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IAP Action Alert

speak out against israeli terrorism:
contact the us president and call congress today!!!
IAP Action Alert


CHICAGO: Tuesday July 23, 2002 - It is time for people of conscience to break the silence and, beginning from today, speak out with a strong voice against the ongoing US sponsored Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people with the aid of American made, and paid for weapons.

As the world remains silent over what amounts to Israel's continued extra-judicial executions, innocent Palestinian lives are being snuffed out. In the past 24 hours alone, the Israeli military has killed more than 20 Palestinians, which works out to an average of one person murdered every one-hour. Included in this carnage are 2 babies, 7 children under 18 years and 3 women.

These victims are a result of Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinians. Under this extra-judicial policy, Israel essentially makes itself judge, jury and executioner. With the aid of helicopter-gun ships, explosive devices and rockets, 1678 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military since the start of the Intifada 22 months ago, and more than 20,000 have been injured.

The current international silence and inaction, and US silence in particular, over Israel's policy of extra-judicial executions is tantamount to giving Israel tacit support in its actions. This silence equals complicity. It is time that the US government, who is the number one sponsor of Israel, to stand up for justice and force Israel to abide by international law.

The official Israeli government policy of assassinating Palestinians is a grave violation of the 1949 fourth Geneva Convention and its additional Protocols, and as such is considered a war crime. In addition, US tax dollars are going to Israel which use these funds to fire on innocent Un-armed civilians. This action is a violation of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act.


- Arrange, attend or sponsor a rally in your city on Friday July 26.
- Dedicate Friday Khutbas (July 26) in your mosque to talk about this Massacre and Israeli terrorism, and the responsibility of the whole umma toward Al Aqsa and Palestine.
- Donate Generously for the IAP activities and work.
- Call or fax US President George W. Bush and demand that the US exerts its influence over Israel to stop this state sponsored terrorism.
The phone number for the White House switchboard is: 202-456-1414, and the fax number is: 202-456-2461.

- In addition, call your member of Congress today and demand that the US immediately stop all aid to Israel.

-- You can obtain the numbers of your Congressperson from the following web link:  http://clerkweb.house.gov/107/mcapdir1.htm

-- If you are having trouble, you can just call the Capital Switchboard and give them the name of your representative and they automatically transfer you.
That number is 202-224-3121

BE FIRM AND POLITE. Call and tell your elected officials that you are completely fed up and you no longer want your tax dollars to go to Israel to support state sponsored terrorism against innocent civilians, and you want to meet with your representative ASAP to discuss your concerns.


1. Demand that the Bush administration publicly condemn the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinians,

2. Seek an immediate cut off of all military aid to Israel in accordance with the U.S. Arms Export Control Act,

3. Call for an international force to protect civilians in Palestine,

4. Demand that US elected officials meet with American Muslim leaders so that they can participate in shaping foreign policy toward the Islamic world.

-- Please, copy, post, and distribute --
There is a protest in portland against this 26.Jul.2002 13:00


Today at 5pm in pioneer square there will be a protest. This is quoted from the calendar

EVERY FRIDAY rally + march by Portland Peaceful Response Coalition: spotlight horror Israeli/US occupation of Palestine + obliteration American civil liberties by Bush/Ashcroft regieme. VOTE your outrage of the week by bringing sign decrying same: "I Stop War", "You Stop War" ; "WE STOP WAR"!
EVERY FRIDAY Rally and March, 5pm, southwest corner, Pioneer Courthouse Square: RECURRING ISSUES include
. . . Israel's escalating criminal brutality toward Palestinians with blank check backing by American government and related propaganda machine;
. . . American imperial aggression in general with US oil and armaments industries primary clients for same;
. . . continued American terrorism against Afgani civilians - to secure expedited construction of major oil pipeline there funded by Federal government as free gift to America's most powerful Oil Corporations;
. . . America's threatened oil war against Iraq - which no longer attracts support by even the most stalwart of America's traditional allies (viz Britain);
. . . America's widening imperial war/s to oppress native populations in Colombia, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Burma and elsewhere within America's hardening "StarWar Curtain" empire;
. . . the real import of America's domestic and international Drug War/s to placate the Christian Right and facilitate murderous illegal covert operations at home and abroad;
. . . NAFTA/fastrack, WTO, IMF, international War Crimes court, UN and other human rights and anti racism initiatives, global EcoDisaster prevention accords etc, where America coerces-blackmails-corrupts to prevent and pervert while disclaiming responsibility by refusing publically to participate, accept international oversight or bear burden of FUNDING;
. . . and the escalating abrogation of Civil Liberties in the name of Homeland Security (Fatherland Gestapo) to silence opposition to America'a boundless, limitless, self inflicted, self perpetuating "War on Terror-IZM" - declared vital to America's New World Order by unelected zealots of the Bush administration.

RELATED EVENTS: General Business Meeting, Tues eve July 16th, to plan upcoming Friday Rallies and other actions, including prepartion for Bush visit in August
. General Business meetings, at which formal policy and funding decisions made by two thirds majority vote of all attending, occur 7 pm first and third Tuesdays at SE Uplift 3534 SE Main.
. Consensus building and special project meetings 7pm all other Tuesday evenings same location unless otherwise announced by Indymedia Calendar and contact phone.

ON THE HORIZON: a SIZZLING HOT traditional Portland "welcome" for the world's most dangerous unelected imperial imbecile, America's pResident Dubya Bush, on his visit here in August