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the global indymedia newswire should go back to the front page

not that it will do any good to ask or demand, but...
the newswire on the global indymedia newswire has been gone for a few months now, replaced by a "features" newswire that's always filled with news from west coast IMCs. it;s alomst impossible to find the old open wire there. you have to look for this tiny little text link that says "open". like what does "open" even mean? if you'd never been there before you wouldn't know.

does anyone know how and why this decision was made? it sucks.

go there and tell me how easy/hard you think it is to find it:  http://www.indymedia.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=194399&group=webcast

Waste of time 26.Jul.2002 20:03

fly on the wall

By now the IMC has become a bureaucracy. Do you know what it's like trying to persuade bureaucrats to change anything once they have made up their minds? It's like is like trying to get republicans in congress to vote unanimously in favor of a National Living Wage bill. It's like trying to get a suntan in Nome, Alaska in the winter. It's like trying to get a good reference from every boss you've ever had in your life. It's like consuming excessive amounts of twinkies, big macs, fries, big gulps, and pork rinds everyday and trying to lose weight.

Get the picture?

Bullshit. 28.Jul.2002 10:08


Come on, people! Look on the left-hand sidebar, and note the links that say

fbi/legal updates
indymedia faq

Click these links and follow the directions on how to get involved. Or go to  http://lists.indymedia.org

Indymedia is a project of thousands of volunteers who have helped grow this network all over the globe. Have you actually even attempted to get involved?

you're both right... and wrong... 28.Jul.2002 15:44

longtime participant

Indymedia is both: it's a highly open, participatory new form of media, and it is simultaneously managed on a daily basis by local collectives that exert more or less editorial control over the site. It can be extremely difficult to get these local collectives to question themselves and their decisions. It's just too easy for them to become defensive and put all efforts into rationalizing decisions, rather than re-thinking them. It's too bad, but there isn't much one can do about it besides: making noise when it happens, and become further involved with the local group in an effort to influence from within.

By the way, flyswatter, you are full of it. Simply by coming to this site, one is involved in indymedia. by posting a comment, even more so. one does not need to join the local indymedia collective to "be involved" so enough with the self-congratulatory stuff.