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Go and Ride in Critical Mass Friday
Hey Y'all. critical mass, as everybody should know is this friday under the west side of the Burnside Bridge. Ride usually leaves around six, with food not bombs serving free vegan delites before hand. the weather is predicted to nice on friday, so get your ass in gear.
Is there a Wuss Ride too? 25.Jul.2002 14:02

i don't know why i call him gerald

i heard through the grapevine that there will be TWO critical masses this friday. a "wuss ride" that includes many of the longtime participants will start at the same time from the North Park Blocks.

anyone else got info on this?

Wanting to Ride in Rush Hour 25.Jul.2002 14:20

Christopher Columbus

I hope we can ride as close to 5:30 (the usual time) as possible. Rush hour starts winding down by 6.

Also, I think it would be cool to swing by the "Nina" which is docked on the East side of the river by the Hawthorne Bridge.

Bikers Against Genocide

Shit Talkin': I think its valid 25.Jul.2002 19:20


Several months ago there was quite an argument stewing over the rowdiness of the May Critical Mass Ride...since then, I've heard its not the first time, people released a flier calling for a "wuss ride" that would split Critical Mass into two rides....the creator(s) of this flier made some slanderous remarks and stated among other things that they would "not block emergency vehicles" and would "stay in one lane of the road"

First off I have never seen an ambulance/fire truck being blocked by critical mass, in most cases even busses and max trains are let by...creating some mental image in people that the "non-wuss" critical mass ride is filled with hooligans and ignorant rude people that deserve to be arrested is pretty fucking ridiculous

Secondly how evective is a critical mass that takes up one lane of the road? or that has a pre determined route?

I'v e discussed this with a lot of people and we agreed that segmenting and compartmentalizing bicycle enthusiasts by these means is structuring critical mass in much the same way as the car culture in general by splitting up into groups which will hold negative sterotypes of each other (krusty bike punk, spandex wearing bike jock) Judging people in this way bikes/clothing/lifestyle isn't much different than the majority of our society that angrily drive cars, which in most cases they hold as status symbols, and escalating hatred of other drivers to the point of murder and assault (road rage)

..If the people behind the 'wuss' ride think that in any way they are challenging the status quo, or offering an positve alternative to it, they have some serious fucking delusions of granduer....


1 more thing 25.Jul.2002 19:28


So I guess I talked some shit, why not offer an alternative to the split of critical mass?

If some of these people who created the flier, decided to vocalize their concerns/oppinions...in person...to avoid the rampant shit-talking that permeates indymedia maybe a concensus could be made without demonizing a few people, and furthering infighting. With such small numbers of people in a community that feel strongly about non-motorized transportation, subdividing, name calling, and similar activities will probably alienate others from possibly taking part, feeling like they must "fit in" to a certain cliche in the critical mass