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Program About Timber Sales on Community Televison Tonight.

Bark for Mt. Hood, is a monthly community television program featuring information about Mt. Hood National Forest timber sales. It will be on channel 11 tonight from 10:00-11:00.
Bark is a local environmental group concerned about the destruction of our native forests. They go into the forest and groundtruth timber sales, that is, compare what the US Forest Service says about the conditons on the ground with what they themselves find there. And there is almost always discrepencies.
Bark has been producing programs about these hikes for close to 3 1/2 years, since April of 1999. Most of the Bark for Mt. Hood programs feature Bark hikes to specific timber sales in the Mt. Hood National Forest.
Bark's website is www.bark-out.org
This partiular program is about a hike to the Callowash Thin Sale, in the Collawash watershed, near Bagby Hot Springs, just south of where it runs into the Clackamas River. The hike is led by Jesse Abrams, and is a wealth of information about the effects of commerical logging on our public lands.
This area is very unstable geologically, and is already the most roaded area in the Mt. Hood National Forest. And, the US Forest Service intends to build more roads in order to access the timber. Roads paid for by the people, and roads which are one of the main reasons the Forest Service looses millions of dollars each year in their timber sale program.
The program also features the great music of local musician John Rancher.

Check it out, or tell others who may now think that the Forest Service knows what they are doing. The link provided takes you to a website which, among other things, lists series and individual programs at both Multnomah Community Television and Portland Cable Access.

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