized as zealous for truth often narrows debate and suppresses pacifist and anti-war viewpoints. These are two lies exposed in this article published on germany.indymedia. While this free translation from germany.indymedia needs correction, the arguments could help focus discussion.
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16 Lying to thatof H.-J.Werner - 13.07.2002 19:50The peace group ware village as well as the peace initiative waiter mountain refer lying to the war against the terror" in its text "16 on inconsistencies, INHUMANITY, untruths and offences against international right in the frame of the "wars against the terror". 16 Lying to the "war against the terror" 1. It was maintained, the destructions in the war against Afghanistan would be negligible and aktzeptierbar Meanwhile more civilians in Afghanistan died than in the stroke in the world-trade center. In its war against Afghanistan, the Americans have used that since 1997 internationally geächteten bombs of the type CBU-89 of the type "Gator". Each of these bombs carries 94 hochexplosive tanks and Antipersonenminen. Just as the American bombers used that internationally also geächteten gravel bombs. Prof. Marc Herold of the university New Hampshire estimates the number of the civilian killed by bombs in Afghanistan to be 5000 sacrifices. Civilians 200 innocent alone in the village Khorum bomadierten the USA. Previously moreover the Bombadierung of an auxiliary warehouse of the international red of cross as well as a car convoy of local tribe leaders, that wanted to go to the Amtseinführung of the Afghan Prime Minister, is proved. 2. It is maintained, am store and its network al Quaida would be the transported manipulators of the terror strokes of that 11. September Is true on the other hand, that it previously no published gerichtsverwertbare proofs of the guilt am store as a "rear man" gives. The authenticity of the video volume presented at the day the cancellation the ABM-contract by the American government as alleged proof is more than doubtful. The editorship of the shipment "monitor" found am prove should out, that the translation of the video volume at the most important places, that the culprit shafts store, is not identical with the Arabic sound. This volume is of a so bad quality that it is not to be understood here and there generally. There is a background pipe strong on the reception. Picture and sound not agree always unanimously. And that what is to be understood is often out of the connection torn that one can construct from that no evidence. The American translators, who monitored the volumes and have transkribiert, wrote obviously to many places things in, listen to are that wanted to hear it, that however so - also after multiple to not to hear. The video should at the 09.11. 01 the day of the receipt of Mazar-i-Sharif turned become be. On the reception, this "precarious" situation not becomes clear. The pictures shown in the video by store am and its right hand al Zawahiri show clear differences to other available pictures and videos both persons. 3. It was maintained, the spleen fire strokes would come out of the terrorist area It speaks come however a few things for that, that the viruses from the American Biowaffenprogramm. Meanwhile however turned out, sent sensed refers that the Gencode of that Anthrax-on that that they can come only from a laboratory of the US-army (USAMRIID). End December of last year is served did discovered become Wiley, a before possibly that accused biologist of the US-government, suddenly dead in a lake. It should, so the speculation in the media that letters have sends in order to receive more money for the viruses-research. The family excludes a suicide. A murder is not unlikely. In the June of this year, the FBI examined the dwelling and other buildings of Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, a former colleague of the former US-Biowaffenprogramms. Whether it is classified as an official Verdächtigter, was not announced. Beginning of December of last year failed after six years negotiations due to the resistance of the USA an agreement that should enable an examination of the Biowaffenkonvention. The USA wants to permit itself further researches. In the next two years, president bush wants to stick let 11 billions of dollar into the Biowaffenforschung. For the standing fiscal year, the sum of the Gelder should climb around the fourfold. 4. As a war goal first of all the Ergreifung became am named store because it had planned nominally the terror strokes of that 11. September The original war goal stepped meanwhile into the background. It even was changed in the course of the time. First of all the Sturz of the Talibans-government came as a goal thereto. Meanwhile becomes openly over a war against the Iraq spoken. Somalia, Nordkorea, the Irans are named as further possible war goals. This happens although no proofs at all exist for a Verstrickung of these countries with the Terroranschlägen to the 11.09.2001. It seems that it concerns a reorganization of the world in the sense of the US-American interests politics. With a "war against the terror", this has nothing more to do. The first war goal, the Ergreifung am store, plays in the present war establishments scarcely another role. Over the definition of the concept "terror" one was not able to agree previously at the united nations. 5. It is maintained that the new security laws in many countries, more security against terrorist strokes create Fact is that in spite of the existence of the secret services the terror strokes had not gone in, although references to the planned strokes there, prevented become are. Rather terrorist grouping as well as corrupt regimes were supported and inserted, e.g. the Talibans, Saddam Hussein or the Contras in Nicaragua according to interest of international secret services. The fact, that the secret services in Germany on the data of the police, the credit banks, that take action can should postal service and Kommunikationsdienstleister, each, that the historic experiences with that frightens centralized power and terror apparatus of the Nazis knows. 6. It is maintained, would be covered the participation of German soldiers at the war against Afghanistan and the worldwide "war against the terror", against previously yet undetermined countries by the constitutional law. The aggressive war is forbidden according to constitutional law. Also the united nations gave no permission for this aggressive war. Aware is that the leading and the advertising stands for an aggressive war after that §§80 and 80a StGB generally under punishment. The field of application of the Federal Armed Forces is limited by the articles 87a and 115a BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to the Territorialverteitigung. The war participation decision of the Bundestag was also before the background problematically that the delegates could not known" decide "freely after its, because over the confidence question of that remained the government coalition therewith connected became. The resolution 1368 and 1373 of the united nations go out zweifelsfrei therefrom, that the security council wants to undertake the fight of the terrorism with other means as military. The formulations contained in them represent no authorization to the war. Type. 51 of the UN-charter assesses in addition that the self-defense measures of a country are permitted only then, if it as a reaction on one attacked another country or on behalf and/or zumindestens with agreement of the government of another country result. They might only as long as lasting until the security council the corresponding countermeasures initiated. The alliance case of the NATO in accordance with type. 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty steps only effective if the conditions of the article 51 of the UN-charter are given. 7. It is maintained, the "battle against the terror" would serve the freedom and justice The rights of freedom of the citizens were restricted after that 11. September however. The international criminal law was not completed. An aspect of the battle against the terror is, even in Germany, the Maßregelung of criticisms of the American government politics as well as of pacifist. Therewith along a climate of the intimidation goes. In victories, for example the pacifist adjusted teacher Bernhard Nolz was censured and was transferred, had formulated there he in a speech the terror stroke convicted however at the same time criticism of the world politics of the USA and called had to the war service denial. In saxon, three of teachers entries got into its personnel acts because by you in the instruction in connection with the terror strokes among other things also critical remarks was reminded to the USA getätigt as well as in the frame of a comparison of the Bombadierung Dresdens. The learning objective for the students and colleague would be allowed to be clear: criticism of the unrestricted solidarity with the government politics of the USA is punished. The freedom of the speech will separate restricted therefore not defended. Critical persons are intimidated. Did if it concern justice, why then the USA of always yet the creation of an international punishment court, before which then however also citizen of its country could be convicted, oppose itself? 8. It is maintained, am would pay that store the terror and terrorist. For this statement previously no gerichtsverwertbarer record was produced. An inspection of the international finance transfer is rejected. Why concluded the naheliegensten measure amens against the terrorism, that not disclosure and inspection of Kontenbewegungen, become? Mafiagelder, Gelder of armament businesses and bribe could flow so no longer unhindered. Instead one restricts civil rights and rights of freedom. Investigations of money rivers in connection with Arabic banks passed from a certain investigation direction in the Sande. According to the "Times of India" by the former secret service boss of Pakistan Mahmud Ahmad, 100,000 dollars should have been transferred at the presumable terror pilot Atta. Bush senior, former director of the CIAS (1976/77) works am after "concretely" for the Carlyle Group an international concern firm for the family store in Arabia saudi. 9. It was maintained, am to kill would be permitted store before the Christian background because it would be terrorist. The Christian message requests us however not to divide persons into goods and bad and to punish the squalls. After the Bible - and just as after the Koran and the apprenticeship Buddhas -, all persons of God of likenesses are. He who throws bombs on it, attacks God even. He who not looks at the Bible as a Friedens-, but rather as a war message, did not understand it. 10. It maintained the American president bush becomes would be a pure fighter against that bad and for the justice Is true, stands the bush itself for a certain interest, that connected closely with the Ölindustrie. It concerns you above all the possibility of the creation of a Öl- and Gasleitung through Afghanistan. The war directs of the unexplained authorization of bush to be American president, off. Bush attaches to the politics of its father as an American president. Both are entangled closely with the Ölindustrie. The Hauptsponsoren for the campaign of bush came out of the Ölindustrie. e.g. the broke firm "Enron" (contributions: $ 2,387,848), Exxon (contributions $ 1,374200), or Chevron (contributions $ 1082827). According to the "week" of belonged the campaign team of George W. Bush more than a 20 managers and company of Öl- and Gasunternehmen on. Vice president Cheney, an altgedienter Texas-Ölmann named the zentralasiatischen ground treasures in its energy report in the summer as US-supply source. Numerous Ölkonzerne have there its interests. The American Ölkonzern Chevron would like to promote dollar-Jointventure Öl- and gas for example in the next 40 years in the frame of a 20 billion out of the Tengiz-basin. The most direct Transportweg under the evasion of the Russian direction monopoly and the Iran would be a pipeline planned already by Afghanistan of the petroleum firm UNOCAL. Nominally one negotiated in yet into the August with the Talibans over the building of the pipeline. Already at the third day of the bombs attacks on Afghanistan, the course of the new Chevron-Texaco-share of 2,56 climbed on 93,45 dollars. The "choice victory" of bush is extremely disputed and could "secured" become only with doubtful methods. (u. a. produced demonstrations, examination of choice machines through firms dependent by the family bush, Nichtzulassung of choices) first with thatTerroranschlägen verstummte the public criticism. For the 11.09.01 before yet the democrats had planned proved become should a press conference on the bush the breach by more than 60 laws. It came differently. To the judgment of G. W. bush and its bearing vis-á-vis the value of the life, one not finally also should forget that it has signs during its tenure as a governor over 50 death judgments. 11. It is maintained that the treatment of the caught els Quaida- fighter in the Guantanamo-bay in Cuba would result in accordance with the international right standards The international right not protects acknowledged fight however also Kriegsgefange, that on pages one government. The treatment and bearing of the USA vis-á-vis the caught Talibans and el-Kaida-battles is however extreme kritikwürdig and menschenverachtend. They become, tied up partial, held in little cages, that are stopped the wind and the weather. You became occasionally eye bandage tied around and dispenses against its will "medicines". The bearing of the USA to allow the Talibans fighter the protection of the Genevans convention, not to acknowledge it however as a war prisoner and to classify the el-Kaida-fighters as lawless fighters, becomes of the international red cross and amnesty international as not sufficiently designating. After the IV. Haager come off of 1907 apply the rights of the war however also to militia and voluntary-corps if a leader responsibly is for its subordinates and they carry a mark. After articles 4 of the III. Genevans, conventions are war prisoner of also members of militia and voluntary-corps that are inserted into the military forces. In that 1ST. Addition protocol of the Genevans convention not stands that these protection regulations count themselves also then, if the war party "through a government or an agency represent is, that of the hostile page acknowledged becomes." The USA have not previously signs the addition protocols of the Genevans convention of 1977. 12. It is maintained, the media inform warheitsgemäß and critically about the backgrounds to the war against the terror lasted is that one search in many daily newspapers for critical reports with the Lupe and that peace groups made the experience, that its in substance attitude in large mass not at all or only distorts abgedruckt became. The many noted worthieess in the background of the terror stroke story emerge scarcely as questions in the media: statements of the US-government regarding the authorship of the strokes were transmitted unchecked. Only because governments of culprits speak, the accused in a wide public already so are described, would be as it already the culprits transported by a court. Who did tätigte probably with the help of insider knowledge the 100 millions of dollar transfer that run at the 09.09.01 over computers stationed in the word-trade-center and profited by the catastrophe? For example in the large style American country loans were bought, that climbed in the crisis in its value and sells shares of airplane firms, that sank after the strokes in the value. Why should after official statements up to one all flight clerks of the misfortune machines destroyed become be if it simultaneously possible seems, the data from computer hard disks the WTC widerherzustellen? Am why stattete a colleague of the CIAS, loudly "Figaro", Usama store in the "american Hospital"! in Dubai, in that he herself of that 04th to the 14.07.2001 handle let a visit off? The message of the "Guardian" agrees that already in the July US-representatives with representatives of the Talibans in Berlin is met and informed the Talibans about military blows planned soon against it. Why did one do not support the investigations of the FBI-director OçNeill, that died in the ruins of the world-trade of center, over the connections between saudi-Arabic finance networks and fundamentalistischen groups? Did why the Atta presumable attempts already 1996 write its testament, that then also yet per chance in its baggage! on another airport landed was? Why are the "testament" formulations, that to be brought only heavily with an Islamic belief bearing in agreement, contains? Had if the secret service no information at all did over that, why relatively soon "detailed information" became did published over alleged rear men of that? Why the hurriedly published list of the presumable Flugzeuentführer was so incorrectly that at least five persons did not sit in the Todesjets and would unite reported when they saw itself too wrongly on the list, voluntarily at the police. Did the Pakistani secret service boss Mahmoud Ahmad get himself according to the New York Times from the 04.09 to the 13.09.01, therefore to the moment of the attempt, only accidentally in the USA up? 13. It is maintained, the USA wanted to remove already always Saddam Hussein because it is a corrupt ruler and despot The USA supported however Saddam Hussein first of all after the case of the Shah in the Iran militarily and politically, sewed around the influence in the Ölregion the to retained East. It gives a political interpretation that purports that the USA the regime of Saddam Hussein as a "duration enemy" nutzrn, without whom they not further could operate its present military basis in Saudi Arabia. Just this fact among other things the head motive of the battle seems am of to be to store against the USA. The aggressive war of the Iraq against the Irans was not criticized by pages of the USA. Why at the 25.07 1990 the US-ambassador in the Iraq delivered although the USA Saddam Husseins Aufmarsch against Kuwait could not have escaped, that message that one to internal Arabic differences as well as to the discussions with Kuwait much would not say and that one would be convinced that the Iraq the problem would solve soon.... Did one let run Saddam Hussein deliberately into the "open knife"? Why did ermunterte one against end of the gulf war to be sure the opposition in the north and south of the Iraq to the uprising against Saddam Hussein, let be missing it however at sufficient support, that one let approach on the other page of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan? The population in the Iraq and especially the children have suffered for more than 10 years from the embargo politics. According to the dunicef, monthly 5000 babies die and children at behandelbaren infections. The children mortality climbed of 1990 to 1999 around 160 percent. 14. It is maintained, the war against the terror would have to be continued against the "alleged axis of the squall" therefore other countries except Afghanistan e.g. the Iraq. There is presently generally no proofs at all over a connection of the government of the Iraq with the Terroranschlägen in New York. Just as it behaves with the other countries of the so-called "axis of the squall" e.g. Nordkorea. The terror stroke seems to become on the other hand for the characteristic political goals instrumentalisiert. Now the powers either prevailed, believe politically put through serve that without risk an intervention in the Iraq to can and to be able to insert there an amerikatreues regime that as a replacement for the military presence in Saudi Arabia herhalten can or the renewed Drohgebärden against the Iraq simply to the further Legitimation of the maintenance of that characteristic in Saudi-Arabien.("Phönix") of military basis 15. It is maintained, the unrestricted solidarity with America would be us necessary, there America after the II. World war helped would have. True solidarity must count the sacrifices of the strokes as well as the war sacrifices and its member. Solidarity with the interessegeleiteten acting of the American government is a misuse of the solidarity feeling. In the remaining, also persons of other nationality in the ruins of the World Trade Center died. True solidarity also never inconsiderately should count under friends in order to be able to preserve for example the friend from a folly. 16. It becomes financially could afford maintained the Federal Republic of Germany the participation in worldwide "getting against the terror" Germany is high verschuldet. To increase before this background the armament household yet is irresponsible. Already in the federal budget 2001, the alliance guilt took in the second largest post in height of 39.369 Mio euro. Already at that time the defense household became subject must itself around 3.4 percent on 46861,5 Mio DM increased during other positions to the bad household situation. In the household 2002, 38,887 millions of euro are planned for the guilt service. Even 21,1 billions of euro are supposed to be received guilt new, would be without the save achievement of the future program it 40 billions of euro. The Treasury Minister was able to turn away just yet the showing of the "red card" through the EU-commission. To order 73 machines (the largest order unit in Europe!) the military carrier airplane A400M in such a problematic household situation for altogether 8,6 billions euro to a piece price of 117 millions euro for worldwide military inserts showed of Verantwortungslosigkeit. To put through the attempt of minister Scharping the financing of the carrier machines for worldwide military inserts in the household 2002 under the evasion of the household right of the parliament is by a compromise in the federal administration court stopped become. Also the additional money fallout of 1,5 billions euro for police, geheimdienstliche, humanitarian, economic and military measures is problematic on the occasion of the terror strokes. It is maintained, one could make yet nothing against propaganda and the powerful. The peace initiative waiter mountain not divides this view and names concrete steps for acting: · Protesting you at the district president in Arnsberg against the Disziplinarmaßnahmen against the won teacher Bernhard Nolz. District government Arnsberg, Seibertzstr. 1, 59821 Arnsberg Inform yourself about the further backgrounds:  http://www.labournet.de/solidaritaet/nolz.html · Letter you critically inquiring letters at the training authorities in Dresden regarding the Disziplinarmaßnahmen against three teachers out of high stone-Ernstthal, Dresden and Radebeul:  http://www.sn.schule.de/anfrage/ Saxon country ministry for Kultus, Wiesentorstr., 01097 Dresden; Regionalschulamt Dresden, Großenhainer st. 92, 01127 Dresden Enamel: mailto: cf.rsadd.sn@t-online.de · Questions you also at other peace groups after whether messages of the group of the group are not falsified or clearly restricted published become generally. · Store you members of our peace initiative into its circle or its group on or plan you an information organization to this subjects area · Letter you reader letters with critical attitudes in its newspaper · Requiring you in letters at the American ambassador that the USA signs the addition protocols of the Genevans convention and handle the prisoners el-Kaida fighter as a war prisoner. Require moreover that the USA advocates the arrangement of an international punishment court, with which citizens of all nationality (also the USA themselves) can be accused: message of the United States, Neustädter Kirchstr. 4-5, D-10117 Berlin · Work you in a peace group with · Supporting you the work of ai to the Freilassung of more political prisoners: section BRD e. V., 53108 Bonn · Supporting you Globalisierungsgegner as well as attac, Artilleriestr. 6, 27283 Verden, enamel: mailto: info@attac-netzwerk.de Does · rear question you the messages in the newspapers and the messages above all before the background of the question: ?Wem it utilize?" They inform itself on critical authority. You find examples among other things in the internet under:  http://www.cyberweiber.at or  http://www.heise.de/tp/deutsch/special/wtc/ or in the book of Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié: the forbidden truth, the Verstrickungen of the USA with Osama am store, Zurich, Munich 2001, Pendo publishing house, ISBN 3-85842-477-3 · Copying you this leaflet and give it further V.i.S.d.P: peace initiative waiter mountain, peace group ware village, c/o H.-J.Werner, linden trees mountain street 15, 51674 Wiehl mailto: Aufruf_gegen_Krieg@move.to, , http://www.move.to/Aufruf_gegen_Krieg Tel. /fax: 01212-5-134-24-158 Homepage:  http://www.move.to/Aufruf_gegen_Krieg
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